PlayBook exec David Smith leaves BlackBerry

By Simon Sage on 24 Jul 2013 02:47 pm EDT

David Smith, executive VP of mobile computing and the head of the PlayBook, has resigned due to personal reasons, according to a BlackBerry spokesperson. 


I reached out to BlackBerry for an official statement on David Smith's departure. Having spoken to David in the past, I know he's a passionate supporter of BlackBerry. Here's the official word:

"David J Smith has resigned from BlackBerry for personal reasons. He continues to come into work every day and is committed to working with BlackBerry through a proper transition."

Sometimes personal reasons are just that, personal. Don't read into this one for more than what the statement says - no funny business going on here. ***

Smith's exit from BlackBerry follows on the departures of the North American VP, and previous CEOs from Gist and Tungle. Smith has been with BlackBerry for 8 years, but there's a lot of transitioning happening at BlackBerry these days. As the last batch of quarterly financial results made explicitly clear, the company has to stay extremely lean in order to keep pushing BlackBerry 10 development and make the most out of the cash that's left in the bank.

While we aren't going to meticulously document every single middle manager that will be leaving BlackBerry in the coming months (there are going to be quite a few more, by the looks of things), Smith's exit says a lot about what to expect in terms of the PlayBook for the forseeable future: not much, if anything.  

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PlayBook exec David Smith leaves BlackBerry


No, please no, I'm stupid enough to fall for that again. I won't believe anything else BBRY promises, heck, I don't even think I will get BB11 in my z10.

BBRY.. keep dreaming

So right. I doubt BB11 on my Z10 too. Maybe BB11 will require minimum 4GB RAM, the defenders here will continue supporting the company!

Really? Such negativity. Maybe you should start drinking. Take the edge off your obviously stressful life

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Too sensitive? You are the one seems to be stressed out.. Every Mobile OS right now can run flawlessly with 1GB RAM expect BB10. Stop reading comments if you can't take any criticism.

A mobile Os can not run on a one gig ram and gig hz hard ware is beyond ridiculous. Who remember when we had Huge 1 gb hard drive. North too many years ago. Also not long time ago mainframe supporting thousands of users and running hundreds of jobs concurrently did not require one gig physical ram regardless he virtual address spaces was 2gb until z/os 64.

Bb10 is seriously wrong if cannot run under 1gb. I do know QNX is not bb10, and know gui eat ram.

I'm mainframe guy btw.


Mainframes and phones are just a little different. I think BB10 could run on 1gb but not well. They probably could cut down memory consumption but it would come at the price of waiting a long time for Android apps to load or for texts to pop up in the hub. There is a lot more going on in BB10 than any other platform, we have quite a few runtimes on this OS

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That's not to say I'm not bitter about the PB. But if they do something to make up for me supporting them from launch then I can forgive them for it.

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I would say no, seeing how MS lost some $900M on the surface... it might follow the PB as well

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It's a tad on the expensive side compared to all of these low priced android tablets out there, but it's a good tablet, much better than the ipad especially... I wanted to get one, but just too expensive...

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

It isn't a tablet in the same sense as Android and iPad, either. It's a flexible windows machine capable of much more productivity. It's a PC in tablet form - big difference.

You might be mistaken the RT to the PRO version, which is 3 to 4 times the RT price. The PRO is indeed powerful and productive, but heavier and short battery life. No really comparable to the 'standard' tablets and their normal use.
The RT is not price competitive with Android tablets; and with similar pricing between the RT vs iPad, not too many people would choose the RT.

Which makes no sense since the surface is 10x the tablet the imaxipad is...

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

It came as no surprise that the Surface was a small failure since it was a tad on the expensive side and that was probably because it came from directly Microsoft, but I found a great deal on a 10" Asus Win8RT tablet with MS Office suite and keyboard/charging/dock combo deal that makes a nice replacement for my PB and laptop when I am on the road. There are other deals on Win8 and RT tablets from other makers that are worth looking into IMO. It was an easy transition from the PB, but there are also limited apps for the RT version, but more every day and I found all I need anyway.

the full office suite is what is so attractive w/rt , I guess I will wait to see what will come out with windows 8.1

He said a Windows 8 tablet (Surface Pro). The $900M was on the Surface RT which is !== Surface Pro/ W8. Not that that matters.

