PlayBook App Wish List: What apps do you most want to see on the BlackBerry PlayBook?

By Adam Zeis on 26 Apr 2011 10:48 am EDT
 PlayBook Apps Wish List  

Crusiing through the CrackBerry forums the last few days I've found a lot of great discussions. There are loads of posts about the BlackBerry PlayBook and it seems like everyone has plenty to say. One of the good threads I came across was the PlayBook App Wish List. I was thinking on the same topic and it was good to see that many other users have a fairly large list of apps they would love to see come to the PlayBook.

Personally I would like some "big name" apps to show up soon. I have a hard time living without a good Twitter app as well as things like Evernote and Pandora. We've compiled a list of the most requested apps here and tossed them in the poll above. So if you're a PlayBook owner - what apps do you most want to see? Cast your vote in the poll above for the top 3 apps you'd like to see on the PlayBook. If the app (or apps) you want to see isn't listed, leave a comment below and let us know what you're looking for!

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PlayBook App Wish List: What apps do you most want to see on the BlackBerry PlayBook?


Blackberry Protect
Blackberry Travel
VLC Remote Control App
Boxee Remote Control App
Twitter for BB
Google Voice

Ok, I'm done.

Hmm... Well all the native BlackBerry apps are gimmes.. so talking 3rd party I'd say:
Kindle, Angry Birds, Skype, AIM, DropBox, Facebook, Twitter


My boss wants a Playbook, but won't buy it because there isn't Fruit Ninja available. The silly guy bought an iPad just for Fruit Ninja...

So to conclude, the Playbook needs more AAA games.

A lot of flash games don't work because they won't accept input from the PB's keyboard, AND you need an internet connection to use them. Native apps very important.

RIM should be approaching major game developers and offering them cash to develop their hit titles for the PB. Most of them are written in Java to begin with so they shouldn't be hard to port.

"RIM should be approaching major game developers and offering them cash to develop their hit titles for the PB. Most of them are written in Java to begin with so they shouldn't be hard to port."

There's no Java SDK for PlayBook at this time - for the next few months our options are Flash/AIR, and HTML5. Native SDK coming later, and at some unknown point in the future, a Java SDK (an OS6 compatibility VM doesn't count as it's not letting you develop apps specifically for the PB - plus I really want to see them go with a modern Java standard...)

You call those AAA games? So what are REAL full scale games like Call of Duty? That's what RIM needs to stand out from the rest- some REAL TOP TIER GAMES like Call of Duty, GTA, MLB 2011 etc... Stop making childish games and make some real one and watch how RIM will blow up, that's how the PSP took over the Gameboy.

I just can't pick up any tablet until it works with what I want it to work for.

Flawless web browsing (means working Flash)
Integrated mail (if screen is big enough to use web interface, that's fine)
GPS Navigation (say bye bye Garmin, TomTom, Navigon, etc.)
Useful apps (Android might be the solution here):
Finance / Budget tracking ( for instance)
Automotive uses (Torque on Android is an example)

Didn't Amazon announce a Kindle app withing five minutes of the PlayBook being announced? Apparently they aren't really working on it all that hard...

Yeah, I've been wondering about that. It was a big press release shortly after the PB was announced... and not a word since then. Very disappointing.

Any rumors on any of the big ones coming? For example Kindle said it was going to produce an app for the PB on the day it was announced. Also, Amazon, kobo is just fine so get your app out or no more books purchased by me.

Annoyingly, I've too many amazon books purchased to discard all of them -- unless Kobo is able to read them and I didn't know it?

Sigh. I knew better than to go with any one vendor before some standardization occurred... went against my instinct and now - sure enough - screwed/stuck.

can't you remove the drm and convert it with calibre?
you paid for it anyway... you do what you want with tha file

Here is what I want:

- BlackBerry Wallet, Protect and Travel
- BBM!!! With video chat (BBM on other platforms with video chat would be even better!)
- I want Podcast app to integrate with my phone app. Why are you making me subscribe to everything twice, when I have a BBID to track this stuff?
- BlackBerry News
- Twitter
- Facebook
- Native email, calendar and contacts apps
- SKYPE!!!
- Google Chat
- Evernote
- Netflix!!!
- Rdio
- Synplicity

Apart from the well known blackberry apps mainly BB news feed and the main social network apps I want.

Fruit ninja
Angry birds rio
Well put it this way I want aall the top selling apps in the app store on the playbook.

This is simple - I want every app that is possible and out there made available for my Playbook. I dont like the discrimination in the marketplace whereby companies only choose to release an app for the ipad. And I expect that all the first party apps from Blackberry will be available at launch. Oh wait, that didnt happen did it. Still love my playbook - but seriously RIM, you guys need to work on getting your own native apps available as soon as possible. It's just a poor showing that you havent done so yet.

What do I want? All the above! :-)

What do I want most of all? USB host mode support (OS update) and a file manager.

In reality, only skype and kindle are so important for me from the list above.

