Palringo Instant Messaging Steps Up To The Plate

By Adam Zeis on 30 May 2008 01:11 pm EDT


Move over JiveTalk. Palringo is here to give you a run for your money.  Currently in free beta, Palringo lets you IM text, send photos and vocal IM's.  Perhaps it's best feature, the vocal IM's allow you to send quick voice clips to other contacts, or as Palringo calls it, "Walkie-Talkie's on steroids".  The beta currently supports MSN, ICQ, AIM, GTalk, Jabber, Yahoo! and Gadu-Gadu.  It has social networking features that also allow groups chats.  Available for both mobile devices and PCs, Palringo is a free download either OTA or Desktop (on your Berry go to'll have to register on Palringo's site before you can get any IM clients, but from there you should be good to go. If you give it a try be sure to report back and let us know how you like it. Read more at

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Palringo Instant Messaging Steps Up To The Plate


Downloaded..installed..and soon after removed, constant disconnects, unable to add "services" being defined as MSN, AIM etc...had to register, download and install the desktop client and THEN add the services that way as I couldn't do it from my BB...should be taken back to the drawing board imo or thrown back under a "beta" moniker, as it's clearly not ready for full launch...great idea...but just not ready.

YEAH.. I installed it and tried it and removed it too.

Hopefully Para-Not-Good-for-BlackBerry-Yet will read this and get to work on cleaning it up for BB. I like the overall's just not ready yet.

Ya, i had to install the desktop client also to setup services. I don't like how it doesn't change the icon on the home screen to show that someone messaged you like BlackBerry Messenger and Gchat does.

Hello Guys,

Thanks for the feedback on this blog. We know there have been a few issues that need to be ironed out, and we’re ironing real hard right now :-)

We’re working real hard in fixing these issues, so all your feedback is greatly appreciated.
In response to the recent problems, we’ve fixed many of the reported issues and are continuing to improve the experience thanks to our user feedback.
We have put together another update for our Java version.

This time around, you should be able to add and remove services and contacts to your heart’s content. In addition, we threw in the option to change the font size (on the Java Version), in case the text is a little too small. Let us know if there are more problems.

To download the latest version of Palringo for your mobile, please point your phones browser to

To download Palringo for your desktop please visit

If you have another query you can contact us through Palringo or by emailing

Your Palringo Team

After I download it and enter in my userman and password it just says connecting, it never actually connects though. Has anyone else had this problem?

Man I don't know why some people are having problems. I downloaded the OTA version and was up and running in a couple minutes.

I have only two real questions.
1. Why can't I have multiple conversations going at once?
2. For some reason my contacts keep doubling and tripling up. It will show every contact, online or off line, two r three times.

Other than these two things, I love this program! This is exactly what we need, more free, quality, and USEFUL apps. Love this program; I already hid the icon for my last messenger.

Oh yeah, how about a Mac desktop version? Please!!!!!!

The interface is pretty slick looking, very sleek and shiny. The vocal IMs aren't working as of yet, and I started to say it doesn't get your IM contacts but it does, just took a little bit. I don't see all the custom away options, either, just the basic away, online, busy, etc. there also does not seem to be a way to login as invisible on the IMs that offer that functionality.

As a whole it's not bad, and excellent for the price :) But it doesn't auto-away, or holster-away, and the status options are pretty basic. You can be signed into multiple accounts per protocol which is a plus. Some contacts start getting duplicated (so far just yahoo for me), and on their forum they say they are working on it. Actually, it seems it was just updated today with several fixes from what I can tell.

Also, Palringo does not show up in the profiles area, and the alert is a rather loud beep hehe.

you can turn the loud beep off, but you can't change it (coming in a new update I believe)

GTalk is signed into via the XMPP (Jabber) protocol, just put in for the server, your email adddress and password, you're good to go.

I read on their forums that nothing is encrypted at all. Here was the response:

"In the near future we'll be switching to an updated version of the Palringo protocol. This will reduce bandwidth requirements, speed up logon, and offer some new features. As part of this change, we'll introduce encryption for logon credentials."

Also, I *do* like that it shows 'sending' until the IM is sent (I think JiveTalk impliments this with grey, then black text). Makes me feel like it actually got there, especially since in low signal strength areas tmobile often seems to lose my IMs. Palringo does tell me 'FAILED' on the timestamp, and when it reconnected it sent the messages, or appeared to as someone responded to one.

It has a ways to go, but this app definitely has potential to be one of the greats, I think.

downloaded, registered, configured it in seconds... connected to y!, msn and aol easily. steady connection and great features. i'd disagree w/ the previous comments here and give it a try, i believe palringo team has repaired issues.