But don't wait on a NEW BlackBerry tablet either. If there's anything related to that coming out, it is in a couple of years. All tablets or dumb tablets made by BlackBerry are pure speculations right now.

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Or as George W Bush said. "Fool me once, shame on twice....well....ummm... you won't fool me again. "

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HA HA HA - u serious.

I'm sorry, but a 5" display does not a tablet make

You can stick lipstick on a pig but it's still a pig. BBRY have fallen into the Microsoft OS model - 'so what if it's inefficient, we can always use more/faster processors and more ram" - they really need to get a handle on this memory ineficiency so they can make cheaper handsets.

Dear bizzyqu,
The answer is no and no but instead pull your trigger, and I emphasize, pull your trigger on the A10.
Best regards.
-CB Impostor

Buy a new tablet don't wait for BlackBerry I will be buying an ipad or android tablet soon enough, screw BlackBerry I will not ever buy BlackBerry again.

I am still selling my playbook and z10 pm me if interested

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I tried that too. A couple tire kickers from CB land that's it.

Sold one of the PlayBooks through Kijiji to some dude who wanted it for kids movies on long drives. My response: 'that was their use case'

Tools not toys!!

Apologies for distracting everyone from the A10 pics... launching in months. Maybe.

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The future of mobile computing is the phablet.

Although, apple clearly disagrees given that they're working on a 13 inch IPad

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I don't believe the iPad was ever design with mobile computing in mind. 'Media consumption' were the buzz words of the day. "Mobile Computing" seems to have taken it's place. Yet I highly doubt if anyone knows exactly what that means just yet. All the majors players are working to define what the term would imply and then sell you what they think you need.

It means your phone is your computer and you will just project to screen devices wirelessly/doc stations. Wish they would hurry up and get dnla to project my phone screen direct to tv. Till then HDMI cable works great

Where's my FULL BRIDGE Mr. Heins? Please return it!

13" iPad? WTF? So really it's a slim notebook without a keyboard...yay for pointless consumerism.

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Yup, a 13" iPod Touch, nothing is truly different between any of the Apple devices which makes me just go nuts. Yet the iDrones will be out in droves... walking like zombies saying "Give me... Give me.. Give me.."

Not good news. EVP of mobile computing leaving while the company is transitioning to become a mobile computing company is not a good sign.


I think what they mean get the old programmers returning the Java OS features we love BBOS. The new QNX guys have done a good job but overall the BB10 is a little sloppy and less efficient than the legacy OS. The old JS guys can make improvements.

Actually, I meant teach the Java programmers QNX, so they can work in that instead . Their corporate memory could be valuable as well.

A good sign of accountability.

The mobile computing is about one device running all form factors.

Enough is enough for syncing data among several devices.


Hmmmmm, they brought the PB out to soon anyway. They rushed it...had no apps. no native email...just to name a few things. curious if they just said fuck it we are not done with it but let's see how it does lmao

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Actually what they said was "Playtime's Over!" and "Leap Frogging" the also competition come to mind. I owned 3 and got at least 7 friends to buy one. All the time promoting BB10 on it. 2 of those friends will never let me hear the end of it.

Sold 2 on craigslist here in NYC last week. Completely unopened and unused. Got $100 each. Could find a reason to hold on to them any more.

I say, put the PB to rest and stop talking about it and move on. Anything else will only remind people of how it failed.

Your crazy. Attach to tv, phone is your remote, makes any tv a smart tv. Use it all the time. Built in smart TV's are useless.

Where's my FULL BRIDGE Mr. Heins? Please return it!

But they charged a heck initially sucked the money out from the loyal users, and kept promising on awesome updates that never came!

David J. Smith was head of enterprise (mobile computing) now at BBRY... more than "PlayBook exec" (such a nice guy, too!). After Robin Bienfait left, pretty sure all the enterprise, BES10, etc. stuff now fell under him. 

