60% of BlackBerry PlayBook owners are still perfectly happy using their tablets

BlackBerry PlayBook
By James Richardson on 19 Mar 2014 02:11 pm EDT

A short while ago we ran a poll asking if you still use your BlackBerry PlayBook. To be honest - I wasn't feeling overly positive about the results bearing in mind that the BlackBerry tablet was first released in 2011 - which seems an age away now. 

I'll be honest and say that I still use my PlayBook, but only from time to time. I tend to reach for my iPad mini most of the time for watching movies in bed etc. 

Taking a look at the poll results it seems my initial predictions were very wrong. Just short of 60% of voters are still rocking the PlayBook and are happy - awesome news! Now, although PlayBook sales were never great this is still indicative that BlackBerry did in fact release a pretty awesome tablet. With the ability to Bridge the PlayBook to both legacy and BlackBerry 10 devices it eliminates the need to be on Wi-Fi - something that is still kind of unique - although most smartphones now act as a mobile hotspot. Bridge however takes things one step further which may be half the reason the results are as they are. 

Whether we'll see another tablet form BlackBerry in the future is anyone's guess, but I wouldn't rule it out. That said - they need to get the smartphone side of the business back to where it was - or as near as possible. 

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60% of BlackBerry PlayBook owners are still perfectly happy using their tablets



A 60% satisfaction level is really low. Especially given the fact that most PB owners are big time Blackberry fans and a lot of people got it for dirt cheap.

Apple satisfaction level are in the 90 percent range.

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Love my PlayBook but honestly using it less and less now that I got an iPad. If we get an update that will allow Android apps, I would throw the iPad away and never look elsewhere.

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you can't be serious. I'll take it and pay you the shipping. It's worth a few shekels just for spare parts, I broke a wifi radio connection repairing one of mine replacing the lcd screen.

would love an ipad mini, but felt a little burned when ipad 2 speakers started producing loud, crackling static at random, at about 15 months after purchase. tried getting it repaired, but couldn't reproduce the problem consistently. PlayBook still cranking out sound nightly, 2 years and a teardown later.

The scores on CrackBerry polls are always going to be pro-BlackBerry because it's just that; a pro-BlackBerry website.


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Exactly right. James articles are pro BBM and PlayBook. Nothing wrong being Pro but I have find it exaggerating. PlayBook's browser and keyboard gets more and more unresponsive everyday. It may be a good media player to listen to music or videos.

Not necessarily the case with the playbook though as owners may have felt the need to lash out with complaints, it isn't that long ago that some felt the need to spam most articles complaining about playbook not getting bb10 after all.

I don't use mine as much as I did in terms of work integration/BB Bridge, but its transitioned into a valuable tool in my house and personal life.

Missed the fact that this was a Crackberry poll. Proves my point even more.

(Before I get hate messages: I'm a big time BlackBerry Dan by the way. I have a Z10, bought a Q10 for my wife, own 2 Playbooks, own BB shares)

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Nothing wrong with my PlayBook... I just Never use it and Never think to use it since I got the 5 inch Super Amoled screen on my Z30....

If you have been thinking about getting one... head over to Shop BlackBerry for a great deal on one - unlocked...

"Best Rated/Most Highly Recommended" smartphone on the planet.... Z30...

Let's do a poll on 3 year old I pads and Droid tablets and let's see the results. 60% is a huge number.

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Yeah, try to compare it with iPad2. PB had the potential to win iPad2 in every way but BlackBerry didn't focus and took BB users for granted. BlackBerry never recognised the PB user base.The word PlayBook is now a joke in the media.

Yea but it's still pretty high considering how old it is and the disappointed from the BB10 issue. I have one but have moved on to a Surface, which I love. I would be in the 10% group (if that's what it is) not satisfied with IPAD (gave that away last year). My wife has a Galaxy Tab 3, which is nice, but there are things with Android that just bother me to no end.

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That guy with the retarded Z10 youtube video where you run around in your apartment and have the elephant song playing in the background? Embarrassing times :) But at least you're pro BB, helps a lot!

Can't beat a Q10 keyboard!

I don't know anyone using 3 year old android tablets.. if people were unsatisfied it would be a lot lower than 60% considering it is essentially a dead tablet with no major updates or new apps.

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But you have to admit the ipad2 probably has a higher rating among a non fan boy group. Honestly this is NOT a good rating, especially since it is a CrackBerry poll.

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+1. I have been using a BB9900 as my small form device and the PB as the large form. But.....time lag is something else from start up to actual use. Its such a shame that BB have not devoted resource to the PB as it had the potential to be an ipad killer.

I don't use mine and I hate it. They cheated us when they claimed that the PB will get BB10

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My best friend hates his PB, it has a lot of errors and is very laggy. He has a 32gb one, Mine however works pretty damn good, I have the 16gb.

What an odd (read: ridiculous) thing to say. Although I use my 32GB PB every day, it IS slow and laggy (no matter how many apps I delete or how recently I've wiped and reloaded) to the point of infuriation, and it unquestionably suffers from a lack of apps (and an Android subsystem incapable of running most Android apps). On top of those complaints, the browser STILL hangs and crashes frequently, and the keyboard is insufferable; the predictive text is the worst of any device I've ever seen or heard about, and it often slows its key rate to one per 5 seconds or locks up entirely.

