BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 release date confirmed by RIM employee on webcast?

By Bla1ze on 16 Feb 2012 01:28 pm EST

If you haven't hit the BlackBerry PlayBook forums today then you may not know RIM held a webcast today that appears to of have confirmed the PlayBook OS 2.0 release date. The webcast was for developing native games with BlackBerry NDK 2.0 and during that call, it was noted PlayBook OS 2.0 would be coming February 21st. Excited?

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BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 release date confirmed by RIM employee on webcast?


Oh please, like employees know anything. I listened to his part of the presentation and didnt hear a date. If anyone can say what time in the presentation he said it I would appreciate it.

playbook 2.0 is eagerly being waited for by us plybk users. im so xcited,bring it on rim and make us fellow canadians happy and lets fight ipads.ever try to put an ipad in your coat pocket???? didnt think so!

I know OS 2.0 will come with new social improvements but does anyone know if it will come with a native Twitter app? The facebook app is nice but I don't use facebook and the Twitter app I bought isn't that good.

I have watched multiple OS2.0 walk through videos and I haven't heard any mention of a new Twitter app or any in the beta zone.

If you're using the OS2.0 beta, you can use Tweetcaster or Plume for android. Both premium twitter apps if you can find the bar files.

so what happened to Feb 17th release ?
Will basics like Skype, VPN (functional), file-manager be part of this ?

Skype is not basic, so I wouldnt expect much there. Excel is basic, I hope they made HUGE improvement on that.

I was planning on staying up all night tonight hitting the update button. Guess will have to do it on Monday night:(

My fingers are going to be sore from hitting the "Check for Updates" button so much on Monday evening/Tuesday morning.... OS 2.0.. .HERE WE COME!!!!

ps. Does RIM generally have a time that the roll out updates (i.e. midnight)?

I don't know if they have a release time (first BB product myself), however I would expect it to be based on Feb 21 for Eastern Time (Pretty sure Waterloo is Ontario which is Eastern Time... I hope I am right, else I am going to get ripped apart! haha). Many companies, also (that I know of), do not roll stuff out at exactly 12am. It could be 10am EST, or 10pm EST, etc.

thanks JasW. So it's worth my while picking up a 64 GB for $299 today and then downloading the OS 2.0 when it launches? And that upgrade will be free? Sorry to need clarification!

I agree. Did not think of that before. Even when I bought the PB64 the moment I connected to my home wifi, it asked me to update the os.

Do all present Playbook owners receive the updated OS2.0 software free of charge? I'm contemplating purchasing a 64GB today instead of waiting for the release of the new model. But I don't want to buy it if I wont' be able to download the new OS. Many thanks!


Go it, listen to the deeper inner voice it....go fer it...come it!!
Don't listen to the other whiney voice...pft...push him off your shoulder....don't need him!!

Everyone will get the

Holy cow! So I must endure the wait for what? Another week? Dang it..

LOL Nah, I'm fine.. At least they keep their promised on 'February' at least :)

I want it now! But I will happily wait knowing it is just the long weekend away. :) Shall we speculate the release time?!?

My thoughts exactly, having spent 3 hours and round tripping back to 6.1, thankfully with my data intact. Think I'll be waiting a week (and monitoring CB) before plunging into 2.0 given the DM 7 experience.

Excited? Hmmm. Let me think. I have been waiting since June last year to get these updates, so yeah I reckon I might be. Also getting ICS for my HTC Sensation XE next month, so it is a good time for updates. Got Angry Birds HD to play while I am waiting for my OS2.0. And of course Plants vs Zombies.

I had called the 21st before, since that was what I was told. However my source isn't able to confirm if it will be in the morning or in the evening. They believe the updates may start trickling down early Tuesday morning.

WOOOOHOOOOOO!!! Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am looking forward to the 21st. Oh, and, by the way, lighten up people. It IS coming. We have been waiting all this time; so, who cares if it's a few more days that predicted?

cant wait, honestly will help with my schooling for the new docs to go updates and being able to connect my PB to my TV and view lecture notes and slides on it will be great for studying while using my BB as a remote.

I used to have playbook, sell it in 2011 summer..just bought another one yesterday for this freaking hyped 2.0 software hahaha..IT HAS TO BE GOOD, COMPLETE, REFINED OS NOW!!!!!
else I will be going away from you RIM!!

The video was just giving you a refresher of what OS2 will bring. They mentioned in the article that the date was given during a webcast yesterday.

Not sure why we are debating the date so much. It makes sense that BestBuy flyers printed this week says that it's coming so why would RIM release this week. Everyone will see it in the flyers this week and then RIM will release early next week.

A.) Why a video that is unrelated to the post? Yes, it is an overview of 2.0, but given the post says webcast it seemed odd.

B.) Why not post a poll that asks if we actually believe it to be release that day? This would be more interesting and probably get a better response.

C.) No, I am not excited because I have used the developer version and the update wont add functionality to my usage of it. I will continue to use my BlackBerry 7.1 phone for all messaging and the PlayBook was a $500 browser for me that I somewhat regret. The 2.0 does not fix much until the proof of useful applications is made (ie. productivity apps that are made by third parties, not messaging apps. I don't need to message any one more than I already do).

