Contest: CrackBerry Best Media App Player for YouTube - 50 copies to be won

By Adam Zeis on 14 Oct 2010 10:20 am EDT
CrackBerry Best Media App Player for YouTube

If you followed the CrackBerry App Awards you know that the best media app was won by Player for YouTube. This handy app makes checking out YouTube videos from your BlackBerry a whole lot better. The app allows you to skip the dinky mobile site and browse, play, search and share YouTube videos with ease. Player for YouTube Pro gives you a much better experience and will make you a YouTube-aholic in no time. Features include:

  • Featured, Popular, Top Rated, Newest and Most Viewed Feeds
  • Playing videos over RTSP Streaming or Wifi and WAP
  • Search for videos, including saved search history
  • Support for High Quality videos
  • New embedded video player, does not launch browser
  • Uploading of videos

An ad-supported free version of the app is also available, however it does not allow for uploading of videos. Player for YouTube Pro sells for $4.99 in the CrackBerry App Store.

Contest: We have 50 copies of Player for YouTube Pro to give away. Just leave a single comment on this post to enter. Contest ends Sunday at midnight PDT.

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Reader comments

Contest: CrackBerry Best Media App Player for YouTube - 50 copies to be won



I've never been able to play YouTube vids on my BB, even from the mobile site. Wow how much fun would that be if I could?

Agreed, I surf youtube quite often on my phone because my home internet connection just doesn't cut it. Although the youtube streaming on my trusty 9700 is okay, youtube pro would really help

This is how a YouTube app should be on every platform. I was VERY happy when they added an embedded player instead of having to use the browser. Smarter Apps has come a long way!

Hi crackberry friends, This is a great app, I tried the free version, but would be great if I get a copy of the full version :)

Regards from México....

I'd like to see what this app brings to the table. Can I download YouTube vids to my BlackBerry? That would be sweet.

Crackberry !! :D
i loooovvvveee uu !!! :D
I really need This Amazing app :D
youtube really sucks without it !!!

But an even BIGGER CRACKBERRY FAN!!!! You guys have the BEST contests!! Thanks so much for offering us a chance to win Player for YouTube!!!!! :)

I have the free application since its release and I like it a lot! I would really appreciate having the pro version with this contest!

this is good especially when i'm in college and cant access the computer. hope i can get this app for free and i can utilize it whenever i dont have my laptop :)

I definitely love Player for YouTube, have been usin' the free ver for the longest time now, and I'd love to check out the extra features of the paid one :-D

This is on of the most have apps, the free version is freaking great use it all the time...yes count me in...

Maybe a bit premature at this point. But stay positive.
I dont sign up for every contest, but when I do, its because the app is sooooo cooool.

Eh, one wonders what a video made with a Blackberry would look like on YouTube.....pick me and I'll let ya know!

I love Player for youtube when i first got my blackberry i couldn't believe there was not an official youtube app but Player came to my rescue pick me please!

i would like to compare this against the native browsers. I like the way YouTube renders so i will like to see the differences and whats new.

Oh that my stepson is in his 3rd year as starting qb for football(and still undefeated), we record all of his games and love to show him off to friends and family. we put all the vids on youtube and this player would be WAY better then the default player on my Storm2.

I would like this application for free. I have used the free one for a while and now would like to have a full copy.

This seems like the missing link for the perfect YouTube experience, since even the OS6 webkit browser can't get the YouTube page that Android and iPhone get.