Obviously, the main (and first) thing that made the PB find its way into so many desk drawers was the effective discontinuation of Bridge with the release of BB10. Then we had the End Of Development announcement, and finally the advent of the phablet-format Z30, with its better-looking and not-much-smaller screen as well as its far superior performance, new hardware features, and software and app support.

In all other areas, I have no trouble separating my subjective opinion from objective reality, but in the case of the PB keyboard, my subjective interpretation is that the objective reality is that it sucks. I can't believe anyone could like this keyboard. You must be having a completely different experience that I have had, because what I see is this:
1. The keyboard is inconsistently and variably slow. At times it will stop responding immediately while it buffers the incoming keystrokes and then, after a pause, slo-o-o-owly pops them back out onto the screen, and at times it will stop responding altogether. Since this behavior survives reboots, reinstalls, and wipe-and-rebuilds, I can't believe you are not experiencing it.
2. The predictive text behavior is abyssmal. It refuses to allow possessives, auto-removing any penultimate apostrophe preceding a final "s." It changes tense and plurality of perfectly correct nouns and verbs based on, I'm guessing, the last form of that word I happened to type previously. Any attempt at typing a one- or two-character abbreviation results in its replacement by some random word starting with that/those letter/s. And that's not to mention the replacement of random perfectly normal words with other words for no apparent reason. This completely botched implementation is a significant barrier to the use of the device. I disabled this feature for a while, but re-enabled it because its removal comes with a price I was not willing to pay: The lack of Autocorrect. Read on:
3. The conscious decision to merge Autocorrect with the keyboard's predictive text was one of the single stupidest decisions ever made by a RIM employee. In order to have "i" autocorrected to "I," "didnt" to "didn't," etc, I must enable the godawful predictive text functionality.Talk about adding insult to injury!

The only solution I can see is to hook up a Bluetooth keyboard. I'm used to having to type my own contraction apostrophes and capitalize my own letters on a full keyboard, so I wouldn't mind the lack of Autocorrect in this scenario. (Besides, I believe that even if you wanted to use it, the predictive text functionality is not available when using an external keyboard.) The additional hassle of toting around a keyboard -- the one thing that differentiates a table from a net-top, and the use of which makes a tablet user look like someone who should have just bought a net-top -- is something I could deal with. The fact that I am broke and can't afford to buy one just to make my tablet behave the way it should have out of the box is another issue, though.

I've had the freeze thing happen on occasion but not too much. I've written many long documents on the PlayBook and I suppose that I'm just used to the way / manner that the predictive feature works which is very well for me. All predictive text systems have their limitations including the much vaunted BB10 system.

That 90% are isheeps. they do mostly nothing but play games and complaints about their battery use. In my opinion 60% is HUGE and great number. Why? because MOST of these people are business owners. And they know they can STILL rely on the most secured device around the globe. Still no. 1 choice to get things done, fast and easy...

Agreed. BlackBerry PlayBooks remains very functional after 3 years. BlackBerry Bridge on the other hand has been castrated by BlackBerry 10 Development Team. I'd like to take scissors to those developers and give them a lesson in the consequences of cutting off features and functionality. (insert Doctor Evil laugh)

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I call bullshit.

Look through the forums. Most PB owners use a PB to consume media, play games and surf the web. Just like the iPad you're disparaging.

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60% isn't bad for a tablet that didn't sell that well out of the gate. Now this is a pro blackberry poll, but a lot of people on here use other platforms too. I have a PlayBook I got it for a good price last year and it serves it's purpose. Just like blackberry phones they aren't for everybody but they are pretty impressive. The bridging app is great, and the micro HDMI Is very convenient. Mines stays hooked up to the TV.

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90% of satisfaction?, probably if the user is using the latest iPad, ask the question to someone using an Ipad 1st generation using iOS 5 because iOs7 is not compatible or too slow to run on it, probably the satisfaction will drop to 0%.

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You're bringing out the apologists.

A better poll might have asked 'what' these satisfied responders actually use their PlayBook for? A quick scan is always: web browsing, watching videos, playing games etc... exactly what many bbry fanbois said made the iPad a toy / media consumption device.

Oh wellz. Yesterday at least 100 responders stated in the comments that they would buy a PB2 if it was released. They'll probably purchase a slider variant as well hehehehe

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Asking "do you still use your BB Playbook" is not the same as asking "are/were you satisfied with your BB Playbook?"

I also think, to get a fair comparison, you'd have to ask "do you still use your circa 2011 (Apple, Android) tablet?

Via CB10 & Z10 or Q10

Not to mention PlayBook owners like myself don't even care to vote on a post like this. My PlayBook is officially a paperweight - without BB10 it's as good as useless to me.

Especially when you consider the fact that I bought my Playbook (64gb) for £ 120 and at the time the iPad was selling for around £ 500!

