PlayCloud 10 updated with a new UI and more

PlayCloud 10 updated with a new UI and more
By DJ Reyes on 23 Apr 2014 05:42 am EDT

When it comes to accessing files from my BlackBerry 10 device, I normally use the built in File Manager app however, while it has access to a few cloud services, there are still some cloud accounts it can't access, namely Google Drive. I previously reviewed an app that allows you to access your Google Drive account as well as other cloud services -- PlayCloud 10. A pretty great app which has just received a nice little update.

The update includes a UI change which I am liking very much. SkyDrive has also been updated to OneDrive. What I love about PlayCloud 10 is that you can add more than one account to cloud service if you have one. Great for those you have a personal account and perhaps a business account. 

PlayCloud 10 v3.7.0.4 changelog

  • SSL Certificate Check
  • SSL handshake choice
  • Hide/Show files or directories
  • File sorting
  • SkyDrive rebranding to OneDrive
  • Italian support
  • New UI

For a quick recap, PlayCloud 10 lets you access - local storage, Dropbox, Box, SugarSync, OneDrive, Google Drive, OpenDataSpace, WebDav, FTP (SSL)/STP. If you haven't checked out PlayCloud 10 yet, you can head on over to our review and see what it's all about. PlayCloud 10 is available for all BlackBerry 10 devices and costs $1.99. There is a free version available for you to try out the app, too. The free version only lets you view files, to do more you'll need the full version.

Learn more / Download the free version of PlayCloud 10
Learn more / Download the full version of PlayCloud 10

Reader comments

PlayCloud 10 updated with a new UI and more


It's quite a useful app and the developer is active in the forums to answer questions and help resolve issues.

Posted via CB10

It is a great ap and the developer is very responsive. The folder negotiation in the directories is really easy. Glad to see this continuously being improved.

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Hope we get some BlackBerry cloud service at some stage or rather soon, not just for enterprise, wouldn't mind paying for it.

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Btw, Ubuntu One announced they are shutting (shuttleworthing?) down the cloud and music service....

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Does it work with WD my cloud? (Western Digital) I've loaded the Android version but it's okay. I suspect something native would be better.

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I've used it to ftp into my MyCloud

Port forward your router to your myclouds ip

Posted from my Z30 w/

Bought this app when it first came out on playbook. There was a promise of an ftp ability in a future update.

I think maybe one or two updates came out with not many feature, if any, upgrades. Once bb10 came no updates have come to the playbook. That would have been ok too if it was available for free for playbook owners but it wasn't and isn't.

Now don't get me wrong I am not asking for free if the dev does not wish to like some others have (props to Sven and his Read it now app) but he chose not to support the playbook owners so I for one will not be supporting.

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The PlayBook app was written in Air. That is why it is much slower with a different UI and more bugs. Their was no native development support when Play Cloud was released for PlayBook.

I would guess the promise for FTP on PlayBook was based around BlackBerry 10 coming to PlayBook and/or updated development tools (for Air at least). Both were abandoned by BlackBerry.

I don't blame the dev for abandoning PlayBook also, it has no more official support from BlackBerry and the dev tooling is VERY outdated.

Also I'm not a fan of the new flat UI.

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I am not blaming the dev for anything. Other dev's are in the same position. They have either allowed the playbook owners to download the app free on the BB10 phones or have kept improving their playbook app. He made a choice to do neither and so did I.

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Before to start anything, I wanted to know the BlackBerry position about the PlayBook.

So now, we know :
- PlayBook is abandonned
- Air runtime is abandoned too

So, I'm intend to adapt PlayCloud10 on the PlayBook in bringing Qt.

But I need time. And unfortunately I don't think that I'll find a lot of users !


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Top APP, best app I bought on my device so far. I'd highly recommend it. The developers feedback is invaluable too.

Improvements could be made particularly in the area of printer support but as far as the apps primary concern goes, it's a damn fine app !

.2141 what's the difference? .1925 still the bangingest til I know any different.

Love the continual improvements. I have used this since the first issue. Great for transferring files around!

I love this app. You can add multiple Dropbox (and I assume other cloud) accounts and edit id3 tags with it, neither of which you can do with the native file manager (which is excellent). Been on the bandwagon since I got my z10.

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Downloaded the free version to see how it works, seemed ok. Downloaded the paid version and thought it looks good and seemed ok until I needed to use it. Unfortunately it just didn't seem as easy to use as Files & Folders (Have used for a while) and definitely is slower to navigate around. Only out $2, so not a big deal. Anyone looking for a solution like this make sure to test Files & Folders also, works great without the fancy UI.

To slow, some lame ports from Android works better and are free. I will pass for now.

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