Plants vs. Zombies shambling onto BlackBerry PlayBook!

Plants versus Zombies
By Simon Sage on 10 Feb 2012 09:23 am EST

First Angry Birds and Bejeweled, and now Plants vs. Zombies is coming to the BlackBerry PlayBook? The trifecta of casual gaming is nearly complete! While we did get a quick look at it during CES, EA has announced that the home-defense/gardening strategy game is now available on RIM's tablet. Unfortunately, there still isn't a live link in BlackBerry App World. 

The game includes 50 levels, throughout which you need to pick and chose from an array of defensive plants that attack hordes of ill-equipped zombies. Some have snorkeling gear to get through the pool, others have pole vaults to get over your Wall-nuts, while others still have bungee cords to bypass all of your carefully placed plants. Collect sunshine points as they randomly pop up so you can keep planting, and collect cash to upgrade your armory of vicious flora.

No word on pricing yet, but I would expect it in the $7 range. It's worth it, trust me. EA's blog post is pasted after the jump. 

Source: EA 

Get ready to soil your plants – again! PopCap Games has announced that their award-winning game, Plants vs. Zombies, is now available for the Blackberry Playbook. A longtime hit on other platforms, this is the first time Blackberry users can dig into the fun-dead action. Popular among gamers of all ages, Plants vs. Zombies features 50 action-packed and infinitely replayable levels, plus lively mini-games that challenge you to defend your house from zombies before they reach your front door.

Choose from an ever-increasing arsenal of zombie-zapping plants that will help you slow down, confuse, weaken, and mulchify the zombies plodding across your lawn. Each type of zombie has its own special skills and behaviors, so you'll need quick, strategic placement of plants like peashooters, cherry bombs, and wall-nuts to stop the zombies dead in their tracks.

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Plants vs. Zombies shambling onto BlackBerry PlayBook!


I loooove this game... played the online (short) version on the PB, but wanted the normal version to be available!

Actually thought it was going to be an Android "ported" game on OS 2.0, but this is even better!!!!

Go RIM!!!!

Go EA!!!!

7$? As in American dollars? Is this normal for this game? I've never played it. Worth 7$ really? Or is this a supply and demand type deal? Glad I don't demand it.

Initially when Angry Birds and Cut the Rope came out and cost around $5 I must admit I balked. I honestly thought that they were ripping the BB people off - making us suffer for having a PB. I thought this because these same apps were around $2 on the iPod Touch. Then I came to realise (and be informed) that the HD versions are this price on Android and iPad so I was somewhat mollified. Then I started thinking about it and realised, hey, $5 is really not that bad - I mean a Latte at Starbucks pretty much costs the same. Finally I decided to buy a few of these (just got Cut the Rope for $3 yesterday) because I realised I want to make sure these developers continue developing for the PB. $5 a month to get a new and fun game to make sure that EA keeps support the PB is a worth while investment. Even better - is how well these games run on the PB. Smooth as can be. EA is a great partner for RIM.

Your lucky. The appworld hasn't heard of such a thing as exchange rates. What you pay $7 dollars for we in the UK pay £7 for, which translates into $11.

People will pay $60 for a PS3 or Xbox game but wont spend $7 on a tablet game? I fail to see the consistency or logic in that.

I'll buy the game but as a ps3 owner ill tell you a console game has much more value and replay value. Big screens,mphysical controls, online and local multi player etc, but we complain about the price of console games too lol

Well, I've already weighed in by saying I think that $5 or $7 can be worth it. However, this comparison I think is a little thin. I can buy a Xbox game that takes me 200 hours to complete (the first time through), with multiplayer support, hours of sound track, literally hundreds of people involved in the production, Hollywood actors doing the voice recordings etc....That is clearly worth $60. The games on tablets and mobile phones (for the most part) do not come anywhere close to this. There are exceptions. Need for speed. Dead Space. These games fill in somewhere in between on tablets and are well worth $10. But really Plants vs Zombies does not have anywhere near the production value of an Xbox or PS3 game.

A better comparison is the Xbox arcade games that are $5-$10. Those are very similar (but still often more complex) to these tablet games.

The game costs $10 on PC and it runs at an 800x600 resolution... So yea, this seems pretty reasonable considering that it's one of the absolute greatest games I've ever played. So much fun to be had with this. Popcap games are fantastic.

Now, would it be too much to ask for Peggle, by chance?

these games are old, and they are the HD versions, thats why they are pricey, but they are the same price for the same version on all platforms

Whats really exciting about this, is Developers are seeing the power of the PlayBook and converting their games. Not porting their android apps but creating Native apps for Blackberry.

Going forward this brings nothing but great news because no longer will BlackBerry be left out! they seem to be making the large developers happy, and when the large developers are happy, the apps will come! Complaining about apps will be a thing of the past on 2.0 and going forward to BB10. What will android and iOS have on BlackBerry then?

Now we just need to port Tiny Wings and Doodle Jump!
Once that's done I will have no need to pick up my iPod touch.

I'm getting this ASAP and I'm gonna start playing within listening distance of my wife (just to see her reaction when she hears the sound effects). I just know she's gonna confiscate my PlayBook on the spot!

Well this game is worth even $10, its great and if we have endless mode in PB then that mean you can continue to play it without repeating the same experience. One of my all time favorites even on PC.

It's suspicious that it is no longer available on the live web page...

Maybe it was posted by mistake and RIM asked them to take it down.

Supports my theory that it is actually an Android port version that we will have, after OS 2.0 is rolled out.

Doubt it will be an Android "port", in the sense that I'm fairly positive it won't need to run in the Android Player.

It's very likely that EA is re-coding the Android HD version and recompiling as a "native" QNX app.

I love PvZ! I played it on PC and on my iPod Touch.
While I fully support these games coming to PB and think it is long overdue, I won't be buying it because I already bought it and played it through twice. Its kinda like re-buying your LP collection on CD, or DVD collection on Bluray.
My hope is this support encourages developers to create NEW and exciting games for the PB, not just porting the "me too" games from iOS. Of course, that's less likely to happen if people like me don;t buy the games, but I already paid for PvZ twice...
If you have never played it, I strongly encourage you to buy it!! Its is better than Angry Birds for gameplay/return play, IMO.

Don't know why people complain about price I purchase
Some PS3 games for $50 that i only play for one day.
I paid $7 dollars for this game on my iPad2 and will
Glady pay $7 for it on the Playbook. People dont even
Considered that they saved $300 dollars on the Playbook
At $199 so whats so bad about spending $20-50 dollars
More on some apps.

I'll be more blunt than you; people who complain about the prices of apps/games are simply downright cheap and often enough, bloody arrogant - they expect to receive everything for free. And to he** with developers actually needing to make money off their products.

Nothing annoys me more than to see people spending up to $700 dollars on the Playbook (for those of us who bought it day 1) without a single complaint about that price; but when they have to purchase an app - even the .99 cent ones - they complain about the cost of the app.

Really, if you could afford to spend up to $700 for the Playbook, you can afford to spend .99 cents for an app. And if you cant, then you shouldn't have bought the tablet in the first place. You obviously have bigger issues to be worried about.

Aaaaand... back on topic, do we think this will be dropping in on Appworld in the next 24hrs? I just upgraded my 16gb to a 32gb (£199 for a 32gb - Bargain!!) today ahead of the 2.0 release... getting excited now!! Was starting to wonder where PvZ was hiding since CES, thought it might of even landed during Devcon Europe.

Or... was the blog post a slip up by EA and RIM got in there with their heavies and ordered it down? I find that unlikely... but not entirely implausible.