Reaching out to BBRY for a statement... don't think there's any drama here at all - personal reasons just that, personal.

well . . when your tablet is fraught with challenges and unrealized potential from the beginning (right or wrong), and then your ceo says they're not too keen on the future of tablets, and then the tablet doesn't get the latest and newest os upgrade, I guess personal reasons could sound something like "there is no future for me here, looks like its time to move on". . . like you said though Kevin, such a nice guy; he will do well . . . .

edit: sorry, I see a few people underneath had already broached this point . . .

Hey Kevin, why don't you write an article about "should Blackberry unlock Playbook since whey ended support? - HP did for TouchPad (which is fair)..." and you will see how many people would like to SAVE their device from oblivion...

I Agree. Specially the screen aspect ratio makes web browsing great on the iPad. I found PB screen to be too narrow in portrait mode. When on landscape mode the keyboard takes the whole screen leaving me only to see the banner!

- former Apple Hater.

I bought a 64 GB WiFi PlayBook for $500. I still use it--but increasingly less and less. My iPad mini is great. It is the perfect size and most importantly: there are apps for everything I need and for everything I want. It is the ultimate mobile productivity and entertainment device.

I really want the PlayBook to get some updates. I have stopped holding my breath though (which is why I finally got an iPad). The more invested I become in the Apple ecosystem, the less likely I am to buy another BlackBery tablet again. I was a loyal BlackBerry user (until recently) since 2007.

Makes sense why would they keep him on and as we have heard Thor is bringing down the hammer of management and obviously he was not performing well with the failure of the playbook.

They could have made a perfect team Jim as CEO Heins as COO (of all rather than the old 1/3 COO). Unfortunately Jim left.

This is business. Engineering is only half of the equation.

It was Jim who originally struck the deal with carriers (MobiTex, BellSouth) when RIM invented BB. It was Jim pushed Curve to be the most popular consumer device at the time. It was Jim who smoothed out the relationships with foreign governments, U.S. in particular. To to business with them you better be one of them (Harvard background). Now without Jim, see how carriers in U.S. accept BB.

Do not blame U.S. carriers; they rightfully prefer domestic platforms. Do not blame U.S. government; they have every reason to support "Designed and Made in U.S.".

Yes, the old BB had solid quality and reliability, but without Jim RIM couldn't have sold them.

Surprise, surprise! Left for personal reasons...yeah of course he did...what the hell would be have done at BlackBerry when the CEO of the company said that the future of tablets is uncertain, thus relegating the prospects of a future BlackBerry Tablet somewhere between purgatory and hell.

And can you please stop putting up that picture with the PlayBook and the hammer about to fall on it?! People can say what they want, but the PlayBook was a wonderful piece of engineering, great hardware and software, done in by a half baked product launch, lack of support and advertising as well as an incomplete eco - system and ultimately a company that never really believed in their own product.

I guess this means that we won't get even a few minor upgrades to the existing PlayBook OS 2...oh well "keep moving"...let's hope it is in the right direction!

Posted via CB10

But he did leave for sexual reasons as you said...he got f**ked by BlackBerry!

PS Hmm, so I guess Crackberry does listen to its minions once in a while! They did remove that picture with the hammer about to smash the least some still have sympathy for PlayBook owners...we are an endangered species...slowly but surely dying off...

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You summed up the PlayBook perfectly.

I use mine everyday, usually for music and browsing the web.. and every time I think about how this little tablet had so much potential, but BlackBerry never did anything with it.

Oh well.

I also agree. It was an awesome tablet and I think it still is. It just never got the support or the advertising. No advertising is primarily why it never went anywhere. If they would provide the missing native BlackBerry apps (email, BBM, etc), add missing bridge functionality for BB10 owners, and give it Android Runtime 4.2, it could remain a relevant tablet. Advertising is key for any product to survive.

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BBRY is counting on us to buy the A10 and help them BETA test! We loyal customers should support BBRY and buy every product and get abused by BBRY.

Advertising has been the worst BlackBerry enemy for the past few years.
We, the BlackBerry and PlayBook users, know how great these devices are. And we use them a lot, for all sort of tasks.