Posted via CB10

I bought my PlayBook when the price was £250 for the 64gb Wi-Fi only model. Last year I bought the latest Wi-Fi only iPad Air for £499 and that only has 16gb. In addition the PlayBook's speakers are, in my opinion, still superior.

If my ITunes purchased videos were not drm protected and or a native Flixster app available to download my digital movies; I'd be using my PlayBook to play these files.

The PlayBook also has a built-in HDMI port a feature you can only get by paying Apple for a costly adapter.

I'd appreciate the BB10 OS being made available for the PlayBook, or a new BB10 Tablet to replace it. I can see the logic in BlackBerry using the old hardware as a test bed (with the assistance of existing customers) as a basis for developing a new tablet rather than using the Z30 instead. It is not inconceivable that the company could update the memory to 3 or 4gb to demonstrate BB10 running smoothly on an existing PlayBook before wasting money on a new tablet design.

1) There was extended delay for any OS upgrades
2) OS10 never arrived
3) Then, the spike was driven into the coffin when the former BB president said that they would not have further development.
4) App dev became minimal because there was no future for them.

What gives? Will PB become active again?
Alternate systems: iPad and Android are far advanced in hardware and apps

Disclosure: I purchased my first PB on day of release, then, bought my second a month later for my wife. But, native Japanese language support never came, and, the second PB has sat idle in favor of a Z10 that supports Japanese.

Just plug the PlayBook into a computer with the USB cable and install the BlackBerry link software. You can then use it as you would a USB flash drive.

You can also connect using Wifi, though it is slower and not as reliable (though that might just be issues with my router). I don't have my PlayBook with me, but look in the settings for file sharing (or something like that) and there should be an option to share files via Wifi.

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Or do this
Wi-Fi Sharing

Complete the following steps to share files over a Wi-Fi connection for BlackBerry PlayBook:
From the BlackBerry PlayBook home screen, select the settings icon.
Select Storage and Sharing.
Toggle Wi-Fi Sharing to ON.
Tap Properties to verify network identification information. (PlayBook name, password etc)
From a Windows or Mac based computer on the same network as the BlackBerry PlayBook, navigate to the IP address of the BlackBerry PlayBook which can be found under Settings > About > Network.
On a Windows computer, open the Run dialog box (shortcut of Windows Key + R) and type file:\\ or \\ (where should be replaced with the actual IP address of the BlackBerry PlayBook)
On a Mac computer, select Go > Connect to Server... and type smb:// (where should be replaced with the actual IP address of the BlackBerry PlayBook)
Once the device is connected to the computer, navigate to the media folder which contains several sub-folders such as documents, music, photos, videos, etc, the BlackBerry PlayBook user can then move files between the computer and these folders.
Complete the following steps to share files over a Wi-Fi connection for BlackBerry 10 smartphone:
Swipe down from the top bezel
Select Settings
Select Storage and Access
Turn Access using Wi-Fi to On
Tap Identification on Network to verify network identification information (BlackBerry 10 device name, username)
From a Windows or Mac based computer on the same network as the BlackBerry 10 smartphone, navigate to the device matching the name found in step 5 under network devices or navigate to the IP address of the BlackBerry smartphone which can be found under Settings > About > Network > Wi-Fi.
On a Windows computer, open the Run dialog box (shortcut of Windows Key + R) and type file:\\ or \\ (where should be replaced with the actual IP address of the BlackBerry PlayBook)
On a Mac computer, select Go > Connect to Server... and type smb:// (where should be replaced with the actual IP address of the BlackBerry 10 smartphone)
Once the device is connected to the computer, navigate to the media folder (for local device storage) or removable_sdcard (microSD card storage) which contains several sub-folders such as documents, music, photos, videos, etc, the BlackBerry 10 user can then move files between the computer and these folders.

The following steps. Chuckle.

Odd this tablet never caught on with the consumer, enterprise or government markets.

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I copy files across to my Playbook over wifi all the time, too easy and beats plugging it in, can an Ipad do that? No sireee!
The power of BlackBerry, hell yeah!

Posted with the brilliance of my Z10

I don't even get that fancy. Just connect your PB to your computer via USB. If you are on Windows, click the Windows button lower left of tool bar. On the right hand menu, choose COMPUTER. Scroll down until you see your PB (might take a second if your computer is a little slow). Click on it. Can find already existing folders and files or create a new folder. Minimize the window and drag to side of your screen.

Now click the Windows button again, and choose what on your computer you want to drag to/from (say pictures). Once you do it, you will see how fast and easy it is. Enjoy!

I mostly use it to play music via a radio app and occasional browsing when the laptop seems like a tall order, or my Z10 might be not big enough.

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I still use mine. Almost everyday, I would purchase a 10" if they sold one with bb10, I do like the 7" for travel.

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I'm loving my playbook and my cousin using it for work after he had used an ipad.
He told me the playbook have much better office performance in excel then the ipad. I don't know it but it sounds amazing :)

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I'm one of these. Well I wouldn't say *perfectly* happy, but certainly still very satisfied. I do so wish for an upgraded browser, though -- the stock one and origami are pretty slow, especially on these forums, and not 100% compatible with many other sites. But other than that I use mine daily and it's still rock-solid.