However I want the PB (WiFi only as not interested in aditional dataplans) to be an extension of my BB therefore;

Speakerphone / video call ability via bridge (probably not an app just standard function)
BB Travel via bridge or sync to BB
BB Protect
GPS navigation app either native or via BB bridge

Notetaking app with handwriting recognition (use with stylus) that can sync with BB
Mind Mapping app
Project Planning app
Social feeds type app

Surely not asking for too much for this to be available by it's UK launch?

Just wanted you to know that there is a mind mapping app in App World already. It is called "Comapping Beta".. It has some issues, but it is a beta. Try it out!

I am a big Slacker Radio fan/user.

Slacker on the PlayBook, now that's what I would like to see.

Of course I didn't bother repeating all the above apps that I would gladly use too.

Slacker comes out of the box on the PB, just like on the Torch.

Would love to see it let you cache channels to the PB storage. It only supports streaming at the moment..

Tell the truth... you don't really have a PlayBook, do you? Otherwise, how on earth did you not notice that Slacker is already installed?

Next you'll be asking RIM to develop a browser for the PlayBook, or perhaps allow custom wallpapers...

Ones that actually work.
A working podcast app that allows entry of items other than the preloaded catalog.
ESV Bible.
Some version of Berryweather

What happened to all the cool apps TAT had showed off? The crazy cool picture app and the scrapbook one. Where are they?!?!

Agree with the blogger who mentioned the lack of TAT apps. What's up????? Also.... My dire need.
- - - silverlight support in browser - - - - !!!

Blackberry user for about 3 years and not planning to change, also looking forward to get the playbook, but this kind of post saddens me, after all these years we still have to beg developers to produce apps for us.

Skype for sure.
BBM as well.
BlackBerry Protect
App to password protect certain apps and folders.

Oh one more thing.
I dont have access to WIFI at work, so I would like to be able to download apps from BB App World on my computer browser to the playbook using a USB cable, like I can with my BOLD.

Skype (with video chat of course)
Google VOICE App
MSN Messenger
Angry Birds
GPS Turn by Turn App (e.g.Garmin)
Google Maps

Would like to be able to organize my browser favorites by creating folders or by categories etc.

Why does the file explorer/manager need to be native? As long as the functionality is there, it doesn't matter to me where it comes from.

Rather have native because this has to do with searching your personal files within your own PB, just like i have "FILES" on my Torch. But maybe if its a clean, fast and secure 3rd party app - would consider.

I am hoping that the Kindle app comes out soon. In the meantime, it would be great if the Playbook would allow me to create short cuts to web sites in the application list that would launch a dedicated instance of the browser for that site. This would enable me to launch a Google Reader browser or a Twitter browser that would function independent of the standard browser. This is similar to the approach the Google has taken on Chrome with application short cuts (IE 9 does this as well). This approach would really support the "you don't need an app because the browser is so good" message from RIM.

Google Mobile Apps
Barnes & Noble Reader
Side loader for ebooks (Calibre)
native RDP Client
Ascendo DataVault (already use for my Torch)

Why do so many want a Facebook App????

I don't get it, it is a full web browser, I would much rather be on Facebook on my PC rather than my phone and the PlayBook is just like my PC's browser. Same functions!! It is great...why take a step back to a limited App that would limit the functions of Facebook??

yahoo messenger, skype, msn capable of video chat.

Why ask for facebook app if you are using the best tablet today?

im with you two the browser works great for facebook and twitter so whats the point in an app even dropbox is good in the browser so scratch another from that list.

i would like bbm angry birds rdp and vnc client
maybe an app that can make me a sandwich :)

Im really curious about why you're asking for apps that are basically work arounds to display popular websites on mobile devices that don't support Flash. Why not jsut goto and get the full intended version, or twitter or linkedin ... maybe you can create a shortcut to your desktop for that if you need it there ... or at the very least you cna bookmark it in your browser.

for petes sake....SLINGBOXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX PLEASEEEEEEE. this is an absolute must. and vlc media player

I don't understand why people want a facebook and twitter app when the Playbook has access to the full online versions. I don't want the phone version when I can have the real thing. I wouldn't mind Flycast or Tunein radio. By the way, I wrote this while on my Playbook.

I hope whichever Video calling App they add makes use of their HD cams, otherwise, what good is it having HD cams and you can't even use them.

i just received my Playbook today, as in, It brings different level of joy to me. Thans RIM, Thanks Crackberry.

No matter which applications we want, and no matter how badly we tell RIM we want an application, it's still up to the developer to make it for the device.

I created the following thread in the forum to track requests for applications that have already been submitted to developers:

Instead of creating multiple threads all over the place, please comment and we can make a difference by showing them, in a large bulk, that we want their application on the playbook.

I have already started threads for: (via silvio000)
Tether (via F2)

with more to come. As soon as you start a thread, or find one that already exists and you've commented on it, please, provide the link in that thread so we can track them.

Please, let's work as a community to make a difference.

rbc and td easyweb
a video chat skype perhaps
msn messanger
google chat
yahoo messanger

bb protect
bb trips
native email and contacts and calendar

Actually, I have two wishlist:

1.) I would like an App for Playbook that can work with RDWeb where the host server is a Windows 2008 R2 running Remote Desktop Services....

2.) SIP clients similar to found on Android phones and tablet...

This would be AWESOME....