However, the advertising side of BlackBerry has been... well, there hasn't been one. Media should have been bought on its quality. Hey, that's what competition did!

I really do hope TH changes the marketing - as that is what's needed for BlackBerry to survive. And beyond.

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I still say throw a 2 Gig processor and BB10 into the PlayBook and keep developing it. Mobile computing is at the heart of Thor's vision and simply dropping the PB due to lack of internals is not very business savvy.

Cheers. :)

We just need a glass screen to project your bb10 phone. No more dual devices,sync crap, oh picture is on other device or app is on other device. Just give me a larger screen when i am on the move.

Where's my FULL BRIDGE Mr. Heins? Please return it!

As a PlayBook owner I would just ditch it focus on the mobile phone market where we're continuing to struggle at the moment.

PlayBook won't save blackberry Z10,Q10 etc will!!!!

That's where all blackberry's resource should be it's a tough decision but a business one which is required.

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Has Blackberry even explained what "mobile computing" is. So far they haven't introduced a single product that fits this vision other than their smart phones which is a product type that already exists. They killed off Playbook which didn't sell well but seemed to fit with mobile I must ask the question: "What is mobile computing and what products will you bring out to address it or define this space?"

I am starting to think that Blackberry has a vision they can't explain. They just keep using the buzz word "mobile computing." QNX is in some cars but only high end stuff. I think we have been duped by Thor's mobile computing vision.

QNX is Onstar and other vehicle systems which serves clients from low to high end. Millions of vehicles have it installed world wide.

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It's not like he has anything to do anymore since Thor called off the update. Why pay him if he isn't contributing to anything? And I'm sure the PB life cycle was a traumatizing experience for him.

Posted via CB10

Should I buy a PlayBook if I wanna just watch crackle movies through my BlackBerry z10 or any movies I have in my pc or play the few games the Pb had? I see one for 100 near my area

Posted via CB10

The PlayBook is not a mirror capable dummy device. And there is no crackle app for PlayBook. So to see a crackle movie on a larger portable screen, either buy an A10, bring your laptop or get another device. Sorry to say.

Posted via CB10

C'mon, Crackle runs right from the website on PlayBook. No need for Z10 at all in that equation! But no, it won't mirror the Z10 output.

So... what can I do with this PlayBook by itself. Please let me know. And what can indo with my z10 and PlayBook using bridge or other methods of interconnecting

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Kind of sad news in my book. T.H. Has been toting this slogan of mobile computing but aside from QNX being in many automobiles I don't see any signs of mobile computing. BlackBerry seems to be focused on getting out phones.
"Mobile computing " is an interesting concept. And just today two impressive yet vastly different renditions of this concept have come to my attention. First Ubuntu's Edge running android with a dual boot Linux, turning a terminal/monitor into an Ubuntu desktop computer. Secondly Google just announced and made available the same day (wish BBRY practiced this) Chromecast allowing smartphone, tablet, and desktop to be mirrored onto an HDMI TV or monitor wirelessly. Seems like T.H. "Mobile computing " ship has sailed without BBRY manning even a single ore. Not just that but now the head of mobile computing leaves / resigns / fired / let go. It's troubling to me.

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+1 Something like Chromecast is what RIM should have made and priced when they did the music gateway. BB10 should have sold 200% more if there is a $35 BBCast like Chromecast.

I can use a microHDMI to HDMI cable on Z10 or preferably my PlayBook and stream news, Amazon Instant video etc to my big screen TV.

Posted via CB10

I still prefer a simple robust HDMI cable as it provides instant feedback, screen mirroring and gaming. Having said that having a wireless option is not bad.

LMAO .... BULL! Leaving due to "personal reasons"? yeah its called "there is no job for me here so I'm jumping ship and taking my severance with me while BlackBerry STILL has cash to pay me what is legally required by law".

- at the Executive and higher management stage nobody is really "FIRED" ... maybe "Ousted" or a "shakeup" left a few on the management team "to seek out other adventures and we're sad to see them go" kinda thing. But in all honesty with only a team of developers and queue takers for support ... there is no need for an Executive to headup a division that had its death bed already signed, sealed and delivered public notice.