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I too love my PlayBook... even though bb10 stole the spotlight from my tablet..

I would really love my PlayBook much more if they gave an update to the keyboard and make it flick style just like the z10 :)

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Am one of the people that still uses their PlayBook daily. Just that I no longer have sound because after a drop, it always thinks the headset is inserted.

Posted via CB10

The BlackBerry PlayBook is the best tablet I have ever owned. Not a fan of the iPad whatsoever. I use my BlackBerry PlayBook for work and school. It's awesome

Posted via CB10

As is: it's already perfect for watching video, reading, listening to music and playing some games.

If, a big if, BlackBerry would be able to put a lite version of BB10 on it with at least the ability to install apk, more people might consider getting into BB10. As it could be advertised as: PlayBook 10 the best of both worlds.

Ahh one can dream ...

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I have not used mine as it started acting up. That being said my wife's IPad sits and never gets used either. With the Z10, Z30 and Iphone 5 in our house they always seem more available for quick browsing or I use desktop or laptop for serious usage.

Posted via CB10

Oh ya! Now would we be happier with a few small tweeks (browser) sure but I am still a playbook user.
Apple ha, too controlling

Wife and use ours 3-4 times per week each to chat with parents and friends. Great port ability when traveling by air for work.

Posted via CB10

We need more bridge features added then it will be over 80%

We should do something about it..

Posted via CB10

Have 4 units. One is always connected to the big screen and I use the z30 as a remote. Glad to see an upgrade to Bridge recently. Share is working better all the time.

Posted via CB10

There was no option for "Yes, I still one one and use one but I'm not all that satisfied". An answer like that would have made for a more accurate poll.

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I use mine all the time. I have it hooked up to the tv and use my mini keyboard to watch movies and free documentaries. I am however disappointed that BlackBerry have a abandoned those that bought the first ones. I feel like BlackBerry don't care about the playbooks that are out there. Needs a update bad. I have 3 z10, two playbooks in my home so I suppose im ok with BlackBerry over all.

Posted via CB10

That app looks so much better on playbook than my z10. Why did they change it?!

Posted via CB10

PlayBook 64GB awesome media pad love the video/audio clarity n now wat BlackBerry needs 2do is bring in a common app store which users cn use the same apps on dere bb10 phone n the PlayBook aka the playbook seriously needs a os10 upgrade

Posted via CB10

Second the audiovisual quality. I also think the battery has faired very well, mine holds charge extremely well still.

Posted via CB10

It's a daily driver in this house. Use it to communicate with family around the world. The video chat is buttery smooth. Works well with most websites, outside of those with Imbeded maps. Sound is great. A bigger display and faster browsing would be awesome.

Posted via CB10

If they suped up the specs to something more modern (including enough RAM to run BB10) I'd buy another.

I still love the speakers on it and use it daily at work as my music rig thanks to Neutron MP. It's frigging LOUD and has awesome sound. Everyone comments how good it is. Though browsing on it is a chore at times, reading PDF's and ebooks on it is great using RepliGo (not the undeletable Adobe Acrocrap).

Also, thanks to Advanced Camera I can take decent photos or videos whenever the need strikes. I use it often when learning songs on my guitar using Guitar Pro and some Android ports of other playback software. I mean it does everything I want it to do now very well - except browse the net at a fluid speed.

BUT, I SURE WISH they'd update the Flash player and improve the browser, but hey, it only cost me $149. I use it more than my Android running HP TouchPad in fact...

My PlayBook is still awesome for fast wifi file transfer. Use it every day. Just wish that the browser was better.

Posted via CB10

I'm one of them. Great for surfing the net and watching movies .
I also use it to capture videos because of the memory size 64G

Z10 on Telus

I'm a BlackBerry fanboy can't stand it anymore ditched mine for a Nexus 7. Soon as i found out I couldn't load stuff same way on my as my Z10/30 didn't want it anymore, has rare to no support now.

Posted via CB10 on my blazing fast Z30 on

Hey guys... first day adopter... I still have both of my PBs.. Nice to use ...

Really wish I could use Google Earth on it tho....

I'd bet that of that 60% most are legacy users. Since upgrading to the z30 I find the PlayBook does not significantly extend the versatility of my phone.

Posted via CB10

I'd buy another Playbook in a heartbeat. It's been more robust than both Nexus 7s I have and I prefer it for many reasons. Even with the slow processor. I'm looking for the 3g model cause it has a faster processor but with Qualcomm putting out 2.5ghz processors these days the Playbook's 1ghz is really under some pressure.

I use my PlayBook ever day. I do wish they would update the OS but I still enjoy it. No plans to which to a different tablet at all.

I'm actually quite bummed. The USB stopped charging on my PlayBook and finally the fast charge dock stopped charging. So now I have a brick. I really loved my PlayBook.

Posted via CB10

A quality built tablet, it just needs an awesome OS update.

BlackBerry are still creating update for the PlayBook? Am I correct?

I just think they should continue until BlackBerry / Foxconn produce a successor.

