PlayEpub for the BlackBerry PlayBook updated to v1.6.90 - Brings bug fixes, social networking integration and more!

By Alicia Erlich on 1 Oct 2011 04:43 pm EDT

I admit when the PlayBook first introduced e-book readers I was hesitant to try them out. My friend bought me a Sony Reader but its collecting dust in my drawer. I love having the book in front of me showing the wear and tear that comes from carrying it around. Then I checked out Joseph's head-to-head of e-book e-readers and realized it was about time to give up paperbacks. PlayEpub has released several updates since then and now stands at v.1.6.90: 

New features in v1.6: 


  • Share selected text on Facebook and Twitter.
  • When reading, text line separation configuration option added.
  • Improved paragraph visualization.
  • Solved some issues with go to links.
  • Added a notification system to show messages to user.


  • Solved issue opening a book after downloading did not start at zero page.
  • Integrated help screen.
  • Solved an old issue, first book in the folder was not shown on available.
  • Added feature to customize your reading font.
  • Added option to delete public library.


  • Trial version added
  • Full text selection with start/end marks and option to copy to clipboard.
  • Many changes on UI 
  • New gestures, swipe right/left for next/previous chapter 
  • New main bookmarks and notes list 
  • Export notes to excel 2003
  • New external library navigation and download 
  • Performance increased reopening books. 
  • Many issues solved opening books

I've probably read about five or six books on it so far and I'm really enjoying it, more than I ever did on the Sony. Not only can you share books with friends and followers but with the integrated online library (i.e Gutenburg, Feedbooks) no more connecting to your PC via USB to transfer titles to the PlayBook.

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Reader comments

PlayEpub for the BlackBerry PlayBook updated to v1.6.90 - Brings bug fixes, social networking integration and more!


I'm yet to get very far into any of the free ebooks I've got on Kobo, but I'm intrigued by the PlayEpub features you've highlighted, Alicia.

I downloaded a trial and loaded an epub book I found online. Looks good so far; I like the font and page customisations, which should help make this kind of reading less of a strain on the eyes.

I got my PB a few days ago and am pretty satisfied with it. I have a question for those that have had it for a while, is it normal for the back of the device to get hot after about an hour of internet browsing? it is not scorching hot, just noticeably warm. I am well within my exchange period and I am hoping this is normal :-)

aside from what I mentioned above, I love this sh*t..... I just had to say it!

thanks for your reply. I am going to call the Staples and see if I can exchange my 16GB for a 32GB. I paid $434 and I will get a $100 visa card: now they have the 32GB for $399 (200 instant rebate). I'll forfeit the rebate for the $400 instant price tag (since it is already paid for)

go for it, i got mine at the end of AUG from best buy 16GB for 500, and a week later they were selling 64GB for 550, so i rushed back to best buy and exchanged it for 64GB, and this thing is worth every penny. I hope they keep making improvements.

One thing that i really cant stand on PlayEpub is the obnoxious header at the top, its way to distracting for me. IMO no ebook reader can hold a candle to the Book Reader app, its simply the best reader app on the PlayBook, tons of features, full screen mode, beautifully rendered ebooks tha makes playepub looks like you were reading on a simple text editor, if i open the same book side by side there is really no comparison, also Igor the dev for Book Reader must be one of the most committed devs on PlayBook, just search the forums and see how active he is at responding to costumers and to add new features/ fix bugs.

Thumbs for the Book Reader app too, good thing there was a trial for the PlayEpub which I found quite buggy and slow, it freezes and annoyed the hell out of me for the brief 3 minutes I tried the trial. Book Reader loads your epubs quickly and is quite a bit less buggy, not perfect but good, could do with an upgrade in the GUI design not very lovely, but it works satisfactorily as far as the reading goes.

I agree with previous 2 replies. Book Reader is not perfect and has a long way to go to become a perfect reader, but it is way better then the PlayEpub.
It might not have all the gimmicks that PlayEpub has, but for the basic reading tasks there is no comparison. And why would you spend twice as much for the inferior application?