PS: anyone else remember just 14days ago that a few layoffs are yet still to go through??

I think this is good for BlackBerry and that should have been done long time ago specially. If BlackBerry wants to launch a new Tablet, they needs new executive VP with new view.

Tablet market isn't easy, and unfortunately all what BlackBerry did in this market is fail !

The PlayBook will be back but under a different name possibly T10 with proper specs and an expandable memory to boot.

At this moment let's focus on the A10 and 10.2, BBM going cross platform, Vehicle integration.

There is still a phenomenal amount of work to do to sharpen the platform.

The PlayBook was and still is the best built tablet ever. The Software and implementation destroyed BlackBerry's reputation, as well as farcical marketing.

The PlayBook is dead, long live the PlayBook.

Now is not the time to shy away, now is the time to fight for BlackBerry.

The A10 needs to make the competition rethink what can be done with a smartphone.

Posted via CB10

Sorry. the A10 isn't making me rethink what can be done with a smartphone. The Ubuntu Edge and ASUS PadFone for me is.

Actually, I think all the talk of mobile computing makes me think that eventually BlackBerry will deliver a competitor to Ubuntu Edge... perhaps, before Ubuntu delivers the Edge.

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PB is the best tablet. The problem is its hardware build and software quality. I had 5 of them, 2 got hardware failures. The nice thing is the RIM replaced them quickly.

It's the best tablet, if you don't count the hardware or software? What's left? The sticker that says "BlackBerry"?

I meant it is THE best when it works - The form factor, the weight, the video chat, the bridge, and best of all the swipe gestures. Of cause, this is for BB phone users and people who are busy professionals.

Actually for me software not that buggy. Hardware did have problem: Once camera, once battery charging.

PlayBook actually lives on inside BB10. The actual physical body will change to a lean screen run by the phone.

That's fine they can leave the PlayBook as is. Blackberry won't screw me again because they will never get another dime from me. I bought two extra PlayBook's after our was said to be receiving BB10. I use to be a huge blackberry supporter but I truly believe they are seeking to be sold. I'm no CEO but anymore I'm left scratching my head with the foolish decisions BlackBerry continues to make over and over again... Death Spiral that's hard to watch.

I know how you feel. I was just as angry, but I have calmed. My z10 is so much better than the iphone5. Android has its own issues. This new platform has an extreme amount of potential.

Where's my FULL BRIDGE Mr. Heins? Please return it!

Yeah...I was huge BlackBerry fangirl too. I kept talking about BlackBerry's "potential" until people were sick of me. I'm sick of waiting for potential. I've spent enough money (both as a consumer and stockholder). I want to see results. I want to see a fully-functioning, polished product. Most of all, I want to see them offer some type of PlayBook upgrade (as was promised). PlayBook owners at least deserve some sort of BlackBerry app or upgrade credit.

BB apps credit is useless when the tablet itself will be less useful without any support. Btw I am sorry to say there aren't that many good apps.

True, the apps are disappointing. But the main productivity apps that I need are there. I would actually prefer credit toward a new device-- an upgrade program for current PlayBook owners.

Sign of the times I guess. No matter, I've already moved onto the Nexus 7 and with the new Nexus 7 Razor coming out it will be better. Ubuntu Touch hopefully will be ready for prime time next year and if Canonical gets their Ubuntu Edge phone fully backed and ready that will be interesting. Wonder if Canonical would be willing to do Ubuntu Touch on the next generation PadFone with a keyboard docking station with ASUS. It seems convergence will be coming but who will implement it first?

+1 this is what I was talking about in an earlier post. Only difference is I still use my PlayBook and my Z10.

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I feel for you. If BB would have indicated they could bring Bridge to BB10 you could still be using your PlayBook fully. Or bring BBM to the PlayBook in some capacity with Bridge as well with BB10. I believe Heins is totally off the mark in abandoning tablets. To me tablets/phablets are the future whether something like ASUS PadFone, Galaxy Note 8 with cellular, Nexus 7 with cellular (which is what I use as well). I'm glad you enjoy your Z10 and PlayBook but BlackBerry has totally lost me a BB customer and I'm sure they don't care.

