PlayCloud 10 updated with password protection options, Google Print support and more!

By Bla1ze on 8 Jul 2014 01:19 pm EDT

PlayCloud 10 is one of the best all-in-one file manager systems on BlackBerry 10 but the latest update available in BlackBerry World aims to make it even better. Listed as v3.8.0.2, this release adds quite a few fixes and additions to the app including Google Print Cloud service to print from Google Drive or Google Docs, password protection and advanced networking options for those who might be on a BES.

  • New: Add "Ignore network information" (for BES users)
  • New: Add "always use open with..." option
  • New: Use Google Print Cloud service to print a Google Drive file or a Google Doc
  • New: Use Google Print Cloud service to print a URL
  • New: New authentication webdav method
  • New: Select All option
  • New: Password protection
  • Fix: Network "Online" status for BES users
  • Fix: Remove double buttons action
  • Fix: USB info (USB-OTG)
  • Fix: Change directory background in landscape mode
  • Fix: Italian translation

If you already own PlayCloud 10, the update should be showing as available. If you've not yet checked out PlayCloud 10, then be sure to check out our review of the app to get a better feel for it, especially if you work with a lot of different cloud services such as Box, Dropbox, Google Drive and even FTP servers. There's a free and paid version available so you can try out the app before you go all in and purchase it for $1.99.

Learn more / Download PlayCloud 10 free version from BlackBerry World
Learn more / Download PlayCloud 10 full version from BlackBerry World

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PlayCloud 10 updated with password protection options, Google Print support and more!


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For users who may not be in BES, how would you guys rate this app?

No involvement in company (ProgWeb) just very curious about the app as well as the security.

Thanks all!!

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Duh stupid auto correct!!

Meant "on BES" not "in BES"!!

 Do you see the Blackberry Icons or question marks 

I'd rate it about an 8 and use it daily. It's a great app and if an app was built into BB10 file management or even in the Hub, say, if BlackBerry made a developer phone verses a consumer phone, this app is in between. It's really the best out there working on all devices and in multiple languages. It's getting cleaner and easier to use which helps.

It works real nice on my BLACKBERRY Q10 with box,one drive,google drive at your fingertips......i do recommend to all CRACK BERRY10 users!!.......that's my opinion!!!!

I guess this will have to do until we get support for Google Drive on OS10.

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Ah ah :)

I'm only an independent developer. I do it only on my free time. I do it to support BlackBerry too. No data are collected and I don't communicate info.

However, as you use Google drive service, or other cloud, you should read the "private policy" of these services.


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Bla1ze, EXCELLENT quick overview. Proud of you being a stellar new IEIC. I've used PlayCloud for a long time and daily and the ignore network information add-on is great as I use BES hard. Keep up the stellar work and look forward to reading more of you daily.

I bought the app after the write-up, but think I like the native file manager from 10.3 better. And since I only use BOX and BB RFA the other account integration is not needed. Nice app, but deleting it for now until I may need some of the features it offers.

Posted via CrackBerry App

User of the app for a month plus and it has probably been upgraded at least once already during that time. Increased stability is always welcome. I wasn't one of the folks asking for password protection, though I understand why some needed jt. On the other hand, I already have a device password; one needs to balance the need for vigilance with practicality--I personally don't want to be logging into services every time I go to use them. But it's good to have the facility if required.

Personally I am seriously down with the inclusion of the FTP client. In terms of clouds, that doesn't get more personal and of course, secure.

Posted via the inimitable Z10 handheld system.

Great app to connect to my ownCloud.

It only misses ability to sync folders automatically.

Posted via CB10

It needs a picture browser and video streaming (like the Android app for Dropbox).

Also, too many system notifications for things like uploads and downloads.

Have had this app for over a year and I still find it very user-unfriendly.

Posted via CB10

Just bought this app my thoughts are the same, does take some time getting use to it.

Posted via CB10

I've had this app for a year and have found it to be a good app with good support.

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Does anyone know how to remotely access files on a lenovo ix200 cloud edition using playcloud? Can it be done?

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This sounds awesome. I enjoyed DJ Reyes' review, but never checked out the app.
I might just do that now. But it would be nice if they also integrated MEGA.

Good article. I use all of these and more. Maybe with more updates they will add even more storage. Thanks!

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