Plants vz. Zombies now available to download for BlackBerry smartphones

By James Richardson on 19 Jan 2013 01:10 pm EST

PlayBook owners are probably already familiar with Plants Vs. Zombies as it has been around for some time now and offers a great gaming experience. The game has now made its way to BlackBerry smartphones and although it will never be as good to play as on the tablet or when (if) we have it on BlackBerry 10, it will cure your Zombie needs if you so desire.

With 50 levels available in adventure mode and a total of 26 different kinds of zombie the game sounds like it will provide hours of fun - maybe a perfect one to have on those long commutes to work?

At $2.99/£3.00 it isn't the cheapest and compared to the PlayBook version it is expensive, but if this is your sort of game then it is there for you to purchase. With BlackBerry 10 now so close I think I may hold off on grabbing this one right now. Gaming on BlackBerry is about to get hot!

More information/purchase Plants Vs. Zombies (US/Canada)
More information/purchase Plants Vs. Zombies (non-US/Canada)

Reader comments

Plants vz. Zombies now available to download for BlackBerry smartphones


This game isn't available for my Bold 9930 on Verizon.. If it's not available for the 9930, then what is it available for... Doesn't make sense.....

9900 is but not 9930. I wonder if they just plain forgot to mark off the 9930 when they submitted. If the person submitting is not in the US it could be easy to miss.

why bother adding this game now if your not even gonna support you PB app with basic updates (NO ZEN GARDEN!)


For a second there I thought thats how the game would look with the black bars on the edges. Then I realized it's just a screenshot from BlackBerry App world.

I agree bobert but now that BlackBerry10 is hitting Id imagine devs will make BlackBerry devices more priority....hopefully

its actually $3.99 instead of $2.99

and what happens when I buy it now on my Bold 9790. will i still be able to download again on BB10 for free? I haven't being making any more purchases because I don't want to be paying again for the same apps on the BB10

Relax! You WON'T have to pay for those applications again on blackberry 10! It's connected to your blackberry ID!

Depends on the dev. They could submit the BB10 version as an update to this version and then you'd get it free, or they could be jerks and submit it as a separate app. I've noticed that a lot that had BBOS apps created a new app for PlayBook so that you had to buy it twice.

In this case, I see that this listing does not include the PlayBook, so my guess is that they'll make the BB10 an upgrade to the PlayBook version rather than to this version. Which means buying this version probably will not carry over to your BB10.

Already got that one on my Playbook and I am not sure if I buy it now for my Bold 9900. BB10 comming soon and most likely I will make an immediate jump over to the new plattform - so it doesn't make sense to buy it now.

Anyways, its a nice move this game is finally available for BB phones!

Quite late, IMO, but this might be a test for the devs to see how the community would react to the game's release on this platform.

I'm getting "Pay fault: Error 579024" every time I try to buy it. I rebooted with no change. Oh well. I guess I'll save my money for the BB10 version.

i bought it for my 9790... its ok... maybe its not the smoothest game around, but for me it runs just fine... glad to see some games like this comming to the olds blackberry OS...

I play this tons on my Xbox, I'm not really sure it'd be that great on my 9900, though. I may buy it once I get to BB10, though.