Plants vs Zombies updated to v1.3.1307

Plants Vz Zombies PlayBook
By Zach Gilbert on 28 Mar 2012 10:28 am EDT

If you've been in App World on the BlackBerry PlayBook lately you'll notice that developers are pushing out app updates like they know something -- like maybe an OS update is on the way and they want their apps ready. But honestly that isn't too far fetched, as we already know that RIM has been testing PlayBook OS v2.0.1 for some time now. Enough with the speculation about a new OS as Plants Vs Zombies for the PlayBook has been updated to version v1.3.1307.

While I would love to tell you what has been updated that isn't something I can do as there wasn't a change log provided, something that should be mandatory for devs, but that's a talk for a whole other post entirely. If you haven't already, hit up App World on your PlayBook to get the latest version of Plants Vs Zombies and get your pea shooters ready.

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Reader comments

Plants vs Zombies updated to v1.3.1307


Survival mode on this would be awesome. I've beat the whole game around 5 times and have all achievements already (took me 5 days playing a few hours a day). I want a challenge!

It loads everytime I minimize out now. Maybe a new OS update would improve the performance. I haven't noticed any other changes.

Most people are just thinking that since there was an update to the bridge app there will be a OS update. Only RIM really knows though.

Lol only on crackberry would this be news, equivalent to TOP STORY : man crosses street without pressing pedestrian button, story at 6.

Oh yeah, forgot about that setting. Strange that I need to have it in showcase mode now for it to run like that.