PlayBook OS v1.0.7.2670 now available for download!

PlayBook OS update
By Michelle Haag on 20 Jul 2011 03:20 pm EDT

It seems like just yesterday we were all waiting anxiously for the PlayBook OS update to v1.0.7.2650… oh wait, it was yesterday.

And then the update was pulled due to issues users were having with BlackBerry Bridge, and a lot of people were left unable to update. RIM announced on Twitter that they were expecting to release an update "later this week" which left a lot of people wary, thinking that they wouldn't see this update any time soon. Well, the wait is over, and OS v1.0.7.2670 is now available! Grab your PlayBook, and get to downloading.

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PlayBook OS v1.0.7.2670 now available for download!


Products from 12 companies were honored with Best of FOSE awards July 20 at the expo and conference in Washington, with the BlackBerry PlayBook taking Best in Show honors for its useful features, familiar interface and government-friendly focus.

The judges, a panel of GCN writers, editors and reviewers, picked Research In Motion’s PlayBook for its enterprise features, BlackBerry security and the fact that, as a tablet, it’s designed from the ground up for government use.

The PlayBook also was named the winner in the Handheld Devices category.

The Best of FOSE awards recognize outstanding, innovative IT products for government exhibited during the show, which is staged by the 1105 Government Information Group, publisher of GCN.

Hmm... Should I install thiss update if I had no issues with previous I am afraid not to get issues now :)

Well, you can look at it this way. You have an OS version with known issues, even if they are not currently affecting you.

It's a higher number it has to be better!
LOL reminds me of that scene from the movie Spinal Tap "These go to eleven".

This whole fiasco is a positive sign to me. Typical RIM has no interactions with the costumers, is slow to addressing issues, and almost never sticks to the deadlines they set. This time they recognized the problem quickly and were able to repair it and resend the update. This is a step in the right direction

my playbook is in repair shipped around the world. Without touching the screen it start doing things on his own. Became totally useless. Los all my info on it also. Big bommer, and am wondering about the hardware. flashback bb storm 1 was dying in lest then half a year and throw it away. I really don't hope the same with my playbook

Podcasts still play for 9 seconds, and then start playing the next one. As if the podcast app wasn't already a drag to use due to a lack of content. But now this?


excellent response to all the doomsday predictors yesterday.
i have now had both updates and still not a single problem.
perhaps i am lucky, certainly happy :)

good response time for dealing with issue !! would be great to see trend upwards continue for RIM.

Impressive that they were able to resolve the issue so fast - actually, I'm astonished at the speed in which they were able to do so.

I never had any problems with the original update so here's hoping that streak continues. :)

Where did the extra 50mb go???

Edit: Oh I know - that part of the download probably didn't need changing, so no need to download the whole thing, just the difference.

I didnt have any issues with the bridge and the last update. But, updates is updates, get em while theyre hot!

The only issue I had with BB bridge on .2650 was that I couldn't see pictures stored in my phone anymore.

Using the latest Bridge on my Torch. Will definetely try the update when I get back home.

did anyone else notice the tab to place the cursor when typing is finally added with the yesterday's update? nice

Ive had 1 problem with my playbook since i upgraded to OS1.0.6 and its still there. and it seems nobody at rim gives a f**** . bbm just will not open jus the blank window with a spinning green circle.
I've tweeted to @blackberryhelp, no response
gone on their support forum.. same
even mabe a post about it in betazone and still no official response only a few other ppl with the same issue replying.

this is serious BS

I think the problem is in channels you are using, you will not get quick response in them. Instead call their Support number which came with the Playbook, they are generally very quick to resolve your issue or provide alternative. Try them out if not already done that.

For a long time my BBM icon just disappeared from my BlackBerry Bridge tab on the Playbook altogether. Yesterday's update FINALLY put the BBM icon back. I also downloaded a new version of Bridge on my phone.

BBM wouldn't open still, so I went to App World and searched BlackBerry Messenger, and there was a new version that my phone didn't automatically tell me about, for whatever reason. Anyhow, after I downloaded the latest version of BBM, restarted my phone, and opened BBM and accepted the terms of use agreement, my Playbook was once again displaying my BBM. It had been missing well over 2/3 of the time that I've owned my Playbook.

Have you made sure you have the latest version of bridge and BBM on your phone?

I had the same issue and they said they were working on it. I did a security wipe and then did a restore and problem came back after the restore. I narrowed it down to an app I had installed that got corrupted.