Ok we get it. Now since you loved on, move on and get off this site!

Where's my FULL BRIDGE Mr. Heins? Please return it!

Nah. That would be like me asking you to change your 'where's my bridge?' signature.

Both are valid perspectives.

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He has every right to be on this site. He used to be a BB supporter! BBRY is the one who screwed up! We all had bad experience with BBRY and should we just keep quite? how will this help BBRY?

Wow. Who pissed in your CornFlakes? The fact of the matter is that in my posts I wish Blackberry users well with their Z10/Q10/Q5/PlayBook/BBOS7 devices. But BB has lost me as customer and I first used a RIM product in 1998 with the RIM 950 pager. That might not matter to you, or Blackberry or the majority of Crackberry forum members, but it matters to me.

This explains everything about what happened to the evolution of the PlayBook. Or perhaps, what happened so far to the evolution of the PlayBook leads to this.
I'm very sure Mr T.H didn't like the fact that he had to address to the mass that BB10 won't be available to the PlayBook.

Yeah, I see you changed picture of the article. What, didn't like all the context and negativity toward an hammer smashing a Playbook? ;)

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I am surprised that he did not leave at the time they announced no further PB updates. Why stay when your area is for all practical purposes has been eliminated. Take the severance and find another employer.

Offer a huge rebate towards the A10 and you can HAVE my damn PlayBook!

I used my Z10 to create this CrackBerry madness!

Well I'm very disappointed in BlackBerry but at least I'm still using my 9930 bridged to my 64gb pb. I'm so grateful that I didn't upgrade to BB10

Involuntarily removed from the payroll?

Encouraged to seek other opportunities?

whacked? Shitecanned?

Made available to the labor market?

Me too have personal reasons to leave everyday with my PlayBook. My PlayBook is where I'm. Leave to me or take or leave it! Who cares !

the future is easy because it doesn't exist

I love my PlayBook, but how do you think I feel also owning an HP TouchPad 4G? I got burned by TWO companies, but at least the TouchPad 4G is 1.5 times faster than the PlayBook, nearly 3 inches bigger in screen size, has Beats Audio, 4G cellular service, and as a last resort, can be rooted for CM 9 or CM 10 (although I'm fine with webOS 3.0 5. and Preware). BlackBerry has given us no such option to modify our abandoned PlayBooks. Maybe NOW is that time.

I used my Z10 to create this CrackBerry madness!

I have fully refunded my TouchPad once HP has dismissed it. However, I have been rocking my PlayBook for 2 years.

If this is the guy that approved only 1 gig RAM in the PlayBook design, then he needs to go.

Anyone who puts a consumer device out with less than 1 gig RAM per processor core is clueless.

Hopefully someone who steps up to that position will get it right.

The A10 with only 2 gig is just repeating the same bad design practice.

It's not about just performance it's about the appeal to the consumer in the over bloated specs.

Bloated specs sell and sell real well.

It's looking like the A10 is only going to have 2 cores not 4 so the 1GB of RAM per core rule will be followed.

Posted via CB10

All GUI base OS's are resource hungry, without comparing to IOS, WP8, Android 4+ there's not much to say.

Even Linux which boasts to be so resource friendly gets to be a fat hog when you add a GUI shell such as KDE or Gnome.

As far as BB10 goes, it's pretty light since it is a true real-time, multitasking OS and none of the others are and as such keeps processes live in RAM while the others depend on virtual memory task switching which is extremely resource hungry as far as switching tasks out of RAM and switching the Processor from task - to file system - to other task and back the same route again to get to the first task.

Resource gobbling is the nature of the GUI beast no matter who makes it.

Thank you. Then may be BB should have tried bringing a pseudo multitasking version of BB10 (like iOS, WP8) for the PlayBook. But the ultimate thing is they want people to buy A10 if BB10 is available for PB a lot users won't upgrade to A10 which is smaller and more expensive!

It's typical for certain type of "turnaround" management to wipe out some outstanding things created by predecessors... Along with creators.
I hope this is not the case here. Am I naive.

