PlayCloud is the best way to manage files on a BlackBerry PlayBook

By Ryan Blundell on 9 Jul 2012 03:58 pm EDT

I love how easy it is to browse through files on the BlackBerry PlayBook. I actually prefer to bridge my BlackBerry smartphone and scroll through files through the File Manager than on my BlackBerry alone (with the exception of pictures, of course, since they just show up as a list anyway). The problem with this is that the File Manager is more of a file viewer. Sure you can search or delete, but it isn’t true file management is it?

Enter: PlayCloud for the BlackBerry PlayBook. It offers a much different and refreshing view of your files. This covers files on your PlayBook, BlackBerry smartphone and, more recently added Dropbox support. On top of this, you can also access files through Google Docs (very limited) as well.


  • Local Documents browsing
  • 2System browsing (to browse whole the file system)
  • Bridge browsing (the bridge has to be enabled)
  • Dropbox support
  • Configuration from swipe down menu
  • Launch the default application from the file type
  • Single or multi-select mode
  • Order feature
  • Embedded help pages
  • Rename, create files or directories
  • Copy, paste and move files or directories
  • Delete files or directories
  • Show file details

With PlayCloud I now have the option to create, delete, rename, copy, paste and even move files or directories so I can store files MY way. The application also provides file details such as; file size and date created at a glance. For quick organization PlayCloud gives you one click access to sorting options, choose from sorting by date, filename or file size.

Now while I typically jump into apps right away, I decided to check out the included tutorial first. I’m glad I did, as it made me appreciate the layout and the ease of use even more. DropBox support can be requested from within the application and only takes a minute to complete. I love how dead simple it is to access DropBox, grab a file and move/copy it as a local file – or even vice versa. That’s not just file management; that’s power file management. To be honest, I find uploading to DropBox from PlayCloud a little quicker than from the DropBox application. You can grab PlayCloud for $0.99 from BlackBerry App World.

More information/download PlayCloud for the BlackBerry PlayBook

Reader comments

PlayCloud is the best way to manage files on a BlackBerry PlayBook


They still need a way to sync your contacts between your BB and your PB without a cloud. This is my biggest pet peeve about my BB/PB bridge relationship. The lack of this feature alone makes the native PB email useless.

its called a usb cable. same way you would sync your apple tablet or android. if your not on a cloud your way behind

You are missing the point. You have a PB, made by RIM, and a BB, made by RIM. Why should I have to go to your precious cloud to get email and contacts sync'ed between these two. We shouldnt have to. The tech is already there with bridge, it just has to be enabled, but they didnt yet.

I love my PlayBook and my 9900 and think the bridge feature is awesome.. but I would also like to see an option to sync contacts via bridge/wifi/desktop manager... something natively vs using a workaround.

Contact sharing through Bridge should have been very near the top of the list imo also...
But I'm sure the 4G Playbook and it's recent update will allow for that considering its cellular connection...
Very annoying it has not been a feature since day 1...

sum1 just needs to make an app that connect pb to dropbox skydrive. one simple app that gets to everywhere you might store your info.

I would much rather share locally... I do not like using the cloud...
I have 2 PB's and 2 9930's... Why can I not share my local files over bluetooth? Why can I not share my contacts?

I think you mean Files & Folders. No SugarSync support on this one? I'd pay the $0.99 and give it a go if it had SugarSync...

I do have F&F though.


As the description in the appworld says, only Dropbox and Box are available.

I'm adding the SugarSync support for the next release.

Other services are planned. Also new features as thumbnails... If you have requests, you can contact me.


I commend you for your efforts and I hope your app continues to develop into a success. Choice is always good :)

Nothing beats F&F right now: PlayBook files, Bridged BlackBerry, Google docs,, DropBox, and SugarSync. Amazing product, amazing value.

Ryan, how could you say PlayCloud is the best? Gotta give a mention to Files & Folders.

I have developed PlayCloud for :
- interface flower and faster
- tab support
- cloud services not supported (as smb, webdav...) in devel in PlayCloud
- no issue with bridge files modified
And I like the UI skin

I do not own a playbook, and although I love my 9930, I am worried about a possible defunct RIM world.
This app and news of the 4g Playbook, though, has me a bit more enthused about the future. Man, I hope RIM can pull through!

.... but from what I read from the description....
What's the difference with Files & Folders....
Why should i buy another program when I have allready one that almost does the same?

PlayCloud is just different. And will have more features in the next future.
PlayCloud interface is flower / faster than F&F.
PlayCloud offers tabs.

At last, in F&F you have an issue (described on the appworld) with the bridge files not usable without reboot mobile :(
No issue with PlayCloud.

I just bought and installed PlayCloud and I still think Files & Folders is still a better choice for me. I have connected PlayCloud with my Dropbox account but I'm not able to open any files from there. I can open files that are stored locally on my Playbook but not in my Dropbox account. I can see the files in my Dropbox, but no picture thumbnails. Also, I can't see any files on my phone using the Bridge view. I hope these things will be fixed soon.

To open a file on Dropbox or Box account, you have to download (copy) locally.

Open directly, thumbnails... are in devel and will come soon.

I have the same issue with not being able to see files on my Bold via the bridge. It's one of the main reasons for buying the app. Does anyone have advice for this?

(I already confirmed that bridge was active-connected-unlocked)

Indeed, you can copy or move file from your mobile to playbook (and of course from playbook to mobile).

You can do it over bridge.