I can't remember if I did another wipe or did a restore to a previous date and that corrected the issue.

im almost certain i used to be able to veiw files on my SD card via bridge files with OS 1.0.6, now i only see device... anybody else notice this?

SD card files are accessible for me with current os and my 9650. prior to todays update Bridge was broke except for bridge files and bridge browser.

AWESOME! The browser is faster now! The online TV Listings guide I use from TimeWarner was really pokey with unbearably long pauses when I tried it on my PlayBook yesterday and now it's actually quite useable. The jump to list is way way way faster now.

And is it me, or is Bluetooth a bit better? I have a tiny keyboard that connects perfectly to my ASUS Transformer and iPad, but always disconnected on my PlayBook. Now it sometimes cuts out, but kicks back in right away.

Anyways, I love this tablet, it's my favorite and the one I bring everywhere.

Same here.
I have the HipStreet Venture case and the blue tooth keyboard was a little buggy. It works great now!

Yes, I had. With both v1.0.7.2650 and v1.0.7.2670, EPUB launch Library, but when i try open any book, i get gray screen and green circle looping only.

I think that only software house EPUB (VOS IT Solutions) can fix it.

This new version of o/s is 311 MB in size vs 358 MB of the one that I downloaded yesterday morning. Is there anything missing in the newer version?

Also the GPS no longer works in Bing Map.

Thanks for the update. What happened to the battery life? Ive had no problems with battery life before, but after the last update my battery keeps draining constantly by 1% for every 3-5 mins even with no apps running on standby mode (with Bluetooth and wifi off). Is it just for me?

Don't know if the 1% dropper 3-5 minutes is the correct rate, but when I left office yesterday with .2650 I had a full Playbook tank. This morning it was empty. Also suffering from the Bridge problem, I'm upgrading to .2670 right now. Hope it fixes both issues..

Really like this new OS. My Bridge worked great before, but now it's super fast and responsive. Airplane mode option is great. Pinch to zoom on photos is faster and easier than before and viewing photos in portrait mode is wonderful!

im not sure if it was just my laptop having fits before, but i never noticed the option to used my playbook basically in mass storage mode. thats now there. as i advised, that may have been due to my laptop acting up, but its a very welcomed option for me as i have ALOT of files, and the media sync goes so slow.

everything else works fine, i do like the ability to rotate pictures now too.

my only issue is that any pictures taken with the playbook goes to bottom of the list when you want to, say, upload to photobucket, and with close to 3000 pictures, its alot of scrolling to be done.

Anyone else having issues with Bridge Photo's - noticed all Bridge files from phone device reverted to the date of 12/31/1969..... and says no info is available. Not a surprise as in 1969 there were no cell phones..... All other bridge functions working - email contacts bridge browser.

RIM has made an awesome machine great in size great screen resolution even better than that thing called the I toy or something like that, and a major plus is that you don't need 300.000 apps or so for it to work!!

i am sorry but this update is not worth it. dont download it. i have now lost all ability to open attatchments from emails, the browser is slow and no crashes which it never happened before. really i am getting really tired of RIM and there useless atitude to everything. Oh and i cant access any of my files on my phones sd card now. this is hopeless.

I cant update the download keeps freezing at 341MB and I get a message that prompt to reboot and start over again.

Okay - after downloading it almost to 99% for 6 times in a raw apparently the 7th time seems to be the lucky one: downloading completed and it's now installing!

I saw the other day some commenting about how some media playing in a browser tab would not stop if you were moving in a different tab but for me it's not working still so I cant listen to a youtube video and read a news page.

This is a browser limitation. Put your playbook in showcase mode (gears->general), and then use the youtube app (not the browser). You can run the youtube app at the same time as you use the browser to read news.

i updated two yesterday to 2670 and it broke a bunch of things and now im updating it again same update i just hope this one one fixes the issues. anyone aware of this update. oh and im downloading the andriod app player :-) i got a bunch of apks still on my pc hopefully it installs unsigned apks.

If you're on AT&T and DON'T have tethering plan, DO NOT download this!!!

this update fucks your bridge browser. When you click on it, it starts checking your tethering plan.... holy WTF....

Here's the exact message:
"Your wireless service plan must include a subscription to a tethering plan to share your smartphone's internet connection with this tablet. We're checking your tethering plan subscription status. This may take a few minutes."

feel like i got butt raped by RIM. I've been tricked into purchasing the PB for $600