It's still a good feeling.

Posted via CB10

Still use mine for movies, games, and Internet and battery life is better than my Samsung tab 3. If I turn both tablets off the BlackBerry will last a month and be at 90 % when I turn it back on. the tab will only last about 5 days and the battery will be completely drained.

Posted via CB10

Well... for my understanding of "focusing on enterprise" a tablet is a must...

Hope JC has the same understanding of "focusing on enterprise"...

Ferrari ZetaDieci

I'm pretty sure RIM wanted it to be a success as well, but after you lose a billion dollars or so on a product you have to face reality and move on.

Love mine too! It travels with me just about everywhere and still gives me almost all of the functions I need. A few months ago, I actually set up an entire Windows file server via RDP using my PlayBook. My customer was actually surprised when I told him I wouldn't need my laptop for remote access. All the PlayBook needs is a little code cleanup and maybe a spit shine to allow more BB10 apps to make the transition over to it.

I'm seeing a lot of PB appearances in the new shows, the recent is Crisis on ABC (I think that's the channel).

Playbook in use everyday in our home. Wife uses it, I use it, kid uses it. Play some games, watch videos, listen to music. Probably the same for most tab users regardless of OS. Browser is slow, would be nice to see it upgraded, could use more updates. Would be great to see some hard drive memory used for RAM purposes and BB10 put on it. I mean if BlackBerry can put out a device like the Z 3 and make BB10 work on it.....why not the Playbook? BlackBerry needs to be in this space for enterprise anyway. isn't that why Foxconn is on board. Christine, upgrade the processor and RAM and launch a new Playbook. It's not brain surgery!! Just don't expect to sell millions and produce as needed!!! Fricking rear view mirror management!!!

Posted via CB10

Still use mine every day. Obviously it's not a completely dead platform, just needs an update to a few things (Browser, finish up Bridge, add Cascades libraries to Tablet OS).

Posted via CB10

I am a long distance trucker, used to take my Mac laptop with me all the time, then when the first PlayBook came out I bought one, no regrets. I was impatient to get one do paid the $700 for it. The Mac stayed home and I used the Storm and PlayBook as a team. Very good one. Storm 1 was upgraded to Storm 2, much better and now the Z30 and yup the PlayBook, use it everyday. A PlayBook 10 would be nice but....

Rick Pringle, Z30 on CB.10

As much as I loved my BlackBerry PlayBook I'm now so used to bb10 that I prefer to put up with my small screened z10 than use the outdated PlayBook. I think BlackBerry could come back with a dual OS tablet (either BlackBerry-Android or BlackBerry-Win) if they could get the agreement. If the specs were then on par with other leading tablets they'd be onto a game changer.

Posted via CB10

Hey 60% works for me as I am still trying to get my hands on one even though they are 3 years old I could care less

Posted via CB10

I mainly use my PlayBook for reading or watching TV/Movies. Ocassionally, some light browsing. We do have an iPad in the house I feel it's too big sometimes. The PlayBook is the right size. That result is not bad for a 3 year old tablet

I use it to DJ our Hop Hop Soul Line Dance Partied / socials / classes - pacemaker app. I also it for some of the games that aren't available on BB10 and the browser handles some websites I need to access better than BB10 (not quite as fast but I have no trouble handling small drop down boxes and other fields for filling out forms, handling controls, etc).

Let them give us PlayBook OS 3.0 with a series of long wanted fixes and enhancements and those who left will be back. It's still a great tablet as is to me, and it can be the best tablet even without hardware improvements if they would just update the OS. No BB10 needed. Let it still be it's own fairly unique OS with BB10 app compatibility so that developers won't have two ecosystems to deal with for BlackBerry's customer base.

Posted via CB10

Rarely use mine. Moved on as PB is slow and there are few apps.

Still use for email and music sometimes.

Posted via CB10

It would be interesting to see the age demographic of the 60% and how it correlate to the majority age group that embraces most of today's tech.

Posted via CB10

I still use mine, but the 99XX + PlayBook was still a better combo if you want the best bridge experience.

Now with my Q10 I use it less, but still consistently.

Posted with my CB-Q10 using the power of " Q "

I have mine plugged into my TV 24/7 with mini hdmi. I use it for browsing and YouTube and it does a great job. I am satisfied for what I use it for. I have a galaxy tab 3 7.0 for games and it isn't the greatest. It is probably slower than the PlayBook 90% of the time but it has all the games. If the PlayBooks runtime got updated I would probably go back to using it only.

Posted via CB10

I use mine everyday. Mostly for browsing the web.

The user interface and navigation on the OS is fantastic. I had sales guy showing me a Surface and Surface Pro recently and navigating the OS was so frustrating.

It's great as a media streaming device.

I wish it were fully capable as a word processor and spreadsheet creation/editing device.

I wish a better web browser were available

I wish the GPS worked

However I am still very satisfied with the device. It's built like a tank and I would buy an new/upgraded version running BB10 in a heartbeat if it addressed my above mentioned concerns.