Is it time to buy the key board for PB? should be cheap, I still enjoy and use my PB regularly.

Even if this guy left for personal reasons, this is for sure the reason we aren't getting bb10 on the playbook. They knew exactly what was happening, probably tried to force it and couldn't get it sorted.

Its disturbing to see the staff leave (forced out) of their positions. It sends bad signals but over staffing can't stand. A fix for bridge is critical for BB10 devices. It speaks to the integrity of the company's mission. Business oriented communication. As a result, the playbook was named incorrectly to begin with. It should have been marketed as a work device, instead of getting things done it stagnated as a mere toy to play games on. But it can and should still be recovered.

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As much as I want Playbook to succeed, I'm glad I didn't invest in a platform they had no intention of sticking with. :(

The weakest part of PlaayBook is that which doesn't future proof enough with its own spec.. The ram is not enough and running speed is too slow, the focus free camera is so outdated. We all know that. How can I expect it can run BB10 smoothly.
But I still believe BlackBerry should make another new PlayBook model but it should has phone function, even able to call with hand free loudspeaker, like a big office phone.

Posted via CB10

PB is so awesome. Browser not the faster,but I don't care. Miss the bridge though big time.

Where's my FULL BRIDGE Mr. Heins? Please return it!

No playbook bb10 no reason for smith.

No new tablet from the BlackBerry liars no need for smith.

Right on smith and I hope more resign

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love blackberry but going to sell my PlayBook and get an iPad mini. Was hoping it wouldn't have come to this but do I have a choice?

Posted via CB10

The bridge is down, I repeat the bridge is down. We're doomed. No more play on the book. I put it back on the shelves or make it digital photo frame @ my living room.

Posted via CB10

All a part of the parcel why BB shares trade at $9 and change. They think you can bumble, fumble, mumble and stumble your way to prosperity.

What is a Playbook, is it a big cell phone or a small desktop? If you have a mobile computing center (Blackberry) that fits on your hip and does all yer stuff, do you need a mid-sized device? Cumbersome comes to mind. Perhaps they are useful for college students or kids who carry backpacks but seems to me you never see peeps walkin' around starin' at anything but a cell phone.

BlackBerry needs new blood. These old fart executives who are still clinging to BB's glory days are ignoring market realities. They will be BB's undoing.

BlackBerry - great products, lousy management.

Simon wrote: "... Smith's exit says a lot about what to expect in terms of the PlayBook for the forseeable future: not much, if anything."

You mean you STILL WEREN'T CONVINCED the Playbook was finished prior to Smith's exit? I shouldn't be so surprised, you were still writing articles about a possible Playbook update even after TH indicated they were not going to do anything with it. C'mon man, let it go!

Consume. Eat. Buy. Purchase things. Throw them out. I'm guilty. My torch did everything that I needed. So what that it was old. Maybe I too need to reevaluate as well

Posted via CB10

Speaking of getting lean. When is TH leaving?
We need someone like Steve Jobs at the helm to guide it through this difficult times.

SQN 100-1 os

One is a start. Blackberry needs to clean house on all it's managers, positions etc. Clearly the Thor hasn't turned things around either shareholders should be giving him the boot next.

You think someday blackberry management would learn something. But fail every product launch, still an incomplete OS, less than stellar phones yet continue the same path as when it was a legacy only world.

Writing is on the wall for a takeover from a big company that can manage blackberry. It's clear management is so out of touch in terms of the market now!

Guess scraping bottom they're doing good.

At this point, It Is What It Is...

BBRY should have honored their words and updated the PlayBook. If not with bb10, then at least a pbos update.

That being said, I use my PlayBook EVERYday and I will continue to do so until I can't anymore.

This organization still has the potential to be great, but like so many others have said, it needs to be managed much better moving forward.

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The PlayBook debacle is shameful. Are we stupid to believe the commitment of the CEO? I guess so. BlackBerry is lagging. My z10 is fine but it does nothing better than any of the competition - but it lacks in many respects. The A10 is a big z10 and will be a big flop. No mobile computing. This company needs vision. They are still fighting a battle they lost years ago. And they don't seem to know it- yes they have the "hub". Really? How long before that is replicated on all the other platforms- if anyone really cares. I want this co to succeed but it will be gone in 18 months unless the leap frog the competition. And a CEO that misleads consumers doesn't understand business.

