Plants Vs Zombies creeps its way onto the BlackBerry Z10

Plants Vs Zombies BB10
By Zach Gilbert on 13 Feb 2013 03:33 pm EST

If you’ve been hitting the refresh button over and over again waiting for some of the classic games to make their way onto the BlackBerry Z10, you can now stop. Electronic Arts has brought another of their hit titles to the new platform. Plants Vs Zombies is now available for download. If you’ve never played Plants Vs Zombies on the BlackBerry PlayBook, or another platform, you’ll want to check out our hands on video.

Currently this version is only available for those who reside outside of North America, but we should see it making it’s way over here soon. Plants Vs Zombies is available for $2.99 and can be found in BlackBerry World. I can’t wait to download this one, as well as Dead Space. CrackBerry Nation, what Electronic Arts games are you looking forward to on your BlackBerry Z10? Sound off in the comments below!

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Plants Vs Zombies creeps its way onto the BlackBerry Z10


an Oldie but goodie!!! Can't wait to grab it

Waiting for Need For Speed and some EA Sports games like NHL or Madden Football

Seems like application #s are increasing at a great pace! Finally got to try my hand at a BlackBerry Z10 device today (rare species they are, here in Pakistan)... and loved it!

Been saving up for a while for a new phone as my HTC Mozart is really ageing now. Though seems like i'd have to save a bit more for it, but I'm honestly starting to consider BB10 now!

A few of the apps I bought on my PlayBook show up in 'My World' on my Z10 and it lets me install them free of charge as far as I can tell. What's Up and Magellan Compass are some examples.

I hope they don't charge. Theres a few apps that I paid for on the PB that unfortunately I have to pay on the Z10 only because they built them form the ground up.

I can agree you can shut up troll!!


So they can maximize their short term revenue. And because phones aren't available in US they have to restrict the games to Canada, and they would rather release it once per region. That's just my opinion anyways. I hope I am wrong though and they release it right away.

At the time of publication the UK was included on the list of supported locations on the BlackBerry World site. Depending on when it was published it may take time to be made available on your device and location.

This is confusing to me at the moment. Some of the games / apps that I have purchased on the Playbook I can download on to my BB - no extra charge. Others are requesting a second full payment. This simply sucks. I hate to be that guy but on other platforms this is not an issue unless you are purchasing an HD version vs a standard one. A perfect example is remote desktop why should I be paying $4.99 for the playbook and the BB. I have RDP apps on my wifes iPad, iPhone and two kids ipods (same itunes account) and only paid one time. Blackberry needs to get on top of this.

Hi everyone, especially people who live in the US, I heard that T-mobile will be releasing BB Z10 earliest!!!

Everyone please go to to read the news~! (last 2 words of the link are "advanced-weeks")

Keep your fingers crossed~! I live in Canada by the way but im very happy to hear the news. Those who are angry that Z10 hasn't been launched in the US yet should be patient as its arrival will hopefully sort out all the bugs! I still haven't gotten my Z10 yet for that very reason~!!Please spread out the good news so the other carriers will pull their a**** together and release the Z10 sooner!!

LoL I hope I won't get banned for spamming on every article.

Cheers ;)

i wanted to pick this up, but the link in this article doesnt even work properly on the computer. and trying to scan the barcode doesnt work. was it removed or something? (CANADA-Rogers)