Kevin, if you have someone's ear at BlackBerry who is in a position to influence things or speaks to someone who is : it couldn't hurt to pass along the results of this poll.

If they're at all on the fence with the decision to dedicate any resources towards throwing we the BlackBerry PlayBook faithful an OS update (even a small one) it certainly couldn't hurt for them to know we still hold our PlayBooks near and dear to our hearts.

Posted via CB10

Love my PlayBook so much I actually bought a second one. Only down side is I now carry 2 PlayBook's, a Z10, a Torch 9810, and an iPhone 4S with me. So many devices, and I just ordered a Z30 from BlackBerry today.

Posted via BlackBerry Z10 Smartphone

Still use & like mine the only thing I'd like is the BB10 browser as it's much faster.

Posted via CB10

Have three and still rely heavily on them for both business and personal. They have been little work horses. I seriously don't know what I would do if I were to lose HDMI out and Bridge. Although my expectations have changed with the times, I think satisfaction is linked to what a person uses their PB for. I used to like the keyboard until I met my Z10. I have no expectations of upgrades to the existing PBs, so when BB gives out little updates like yesterday, I consider it a nice bonus. The way I see it, BB is working on making Bridge work with other devices or considering another tablet. So I will happily play Beta tester and take whatever little crumbs they want to toss to my 3 year old devices.

I still use my PB daily. Interestingly I recently won an iPad Mini. I sold it the next day without even opening the box. I'm planning to eventually use the money for a new tablet but I honestly have not seen anything that makes me want to switch yet. Yes, I realise there are better tablets out there now - I should hope so after 3 years. But I simply have not seen anything that makes me pull the trigger.

Maybe when the new Google Nexus 8 comes out. I've played with my kids' tablets (Samsungs) and I find I miss the way that the PB does things and am always happy to go back.

For now I'm perfectly fine with my PB.

The enduring shame about PlayBook will always be that it was here first. BlackBerry nailed it with this size and if they had just gotten it right they could have been the Nexus 7 long before there was a Nexus 7 on the drawing board.

Just think of what that would have meant with Nexus 7 numbers selling to happy owners when BB10 came out...

I'm hoping those 40% not using their PB start selling them on eBay cheaply to satisfy the need of those that are still actively using theirs. Namely me, or more accurately my 2 year old son who can't be parted from his 64gb model.

I now need another as i've another kid on the way....who will no doubt love watching cartoons, playing games and drawing.

Posted via CB10

I use my PlayBook at work when I am meeting a client to show pictures of products. Other than that, it has a tendency to not be used. I use my Z10 for everything I used to use my PlayBook for since the Z10 has a much faster browser and and the keyboard is much better. I dislike typing on the PlayBook now...it is not intuitive and not user friendly like my Z10.

What impresses me is the lack or hardware issues! I never hear any issues with the hardware itself!

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Cranberry, would it be too much to ask that you make your polls big enough to be readable on a Q10 or Q5 screen? Thank you.

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Still using it regularly. Jus wish they would update the browser. Im spolied using my z30. Coupled with the vcms app and pro clip in my car works perfectly as a mini infotainment tablet.

Blackberry, my proverbial middle finger

Wow, almost half the people aren't satisfied with their playbook anymore and we're calling this a positive result.

As much as it pains me as a BB fan I moved on to an Ipad for my tablet needs and haven't looked back. For my playbook to be useful again I would need an updated browser and compatibility with BB10 apps (android runtime).

Use my playbook every night to stream shows from my Plex server.

I also have it activated with Balance at my work.

My wife, mom + partner, dad, friend and sister in law all have playbooks used almost daily. I also have seen a handful around my office.

I see no need yet to upgrade, I still have plenty of games and Plex keeps my busy! I have a z30 now as well which handles any other tasks.

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I'd use it a whole lot more if I could sync my contacts and calendars seamlessly when using BlackBerry Link. I'm sure somebody will post a work around for that, but I didn't have the challenge when I was an iPhone / ipad user.

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I really liked my playbook, but shit stopped charging and died. And so did my brothers and my Gfs, total of 4 PlayBook dead.

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You "could" more than likely bring them back but you need to check out the forums on Stack Charging. I've brought back MANY "dead" PlayBooks bought on the cheap and sold them for profit. It's not as hard as you think...just need some know how and patience. I learned how in the forums too fyi.

No use for any hardware with an i in front of it. Over hyped and over priced. I still use my PB but if I ever wanted a new tablet I can assure you it wouldn't be a rotten apple product.

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Still use it....
Great media device. Play music to stereo through BlackBerry media gateway. Catch up on TV and movies when one the go. Ebook reader.
When vacationing plugs into a HDMI tv to serve up movies for the kids.... love it still...... Great travel companion.....

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Hotty, your question about syncing. I just use outlook.com for email. Email/calander/contacts synced with my PB/z10/MS Outlook. The BlackBerry devices need never to be plugged into a PC for syncing, can't say I have every used the desktop software....

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bought my playbook nearly three years ago and have used it daily still does everything
I need, battery still gives a good run time, and use my Bold 9900 and Q5 with bridge,
An underrated tablet.