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I think the "Hub" would be quite difficult to reproduce on monolithic kernel systems. QNX is what makes the Hub possible.

It seems very clear now Blackberry could be sold or cut up in pieces. I have never seen in my life a company with such potential leave some of its loyal customers out in the dark and investors fighting for answers.

This company needs a massive shake-up ...CLEAN HOUSE !!!!! Get new directors , they are spending our money (shareholders).

With billions of assets and potential I am certain any large investor could pick up 10% and file a 13F or 13D and replace the board in a heart beat.

I can hear the footsteps now.

Same as Rob Orr, the BBRY managing director left the company for "personal" reasons.... who "personally" went to work for Samsung UK right after (as a B2B European Telecom VP)...

What a cluster. This guy presided over a time a cool product like the PB came into play, so cool it went into a Porche among other things, is better and more well rounded and thought out as to working with our phones than other tablets and for all the good it did, PB gets thrown in the trash and the guy who helped get me a product I love gets the figurative corporate shot in the head. Nice.

Failure to revive a tablet that runs bb10 is the sign that BlackBerry can not compete fully in filling the needs of business and personal consumers. This requires a full system approach to information. It is really surprising that this is not obvious to management. Fault Heins for this. Its really too bad. Now we see bb10 getting progressively more software etc but without vision. We get more vision from the Crackberry management than from BlackBerry!

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The alpha devices and many of the internal testing devices have reduced hardware (including only 1GB of RAM) and they work fine.

Source: I use them.

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Fired those in Waterloo who are responsible for QA.

The super man CEO is executing. I see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I have been calling for this for a long time - Cut in Canada; expand elsewhere because there is labor shortage in Canada, Waterloo in particular.

This is not an easy task at all for Mr. Heins. After all he is hired by the people who are affiliated with Waterloo. This proofs Mr. Heins is a great CEO who will for sure turn the company around.

Mr. Heins is fighting against the two root causes of BB's fall:

1. Labor shortage in Canada. In Canada, Waterloo, we have many brilliant minds, we have world best scientists and engineers, but we are short of quality labors for mass software and hardware productions.

Now I call Ottawa to wake up !!!

2. Corporate governance and accountability.

BBM, A10, Spec, or earnings of the next few quarters, I don't care these for now. As long as Mr. Heins addresses the two fundamental problems of BB, re-build the organization, BB will soon rise again and rule the world of mobile computing.

How much would having a PlayBook upgraded to 2GB cost? Is that even possible? I wouldn't mind sending it in to BlackBerry and paying a $150.00 or so to keep it current. It's a heck of a tablet--beautifully designed and on par with the iPad in terms of construction. It's outlasted two android tablets, despite being my goto tablet.

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I completely agree. I'm would love if we had the option to upgrade the ram. I use my PlayBook less and less now, but I still love the form factor, GUI, and the fact that it's made by BlackBerry. I love the swipe motions used to navigate it and I really hope they release another iteration soon.

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Dear BlackBerry please develop just a 10" to 13" Full HD Amoled Screen where I can put and use my Q10 as the CPU/GPU à la Asus Padfone! This is the best way to go for mobile computing imo!

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My playbook has some amazing Clock apps ( and a fish tank app!! ) Its the only thing I use it for nowadays. A glorified clock!

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Can't wait for the day I will be able to accept the demise of playbook....still pissed at BlackBerry every time I connect my playbook to hdmi on TV , bridge remote with my z10 and have my kids and girlfriend (who owns an iPhone and ipad) say how cool this is......sad....very sad.......

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transitions... it's in the stars ;)

but yeah I guess if a product isn't doing well its gonna get the axe ://, that's just how it is these days -- always be competitive with price and features, move quickly, it's kinda sad that they aren't transforming the playbook line into a phablet line. then again, maybe it's a branding thing. and this exec probly got a really sweet deal and has gotten too pricey.

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