PlayBook discounting leads to long lines, were you in one of them?

PlayBook Lines
By Jared DiPane on 19 Nov 2011 12:15 pm EST

We have seen our fair share of discounts and promotions for the BlackBerry PlayBook to date, but the most recent price drops appear to have people lining up outside of major retailers to get their hands on one. With the 16GB dropping down to $199, and the 64GB running only $399 people seem to want to take advantage of this limited time offer right before the holidays. Retailers are already reporting an increase in sales, Best Buy claiming to have moved 5,000 units so far. These price drops are only temporary, and will likely rise again soon, so we ask -- would you stand in line to grab one of these deeply discounted BlackBerry PlayBooks? 

Source: Vancouver Sun 

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PlayBook discounting leads to long lines, were you in one of them?


Why stand in line - pay the $20.00 for shipping and buy it online. Best buy had 1,000 units available. Went in an hour, but man - it still beats lining overnight when it's 0 degrees.

I did this for my consoles but not for a product that isn't brand new anymore. Also - it's not like they don't have a ton in line

Great to see though!! - many positives happening right now with the Playbook - finally marketing is starting to come around.

Best Buy and Future shop offered free shipping. I ordered Thursday night from best buy.

It said $20 when you select to have it shipped, but at check-out it said $0

When I looked last night, Best Buy online (Canada) had the 64GB's available, but sold out the other two, and same for the Kingston store. I wanted a 64 anyway - already have a 16 which I'm passing off to my app-development partner at the sale price so I could upgrade. So I got there about half hour after opening. There were two guys ahead of me looking at them, they asked what was in stock, the salesman said only the 64's but the others would be in again tonight. They decided to wait for the 16's so I got the second-last one in stock.

Kinda exciting to see people actually rushing for a BlackBerry product.

I'll be at Staples nice and comfy for the 6am opening to snag a Playbook. This price drop is the best thing sliced bread for me.

Bought my first playbook online at Futureshop when they were 200 bucks off, bought second 1 at Walmart on Wednesday with no lineup.Wouldn't wait in line if they were giving the playbook away or any other product for that matter.

i got my PlayBook yesterday there was small line at 8am at staples. One of the people in line said she had go e to walmart and they were all sold out. I was discouraged when the Staples manager had said once they sell out the next shipment that comes in they will no longer be carrying the PlayBook...I wonder if thats the same for all the other retailers.

BlackBerry Torch 9860 and PlayBook

Ill be in line at 5:30am Friday morning at Staples in Dover Delaware..just have not figured out what size to get.Cant i just settle for a 16g and move stuff back and forth to my Laptop to save room? Or should i go for the 32-64g model?

What makes people think they are all there to buy playbooks, is that the only thing that shop sells lol

At the future shop down the road from this one they came out and made an announcement before opening saying there was plenty of stock on PBs so no pushing or trampling. They were all there for the PB bru...

I went to my local Future Shop yesterday. No "new" PBs in stock however they had plenty of "open box" (basically new, but recently returned by someone that didn't know how to use it properly)! I bought 3x16gb for xmas presents for my daughters (bought my wife the 32gb for her bday 2 months ago). Our fam loves these things!!! Oh yeah did I mention that I got them to throw in flip covers for free at the sale price!?! Happy hunting :)

Funny thing about that pic, is it's from an article on the Vancouver Sun website, yet the photo is taken at the Waterloo Future Shop. (for those who don't know Canadian geography they are thousands of miles apart)

This just proves that A. People will buy a 16gb PB over a 8gb kindle fire for the same price, and B. The trolls are wrong about the PB being sub-standard, its just that people aren't willing to pay $400+ for a bb tablet that doesn't currently have pim/native email/native bbm etc. In closing RIM should either permanently lower the price or at least keep it on "sale" until os2 is released.

It's just sad that they can't make money on the device and have to take a huge loss to sell them. Apparently the Kindle Fire costs $205 to make and you know the Playbook will be more with the added hardware, memory, and less quantity being produced. At least Quanta wasn't stuck with a ton of Playbook chassis and OMAP-4430's and found someone who could sell and market a device using them. Sucks that I could have waited and instead of paying full price got a huge discount and still not have the features RIM said would be here by now. So their still isn't a premium tablet market, just iPad market and $200 to $300 other tablet market.

Unlike Android Tablets, with this strategy RIM can make money out of App purchases and at the same support the existing BBX developer community by increasing the number of potential customers for their apps. This is what should've been done in the first place.

I'm not sure what the cost to build the PB is, but Future Shop's cost to purchase the 16gb is $187. Very little markup to the $199 sale price. Salesman showed me this on his computer when I was haggling him to throw in a cover ;)

Walked into Walmart needing a couple Micro SD cards for my kids phones..

Walked right up to the PB display/lock case and said I'll take a 32GB while I'm here..

Cashed out with no line ups in the Electronics section and went about my day..

