PlayBook OS 2.0 quick tip: Closing folders with a swipe of the finger

Quick close folders on PlayBook OS 2.0
By Zach Gilbert on 14 Apr 2012 02:17 pm EDT
While RIM rolled out PlayBook OS 2.0 to our beloved tablet some time ago, we're still uncovering some hidden features, and today I've uncovered a neat lesser known feature. If you're like me you have meticulously placed all your applications into respective folders, sorting them from "HD Games" to "entertainment". While it keeps everything organized getting in and out of a folder could be just a hair faster, and I've found out a way to accomplish this.

Instead of clicking on the small little "X" on the folder you can actually swipe from the center of the bottom bezel to the left side of the PlayBook (see image above). Doing so will cause the folder to quickly close letting you get back to what's important, using your PlayBook. Now this has got me thinking, what other secrets are laying within the PlayBook OS 2.0? If you've found one let CrackBerry Nation know in the comments or in the forums at the link below. It'll be interesting to see what else can be found.

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PlayBook OS 2.0 quick tip: Closing folders with a swipe of the finger


I didn't know this feature either. Also I have just figured out that the corner diagonal swipe (known as the "back" gesture in Android Runtime) also closes a folder.

After a few minutes of testing it appears that it is actually not a horizontal swipe from the middle that does the magic (it works only if you accidantly touch the display while sliding your finger), the official gesture is the one from Android Runtime - diagonal swipe from the bottom bezel to the left (like you'd want to cut out a left down corner of your playbook). This works in 100% ;)

also work as a 'back button' in andriod player ;)

diagonal from bottom bezel to right bezel also takes u out of folder and straight to main dock

I've noticed that if you do a diagonal swipe on the side bezel that nothing happens at all. Meaning that it won't switch to the next opened app. So there must be some functionality coming there because diagonal swipes from the top bezel make no difference as it still pulls up the same info as a regular swipe. So my point here is the OS is recognizing the side diagonal swipe, but there's nothing programmed into the OS yet for what to do with it.

Exciting none the less :) more gestures to come with side swiping is my guess.

Bah, I posted something similar to this in the PlayBook forum about a month ago - if you swipe from the folder name to either the left or right it'll also close the folder.

if you swipe from the center of the bottom bezel to the right also closes the folder just like swiping to the left

Thanks didn't know this and i ran the beta from the get go!! Works if you swipe the other direction as well as diagonally from the bottom of the bezel upwards in any direction but the corners very helpful, thanks!

Great feature that has been working since the beta. Definitely allows for much faster navigation of the PlayBooks ui :D

You can also close a folder by dragging its name to the right or left (on the screen itself). E.g. when you open your "Games" folder, you can close this folder by dragging the word "Games" to the right or left :)

Right, because they got it wrong. That's not how you do it. Swipe up diagonally from bezel to screen, NOT horizontally.

As somebody else mentioned, this also acts as the "back" button in ported android apps.

Actually .... when folder is open, swiping from roughly center of bottom bezel to left side of bottom bezel DOES work to close the folder. So does swiping from diagonally AND swiping the folder title to the side.

Dont assume that just because YOU do it differently that the other ways dont work. They do.

I didn't know about that! The fact that the folder does not close automatically annoyed me, but this will help. Thanks!

Swipe diagonally up to the left or the right if horizontal is not working for you. It does work both ways though.

The swipe is not working for me, either. Now, that is interesting. Why would it work for some and not others? We are all 2.0.7971, right? Upward swipe to close works fine, which is what I have always used.

I tried it in my bridge folder and in another folder, numerous times. Diagonal swipe up works every time. Staying on bezel doesn't. I assumed OP had a brain fart and didn't know what he was talking about. *shrugs*

So HORIZONTAL STAYING ON BEZEL does work for some of you????

Horizontal does work for me, but only if I do the swipe above the BlackBerry Logo (or where the logo would be on the other sides).

******For those that the swipe is not working**********
It wasn't working for me either, but I found I had to do the wipe ABOVE the BlackBerry logo (so the top of the benzel). For some reason it was not working when at the logo or under the logo (for me anyways).

The swipe from middle to left or right only works if you are partially touching the screen as well as the bezel at the same time. If you are only touching the bezel, it won't work.

I'd like to see more gestures added. Makes for a really cool user experience.

It's cool gesture. But since when is swiping three inches of screen faster than tapping an X?

It just looks cooler to swipe. But it doesn't make it faster. LoL

What?!? I thought the whole point of everything with the PB was to look 10 times cooler than anyone else. This is just a slick move when you have the PB tethered to a monitor during a presentation LOL. Little x's just lack the coolness factor.

Cool or not I rather have the option to close a folder close to both fat fingers when holding the PB and not having to stretch my finger all the way to center of the bezel just to close the folder. Easy access to gestures are what make the PB so great.

That's a great tip. Although, it would have been nice to see Crackberry post a story/blog post about the intermittant/stable "your country is not supported" error message that a number of people across the globe have been experiencing. Perhaps a reach out to RIM for an official response as to what the heck is going on.

I feel I may be the last to know of this as it may have been included from the start, but here goes!.. If you hold either of the -/+ volume buttons down while in the Podcasts or Music apps it will skip forward/backward one track. I was wondering why they only had volume buttons on top!

What i discovered recently is swipe from any bezel 's upper corner diagonally to the centre of screen brings to show the upper menu bar.
Also swipe from bezel's lower left corner to the center and it shows the keyboard, which is useful because it not always appears when needed IMO.

They should have active left and right side bezels to scroll up and down pages so your fingers are off the screen. Would make for easier reading and scrolling through web pages without triggering a link by accident which happens often with my fat fingers.

Wow! This is so userful! I was always annoyed at trying to hit that tiny little "x".

From what Farokh said earlier about using the diagonal back swipe, I figured out 4 different swipes. (quite intuitive when you think about it)

While a folder is open
1) Swipe across the middle of the bottom bezel to the far left or the far right: will close the current folder
2) Swipe diagonally upwards at a 45 degrees angle in the bottom left corner will close the folder.
3) Swipe diagonally upwards at a 60 degrees angle (more up than diagonal), will close the folder and also bring the applications carousel into view (essentially hiding all your icon views except the one row)
4) Swipe up will simply bring the applications carousel into view (same as above, but the folder isn't closed)

So the more vertical your swipe is, it will lean towards hiding the icons/showing the application carousel, the more horizontal, it will lean towards closing the folder.


Very nice! Since I upgraded to 2.0 I kept wondering why do I have to tap a "X" button in the gesture-rich PB.

However, as much as it's interesting to have some of the unexplored/hidden features, may be it's also awesome to have a section in the Help app that talks about (actually, shows) all the gestures so the general users can easily take advantage of it?

Something I just learned (and then later found out in a forum) was: holding both volume buttons does a print screen.

Hey Zach or anyone, how do you create a folder so i can place all my games into one spot?? i have no clue on this lol

thanks in advance

Kurdman, hold your finger on an app till they pulsate. Then drag one and drop it on top of another i.e. Angry Birds drop on top of Need for Speed creates the folder.
Easy peasy.