BlackBerry PlayBook Android Player Repackaging Tools now available

By Bla1ze on 18 Oct 2011 01:27 pm EDT

Although the info found its way onto the internet last night -- the  Android Player Repackaging Tools website and downloads have now gone live for everyone. The tools, simply allow Android developers to easily repackage and submit their Android applications to BlackBerry App World in a just a few steps. RIM has posted up the video demonstrations and with PlayBook Tablet OS v2.0 being made available for developers, there is no better time to get started porting apps.

Learn more about the Android Player Repackaging Tools

Reader comments

BlackBerry PlayBook Android Player Repackaging Tools now available


I think RIM has the right person and program for increasing developer relations and increasing AppWorld relevancy...more quality apps that people want.

I understand people wanting games, but how about porting Skype and Netflix directly from their Android apps to the Playbook?? THAT is what we really need!
Real apps that show the full potential of the Playbook!

So how do we get these apps when they are released? Do we still need an android player? WTF.. they didnt spend any time on this at devcon and it was one of the most important things...

Did anyone manage to install and run the leaked Android Player on the new PlayBook OS 2.0 ? I expected it to be there natively, but it wasn't, so I tried installing the leaked version, it went well, but the Android Player still crashes after launching. Any help on that please?

I had the same issue as Farokh. I installed the leaked version but it crashes & can't connect any help?