Loaded the OS2 beta last night and the apps my wife will need to start off with..

She still doesn't know it's for her.. :)

These devices are still priced too high.

Sad they need to to sell at a loss to have people think "marketing" is "coming around" and think this was successful. Perhaps they should do themselves a favor, blow them out at a loss and concentrate on producing a phone worthy of buying.

The brisk sales indicate that many people think that the PB pricing is a good deal, and do not share your view.

No. The brisk sales show how people will buy something if it is discounted enough given the alternatives. Afterall, even AMC managed to sell Gremlin models along with Yugos. The fact it is discounted below production cost and is finally selling does not mean it is successful.

I don't think "many" people bought this. Some...but not many. If you want to see many, go to an Apple store on a release day of their products.

For your info, there are reports that iPad sales are slow. Further, RIM might not be making a profit on 16 GB but I'm sure they are on 32 and 64 GB. I'm glad these devices will be in the hands of more and more people. This will definitely help with app development.

RIM could only wish to have the sales iPad is having when it is slowing.

Also, it is expected to slow eventually when you control a majority of the market, have sold millions and millions of units and have been out for as long as the iPad/iPad2 has.

The difference is Apple is not discounting their product. They might be slowing production on this line to meet demand. The Playbook started out with weak demand and dwindled from there.

priced to high and then you say they are making a loss? well its not priced high is it or are you talking about its usefulness because if you don't find it useful then you're not the type of person they're targetting.

I still think there's some major software holes they need to fill in but I would love to see these prices globally and sales to pick up for the RIM to get its act together for a playbook 2.

It is priced too high because there are better alternatives.

It is selling at a loss and RIM is losing money on these, which will only hurt them.

Now you see what I am talking about.

RIM management should debate whether they want to continue competing in a market where other comparable tablets are selling at a loss or where the leader is truly offering a great user experience and cleaning up (which RIM's Playbook is not).

My guess is. If they are smart, they dump the Playbook line and start refocusing their efforts on two or three phone models to win back customers.

However, I believe it is too late for RIM. Apple and Android OS have destroyed them so far and look to be continuing to do so.

Got in the game a bit late yesterday in Halifax. couldn't find a 16g anywhere. had to drive an hour to New Minas to get the last one at The Source. What a sweet deal, great to see them flying off the shelves.

Proudly posted from my new playbook!

Without a doubt it is, hopefully they are sold out like the rest of southern Ontario.
Now developers will have no excuse for not releasing apps for the playbook.
Netflix and Skype get moving!

Bought mine the night before the sale, and went back in and got the price difference, as I was unable to get there the next am at opening... Got a 16gb for my wife, 32gb for me!

Bought a new Kobo Vox tablet for the wife and have used it for a week. We went to Best Buy today and ordered a 16GB Playbook and will send the Kobo tablet back. All Edmonton stores are out of stock, so got a raincheck for next week. Both units were $199.00, so it was a no brainer to decide which unit was the better deal. Paid full price for my 64GB Playbook in April with no regrets.

Bought a 16gb at Queensway Bestbuy on the 16th for $499.99, went in to price match yesterday. Walked out paying only $189 for my PB!!!


Best buy PM policy means they will beat the price by 10% of the difference. So they took another $30.10

Thanks RIM and Bestbuy, about time, I'm down big time on my RIM stocks...

I ordered one (32 gb) for store pick-up, but even at $299, I'm thinking I'm going to let it go. Though I'm not an Apple guy, an iPad just has more to offer. If the Playbook had Skype or a Kindle reader, I'd think about it, but I just don't think it's worthwhile right now.

That's funny - that is the Future Shop at the corner of Northfield and King in Waterloo ON, right down the street from the new RIM campus ha

I live in St. John's (Canada - the cold/rainy city, not the tropical island in the Carribean), and Playbooks sold out in stores across the entire Province in a few hours - they were all gone by Friday afternoon. I dropped by a few stores today, and most of the salepeople laughed at me when i asked if they had any Playbooks left - I snoozed and I losed.

Staples is taking preorders for new stock that will arrive next week - worth checking out if you snoozed like me.

That's right--now they drop the price because they're hurting. If they were smart and not greedy like Apple, I might have bought three units at $199: one for me, the wife and child. But instead, wife got the Nook Color, child got and iTouch and I got a Dell Streak 7.

Tablets are not worth $300+ They would be if it could replace the laptop, since they are like this generations version of the Palm Pilot, they are worth under $300.

Now that I can Netflix and Skype on the Dell Streak 7, I don't want the PB even if I can bridge my internet. They would have to at least do Skype, before I would consider the PB as a replacement for the Streak.

Poor move on RIM.

Buy one at Chapters or Indigo books. That's what I did. And I bought 2!

I wouldn't be surprised if other 'smaller' book stores carried them too. Worth checking!! Don't forget, they 'are' e-book readers as well =)