I still do like it a lot :
Mail app is good
Brower is great !
Youtube app is good
Flash support is good !
HDMI display to TV is really simple and cheap (cable)!

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I use mine every night in bed to do some research on YouTube and check email. The sound quality of the speakers is amazing, and I find the screen even sharper and more vibrant than any of the iPads. It's a true shame that the apps are so terrible and few and far between. Could have been a real winner.

My #1 gripe is boot time. It's excrutiating.

I still use my PlayBook for Vevo and several other apps which were not on BlackBerry 10. I also use it for movies. Avatar looks really good on the PlayBook considering I bought it in 2011. So it still has its purposes for me. I have to admit though that my Z10 rocks in so many ways it not only has reduced my time on the PlayBook but even more interesting to me, I hardly use my desktop anymore.

Believe it or not, IMO the PlayBook's OS is actually better designed than Android. I don't mind it's interface one bit.
Obviously BB10 rules them all.

Till this day I continue to use my PlayBook. Many people I know use them daily.

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Love it, still use it every day. I don't get when Apple evangelists say "ew why are you using a Blackberry?" then, when I ask when iPhone or iPad will let you save an email attachment (for example - there are a lot of things), they end up trying to tell me I need to tailor my life and needs to the device. Huh?

Also, it sounds like some of you didn't sideload any Android apps? You might want to try it! ;)

Wow purchased my PB day of release at local Best buy 3yrs ago next month and still going strong. Funny reading this post and thinking about it, today I received a docking station finally ordered. So may get even more use out of it.

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I still like my PB. I just wish BlackBerry would support it a bit better. Giving it android adaptability would make it pretty awesome.

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It gets used almost daily. My wife uses it pretty much every day, and she's hogging it with a TV app.

"LapTV" instead of the big screen

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Mine sits in a dock on my night table. I use it as a clock/alarm, reader, and quick news and Internet browser or occasional game. Mostly while I lay in bed.
I use my Z10 for mostly everything.

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I use my PlayBook as a media machine hooked up via hdmi to my receiver. I find the browser too slow and end up using my z10!

From the mind of a mAnIaC

Sorry but as someone who has bought and owns to playbooks, i have to laugh a little.
How many in the world have a playbook and does 60 % satisfaction really matter.....?
How significant is that number and does it really amount to beans?

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It's a good score but if you were to ask if they would agree or buy a new BlackBerry 10 tablet. I think it would be unanimous

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I had a PlayBook and sold it. Recently my iPad died a death and I just bought another PlayBook over the iPad. For the money you really can't beat the PlayBook. I really hope blackberry bring out a new tablet soon.

We all love our blackberry's but they need to go more mainstream to survive. The PlayBook is head and shoulders above the iPad in quality so come on blackberry, launch a true iPad killer!

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If they updated to BB10.2. A 100% would be happy and millions of PB would sell out. bring back the bridge like i had with my bold9900.

A 60% satisfaction rate is terrible. It's also worth noting that the poll doesn't include all PlayBook users, but only the ones that frequent Crackberry, who are mostly BlackBerry enthusiasts that are more likely to be happy with a BlackBerry device. So to conclude, the real satisfaction rate is probably under the ground at less than 50%.

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Here are some rumors of a light BB10 coming to the PB?

Can't wait of getting the BlackBerry BB10 browser performance unless all is just a rumor.

Hey, and what about making OTG alive again so businesses people can do their stuff. We saw it working 'rooted'.

Maybe, TH's decision was revisited ...:)

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I find it really hard to believe that 60% are happy with their Playbooks.
We(me and my gf) bought 5 Playbooks, one for myself, one for her and 3 for her dad and nephews.
So ages between 6 and 65 and none of these tablets gets any use.
I tried using mine as a media player for the car, but that didn't work cause it didn't always connect and had to turn bluetooth on and off multiple times just to get it to work. By the way my Q10 works 100% of the time in the car with bluetooth, unlike the tablet where I have to keep turning the bluetooth and off a few times before it connects.

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I have a Playbook and do not like it... not a bit. Under powered, short battery life and constantly disconnects from my WiFi (when no other device has a problem with the router)

Not a good product... not at all.

I use mine everyday. I check email watch YouTube. I read mags on zino. Every now n then I use the bridge to BBM my peeps :). I'm a simple guy n the PlayBook meets my simple needs

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The browser sucks, not as smooth as my Z10 and has even more limiting amount of apps then BB10, but it runs the sideloaded Pandora app better than on my phone.

BBM Channel: The Group Ride C00055B7C

attention : blackberry developer. please add native bbm on our playbook. if android and ios have one, i dont get the idea how come they cant make it on playbook.

I still use my PlayBook too. To watch movies and TV shows. That's my public transportation device of choice.

T-Mobile USA Z10

I still use mine as a media player for when I'm working around the house.

If john Chen decides to update the PlayBook in any shape or form, I'd be super happy.

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I lived mine until I started seeing the apps everyone else had. So now I have a 10" Galaxy, and my three kids share our two PlayBooks.

