PlayCloud 10 updated with FTP over SSL support

PlayCloud 10 updated with FTP over SSL support
By DJ Reyes on 4 Aug 2014 05:45 pm EDT

My favorite file manager on BlackBerry 10 has just received another update. It only saw an update last month which saw a lot of new additions as well as fixes. This time around the PlayCloud 10 update is smaller but it's still a great update for those wanting SFTP. It's a very powerful app and I use it to access my other cloud drives that do not have native BlackBerry 10 integration, specifically Google Drive. It's a powerful file manager and you can use multiple accounts too.

PlayCloud v3.9.0.2 changelog

  • New: FTP over SSL support (uri scheme: ftps:??)
  • New: SFTP support (uri scheme: sftp://)
  • Fixed: Select all may close

The update covers both the free version and the paid version, so nobody is left out. The free version is just a viewer but it does give you a chance to see what PlayCloud 10 is all about. The paid version costs $1.99 but of course if you already have the app, the update is free. PlayCloud 10 is available for all BlackBerry 10 devices.

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PlayCloud 10 updated with FTP over SSL support


This dev is one of the last truly active. This has been a phenomenal product from day one and has remained a top favorite by continuously pushing forward. Kudos to dev.

Z30 Vivo Brasil

Does this have automatic sync features that run headless? Like can I set it up so that it automatically syncs photos taken with the phone with a cloud storage drive? And options for wifi only or using mobile network as well?

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You should check out the thread in the apps forum.

I'm not sure, but I think auto sync is coming.

It already syncs files when you open the app.

You can set it up to use the network, wifi, or roaming, as you wish.

It really is a good app and the dev is the best.

I highly recommend this app.

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Ok, thanks for the reply. I'll wait and check back on it to see if they add it.

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Playcloud has been a great app since it first appeared for the PlayBook. Niklas is a great dev and active in the forums for people who have issues with the app. Glad to see more features come to it.

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Use the app all the time. Glad to see the continued development.

Using a BlackBerry Z10! The "UnDroid"!

Still looking for a picture and video gallery feature.

I want to click on a file and have it open right away.

I don't want to click on an image and then get a message saying "Download and open file?".

Also, once I open a picture, I should be able to swipe to the left to see the next image in the folder. I should not have close the current image, then click on the next image in the folder, and then click OK.

Also, I don't want a notification polluting my Notifications inbox every single time I open a file. Opening a file is not worthy of a notification. If you open 20 pictures you get an annoying "bell chime" 20 "Document ready to be opened" notifications in the Hub.

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In the last release 3.8.0, you can change the open behavior.

Please open the application settings.

PlayCloud can open directly the file.


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For photo gallery it's incoming.

You will need to use PhotoWall 3D. A big update is planned for September or October.


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I still dont see it on blackberry world! How can I get my free update? I already have the app but no update!

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As far as I know one way of connecting to Western Digital's "My Cloud" is to use FTP, which is supported by PlayCloud10.

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This dev is amazing fast. I emailed him about the select all bug last week and he replied that he will fix it and in the meantime he gave me a workaround. To my surprise, I wasn't expecting the fix to be released so quickly. Thank you!

If you have a cookie issue. Just remove the application and install again.

Don't worry you won't charge.


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Does it support smb/cifs? Wish I can replace my ES explorer for android with this but without smb or NFS, it's useless for me.


To address the question marks in the above article, if there is some confusion on the topic: SFTP and FTPS are two different protocols. SFTP is part of OpenSSH, and uses the standard SSH protocol. Deploying it is as simple as deploying SSH, if you have an OpenSSH server, then it also supports SFTP by default. FTPS is a little more complicated, but in short it is the same FTP that has been around forever, just tunneled over SSL.

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Indeed OneDrive entreprise isn't supported. I haven't got the documentation about authentification process :(

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I have the feeling that there is no app for OneDrive Entreprise... Even the Connect to OneDrive app doesn't work... I promise I'll buy your app if you find a way to make it work ! ;)

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Also it would be nice if you click 'share' in a photo and you could send it immediately to Onedrive or Google Drive. When the 'Connect to Onedrive' client was installed on my phone before PlayCloud it was possible to do so and it was very convenient. Also as someone said before it would be another huge plus if we could just swipe between photos and vids when browsing the stuff stored in cloud. Anyway it's a first class app, thanks for the work. Cheers

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I love Playcloud. It's a must for those if us running android apps, as it can go to the android fold (which you can bookmark). The android fold app is where a lot of the android apps store saved files. For example the android photo editing apps save to system/ android/which ever program you use. Plus like the article said you can link other cloud accounts including your computer or media server if you use one, (which I do, I run a photography business) I recommend it to anyone.

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