Go rim its ya birfday...we gonna party like its ya birfday. Go rim its ya birfday. We gonna party like its ya birfday.

What's up with the video here? This is not the webcast with the rim employee mentioning the 21St. ??? Confused.

February is already half over. Either way it should be within a couple weeks if it comes if Feb as promised.

I must say that I've been pretty happy with my Playbook (which I purchased on day one for full price - and would do so again instantly) but the e-mail, messaging, and contact apps actually seem more powerful. That is pretty cool since BB has the best e-mail/messaging out there. So, I'm actually excited about this.

The BB movies should be pretty awesome as well.

2012 should be a good year for RIM. The new CEO is delivering his first major roll out on time. That is also nice. He is German after all.

Why don't we all just ask BGR when OS 2.0 comes out? They seem to have reliable and credible insider information on RIM don't they? Surprised nothing in BGR is being quoted about being delayed to Feb 21st...but it's still early yet. They have time....

AMEN... the editors at BGR are a bunch of no talent clowns that like to put their own negative spin on anything related to RIM. I'm glad they pulled down their comments section as it used to be the anti-RIM capital of the world for trolls.

Feb 20 is a holiday in Canada so that means it will be ready either today or tomorrow to be released on tuesday... if you figure that they wont work sat/sun and monday.

That was only who posted it as confirmed earlier on for the 17th all other bB and PB sites said it was a rumour. Remember though, if you were not in the building of their site and disagree with them, You are a troll and wrong on everytthing that goes against what they say.By the way I have posted my last comment on this site that disrespectets it`s commenters and will be going where a 24 year computer user is respected on another Blackberry site. Troll no more. Bye Crackberry

I hope they hold it off until Monday as I have the day off! It's Presidents Day here in the US of A and I work at a credit union.

"Update: Looks like the reports were too good to be true. A rep from RIM has clarified that while no specific date has yet been announced, the 2.0 update is still on track for a February release"

Where does it say the 21st isn't the date? All it says is that rim won't confirm the date

Feb 21st was my guess....don't most vendors release upgrades on Tuesdays? I'm happy tho' wife and I will be taking our Playbooks on vacation at the end of that week, and it will be fun exploring the new software at leisure on the beach...

What about the Andriod App player? Will that still be included in the upgrade? He didn't mention a thing about skype. smh

Whats with the Engadget's update?

"Update: Looks like the reports were too good to be true. A rep from RIM has clarified that while no specific date has yet been announced, the 2.0 update is still on track for a February release."


I think we will see it start to roll out over the weekend with Rim showing that they have finally learned their lesson when it comes to dates and the 21st that has leaked was simply their worst case scenario for a launch window.

From what the video shows,... ya I can't wait! The tabbed emails is impressive as i do that all the time on a pc. As for the Feb. 17th release date, was that not speculation to begin with? We've waited this long, what's a few days right? I'm hoping i love it,.. I bet we all are. Impress me RIM.

I hope their servers can handle the traffic and don't shutdown on us. It will be crazy if the server crash due to overload traffic as the download is around 200 mb

Decisions, Decisions...

To take Tuesday as an official holiday... to call in sick... to work in home office... while repeatedly clicking the check for software update button....

Or to go to bed before the sun sets the evening before and set the alarm for 12:01 AM on the 21st.....

Got to figure this out.....

Decisions, Decisions...

To take Tuesday as an official holiday... to call in sick... to work in home office... while repeatedly clicking the check for software update button....

Or to go to bed before the sun sets the evening before and set the alarm for 12:01 AM on the 21st.....

Got to figure this out.....

Sorry about the double post... must have been distracted thinking about OS2 as I keystroked.

A great alternative to running skype native is i have been using it through the browser for the two weeks I've had my playbook

Excited? RIM has disapointed too many times. I switched to an Android 4G phone in September after the relase of the new BB phones. I can't give away my Playbook that I spent $700 on including accessories.

I will try the new OS. If it doesn't shine; I'm getting an Android tablet also.

Too late RIM.

Actually, I will take that Playbook off your hands. I sent mine back and am still awaiting my refund. Apparently hell has yet to freeze over. Now I have no money and no Playbook. *Sigh*

We are supposed to get OS 2.0 on Feb 21st. I do not believe it! The promise of OS 2.0 being released has been going on since Last June. If you make a post on Face Book "I love my Playbook" asking about the release date or comment about the release date, you get a wise ass reply from a couple of guys who probably work for RIM. In any case, I hope OS 2.0 is all it has been made out to be and it is released soon. Otherwise, I can see getting rid of all my Blackberry devices and moving on to something else.

7.0 has been smooth as butter for me and I get a Playbook on the 2.0 I mean, the 20th, then the next day I get the update, woo!

The new native apps look nice. Its about time!

Unfortunately I've already moved on to the iPad. I will give this a try though.

Its too bad RIM is.... RIM. Time to change gears and start delivering. And stop being so secretive about it all. Lets finally get things back on track. Its not too late.