PlayCreator for BlackBerry PlayBook - Turn your tablet into the ultimate sports whiteboard

By Adam Zeis on 24 Feb 2011 10:43 am EST

PlayCreator BlackBerry PlayBook

There has been a constant flow of BlackBerry PlayBook apps hitting App World in the last few months, but only some really catch my eye. PlayCreator is one of those and probably the one I'm most excited about so far. It's one of the most "no-brainer" implementations of the PlayBook thus far and frankly looks pretty sweet. PlayCreator essentially turns the PlayBook into a sports whiteboard. Gone are the days of the whiteboard clipboard and messy dry-erase pens. PlayCreator has boards for hockey, basketball, football, soccer and more. Use multi-colored markers to draw out plays complete with erase, redo and undo. This looks to be an awesome app for coaches and players alike, and for just $0.99 is a steal. PlayCreator is a perfect example of how the PlayBook can be used in real-world situations. Check out it out in BlackBerry App World for more info.

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PlayCreator for BlackBerry PlayBook - Turn your tablet into the ultimate sports whiteboard


They need to add CURLING to the game boards... like seriously, Curling is an Olympic sport these days. Dear Developer, please add curling! K thx bye. :)

seriously adam. curling deserves way more than a BLANK board.  and besides, it shoudl be smart enough to automatically have little drag and drop curling rocks, etc.

so a coach is going to have half a dozen 6 foot+ players try to huddle around a 7" tablet to see the play on a playbook?

This I would like to watch. This is a SNL skit waiting to happen.

Actually it could work. Many coaches still use the standard clip board size boards anyway. What's gonna be funny is when a coach has a "fit" and chunks the playbook across the floor which happens quite often. Better Otterbox it!

I am an 8th grade basketball coach and I can guarentee I will be using this app with my 5'2-5'11 players. I'm tired of using my big ass market board to draw up plays during a timeout or to do a one on one instruction during a game with a player on the bench. This will be the PERFECT solution to this.

This is BY FAR the app I am most excited about at this point.

I actually have really been wanting something like this for my volleyball team. I hope you can put in the different measurements for courts and have it show up. It should look much better though.

I coach Ultimate and this is FANTASTIC. Can we make custom fields? I can be an emotional coach so I will have to OtterBox this one for sure.

Yeah, or even "The Playmaker." They couldn't come up with something sports related for the title for this app?

I no longer coach but I still plan on getting this app when I get my Playbook, I mean for $.99 why not?! Just to show it off it's worth it & maybe help out some of my friends who are still coaching if I think of a play I can draw it up & send it to them. I have to agree the name needs work, "Playmaker" would have definitely been better but oh well.

Anyway to delete some of the backgrounds? The picture included in this post is of no use. No idea what stupid sport that is. ;)

Although I do really like the part about writing on a blank screen.

this might be a 'long shot', but this app might be a big 'W' for this dev. better get it while it's cheap!

If the app can't already do this, I recommend that plays be saveable so that coaches can go through multiple plays. Also, if the plays could show actual movement, say if a coach could use multi-touch, to show the Xs and Os, thatd me awesome. Perhaps a playback mode?

Finally.. If there could be blackberry phone integration, where files (the plays) could be saved on the phone rather than the playbook so that info was secure (in case the playbook was stolen), then that would be oh ever so pimp. Just like how emails aren't saved on the playbook. This could be truly applied in professional sports, especially Football. You could easily charge a lot more for that.

Anyways, just thoughts.

This apps is a great idea. Soon there will be copycats so the playbook needs to hurry up and drop and the developer needs to be ready to updarte. I think it will be extremely useful. The size is a bit sketchy but most coaches do use a average size clipboard, however the PB's resolution should make it very clear for players to view. The first update i think should be a playback mode. You can assign movements to your x's and o's and then watch how the play should run. Just think no more chalk boards just use the HDMI and connect to a smart board and you have brought coaching into the future.