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My playbook is awesome In my opinion. I love how smooth it is and I use it every day. I Bridge it to my Q10 and bam I let the phone rest for a while before I pick it up. I'm a die hard fan, I just truly with that my playbook could run BlackBerry 10 os.

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It is good to see 60% are happy but we have to accept that it was big disaster in market by blackberry. I still remember when I enquired about playbook sales person said do not go for it. It had lot many problems. And by looking at market position of playbook. Sales person was right

History - Nokia 8310, O2 XDA II, Sony Ericsson W610, BB 8520, BB 9380, now Z 10 & very happy

I bet that the 60% is mostly made up of people that either purchased it for $150 or are got it as a gift. As for the other 40%, that will be the ones that either got ripped off paying $600 for that same PB only 5 months prior to the price dropping through the floor and/or kept believing what CrackBerry and RIM kept on misleading us to believe......"it's coming" and "we want to reward loyalty" (remember the posts asking everyone what Kevin should recommend to Heins as a way to recognize the loyal PB owners.....yea, that went far).

I have my 16Gig Playbook mounted down by the stick-shift in my car for Tunes, GPS, Bridging to my Z10 and have to say "I'm lovin' it again".

PS, Why not an OS upgrade? I mean come on RIM, you could help with making the playbook more relevant in these trying times no?

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At first I was blinded by my love for BlackBerry, but the PlayBook really wasn't that good. I prefer to have no tablet over the PlayBook. That should say a lot about what me (and many others) think about this tablet. 60% seems way to high, I suggest you look into how you do your surveys crackberry

There should have been another option in that playbook poll:

I have a newer tablet now, but I still have my playbook, and would use my playbook more if it was updated more, I may have not even bought the other tablet, especially if facebook, bridge and various failed updates worked correctly.

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Make that 60.01%! I turned on my PlayBook after a year and I still had 20% remaining. A quick charge, ran an update check and once updated it works great given it's using dated technology in comparison. A fair amount of lag is now noticible after the update but I'm an ipad Air user and that's a hefty pound beast that I may have gotten use to altogether. Great product nonetheless. A PlayBook 2.0 with BlackBerry 10 following Z30 design and specs with a SIM slot priced at $199 could be their new found lost treasure. I would say though let's not run a big spectacle around it with cheeky advertising from print to 15/30 seconds.

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Still use mine weekly, and does exactly what I need it to do. Can't beat the security as well. Will be interesting to see the direction that Chen chooses to go with it.

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I still use my tablet from time to time they need to do a software update give it netflix and some android apps than we will have a banging device

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I still use my playbook. I still use a 2005 tablet PC too. My replacement PC was made in 2003, my television in the room is 1999, the one in the living room is in the early 2000's, same for the headless dell inspiron 9400 and a real old compaq armada 1150. I don't get rid of old shit if it works fine. I still got my VCR too, 1988 GE 9810 video camera, 2005 Panasonic miniDV camcorder, gameboy advance, gamegear, NES, Sega master system, blackberry pearl 8130, blackberry curve 7290, blackberry bold 9700, blackberry bold 9900.

Old is new to me if it still functions properly, because I take care of it very well.

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If the playbook would just get an updated BB10 OS it would be wonderful, even after being a few years old.
Offtopic, but any one can give me a link where I can buy the Blackberry Playbook OEM Keyboard Case ?

(I need the OEM one since it has a touchpad, which is not there is aftermarket ones. At least not in any 7"-8" keyboard dock/cover. A few 10" ones do have)

I upgraded my 32gb PlayBook to a 32gb Nexus 7, and have been very happy. So much so, I couldn't care less how much support the PB gets going forward, or if BlackBerry ever releases another tablet.

I am kinda curious as to what the big draw of the bridge is though. I use the free Mightytext app on my Nexus 7 and 5, and am able to send / receive texts from my tablet, as well as see who's calling. Those features are not PB exclusive.

Oh and Chromecast from this N7 trumps pretty much any 'pros' the PB fanboys could come up with.

I have a nexus 7 tablet...but it's been sitting on the shelf more than being used...why, cause the BlackBerry Z30 meets all my needs...from BlackBerry World apps and the android apps...awesome phablet the BlackBerry Z30...woo-hoo woot woot

Rocking the Z30 Regina SK Canada

The thing is that the ones who were not happy with it have had plenty of time to switch...

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I use mine daily and it's bridged to my Q10, 24/7. I need to try the Origami browser when I get home tonight.

Anyone who uses an iPad to consume video content is being shorted on the full screen experience. I still have 2 Palybooks, iPad Air, Acer Iconia W510 and Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and yes the PlayBook still gets used a fair bit. Love the OS and that my friends is where BlackBerry rules both on PlayBook and BB10 devices.

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Heck even with a dated OS, the PlayBook still rocks and even renders Android ported apps perfectly.

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I think that survey doesn't reflect satisfaction well. The question asks if we still use it. Some people may still use it simply because they happen to own one.

I still like and use my Playbook. I use it more than my iPad. But I miss when it was fully functional with the older Phones and OS. I loved being able to Text from the Playbook. I would rub it in there faces. "Bet your phone can't do this" lol

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