PlayCloud 10 updated with bug fixes and BlackBerry Q10 support

By Bla1ze on 13 Apr 2013 04:08 am EDT

One of my favorite apps for BlackBerry 10 has just rolled out a fancy new update. PlayCloud 10 as it is known, acts not only as a file manager for your device but also connects to several cloud services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive, Box, FTP, WebDAV and more. The latest release sees PlayCloud 10 jump into v2.6.2.2 and it addresses several bugs within the app in addition to adding support for the upcoming BlackBerry Q10. Here's a list of what has been changed or otherwise fixed:

  • Fixed SD-Card Support
  • Fix thumbnails feature
  • Fix open remote files feature
  • Save zoom factor
  • Detect file modifications about opened files
  • Improvements for Q10 device

I'd even go so far to say the update has added some overall speed improvements as well but that might just be my imagination. If you're looking for a great file manager or simply need an app to connect to one of the many cloud services out there, then look no further than PlayCloud 10. The app does cost $1.99 in BlackBerry World though; there is a free trial available as well that allows you to see whether or not the app will fit your needs.

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PlayCloud 10 updated with bug fixes and BlackBerry Q10 support


Glad to see Q10 support rolling out.
I am although confused as to what this has over the stock file manager besides Google drive support, and a few others. If you only use Dropbox and Box, is there any benefit to using this app over the file manager? I think the file manager is phenomenal, but maybe I'm missing something?


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I'm the PlayCloud developper :) So I can answer to your question.
If you use only Dropbox... Do you need PlayCloud 10 ?
- it permits to use a second Dropbox accounts :)
- PlayCloud 10 permits to use Dropbox sharing feature
- The application behavior is customisable (zoom, list, tile, network choice...)
And new and great features are incoming :)

And this is why you should buy the app as well. Nic consistently posts in the forums to help address issues and add in requests in future releases. Extremely responsive and will assist as best he can.

I bought the app a week+ ago (skipped the free one) and with this update it works a lot better for me with GDrive which is important to me.

Keep up the great work Nicklas!! I will support dev's like you all day

Hahaha well there ya go, very cool! Thanks for the quick response and convincing explanation :) Always glad to help out a fellow developer!

Well, Play Cloud can also see system files.
In theory having support for more poetics is useful, however I find it rather buggy...

And ftp or ftps do not work for me at all...
So in reality I use the regular file manager only - also because it is easier to use with it's swipe gestures rather than tap to enter folder, scroll to top, tap to get out...

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Please report your issues. You can contact me from the BlackBerry World support.
FTP & FTPS should work. Tested with the main FTP server on Linux distribution and FileZilla. MoreOver PlayCloud core uses cURL library, so I'm sure that it should work. Warning for FTP, you have to set the URI as "ftp://xxxx" and for FTP over SSL as "ftps://xxxx".

Thanks for the comment - it is indeed a part of the answer. No ftp:// and it does not work.
I got it to work for my website -> which is simple unsecured ftp.

However when I try my university (more useful if I have to chose one account), then it returns a connection error...
ftps with explicit ftps over tls and I think a self signed certificate as well...

In the last release, there is an issue if you login / password contains '@' or ':' chars. It's now fixed and will be available in the next release. Otherwise, it should work in SSL/TLS (in using ftps:// of course)

That does not apply to me - I have neither in my username/password.
I just think my Uni cooked up something really strange... their website says the address is "ftpes://bla" which just gives "conenction failure" while with "ftps://bla" it hangs... - I blame uni IT given that ftp access to my domain works.

Any plans on supporting multiple accounts in the future? (Especially for accounts such as ftp?)

Great set of fixes! Fixed the need to "Copy To" from Google drive to a local folder in order to open files.

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Indeed ! Moreover, the UI shows you if you have modified the file and propose you to save in creating a new revision (so PlayCloud uses the history files)

I dont understand why would I get this when box is free though? Just to have that much more space with all the other "Boxes"?

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Same answer that for Dropbox :)
Box native application doesn't support sharing support. With PlayCloud you can :)
Moreover, few days ago, thumbnails don't work well with Box (after a Box API update). PlayCloud is now ready ; I'm going to submit soon v2.7.0... About native application, I don't know :)

Dev is excellent, I had an issue with opening files on the Z10 from sky drive, emailed dev and within minutes he replied explaining the issue and that he had a new version waiting for BB approval that resolves the issue.
Great work!

I might be overlooking it but is there a "Select All" or "Select multiple files " option?

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Great app, sharing and multiple cloud app support. You want native apps? Support good devs like the author of this one

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+10 fold for the app. What wasn't talked about was the ability to print to a local network printer. Works fantastic!

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Did you guys know that if you are using the cb10 app and you are viewing the comment screen, and want to go back to the home screen, you could just quickly flick the bottom left button to the right, rather than tapping it twice.

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Yeah Kevin posted one of those 'Eureka' articles when he figured out the 'root-menu' gesture. It's not just in the CB10 app, it works within the hub and, theoretically, any other native app that uses nested menus/content.

Tap behaviour can be customized in thé settings section

In the next release I have improved it too

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Hey guys. Does this app allow me to wirelessly connect to a printer? I downloaded the free version and the printer icon is not functional when I open a document.

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I think that you have forgotten a step. The button "register" has several actions. Please follow all steps.
At the last step, you can enable view.

Thanks for all your helpful comments Nicklas. I just downloaded the paid version, as I think it will be a very useful app.

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OK, how do I figure out what the "host name" for my HP ePrinter is so I can set it up in the paid version of Playcloud?

i just downloaded the free version of PlayCloud and tried to register my DropBox account.
When i click register i get an error that reads "Not Registered. Connection failure, check your connection!"
Can anyone help me resolve this?