Plants vs Zombies for the BlackBerry PlayBook now $4.99 - Refunds coming for those who overpaid

Plants vs Zombies
By Michelle Haag on 17 Feb 2012 04:50 pm EST
Yesterday Plants vz Zombies finally became available for purchase in App World for BlackBerry PlayBook owners everywhere. If you're like me, you bought it the second you found out. But I know a lot of people were a bit hesitant when they saw the $6.99 price tag. An email sent out by The BlackBerry App World Support Team let us know that there was actually a pricing error on the game, and it was in fact supposed to cost only $4.99. Good news for those of you that were hoping for a lower cost, but what about those of us that paid the full $6.99? Good news for us too, as we will be getting a refund.

According to the email: 

We have discovered an error in the charge to your account for your recent purchase of Plants vs Zombies from BlackBerry App World. You were charged US$6.99 and the correct price is now US$4.99.  This issue has since been corrected and you will be issued a refund of $3.00 USD. Thank you for your patience.

So there you have it, a refund. Except, the dollar amount is a bit confusing. A $3 refund for a $2 discrepancy doesn't add up, so I suppose it remains to be seen how much the refund actually turns out to be. In any case, kudos to RIM and the App World Team for getting this sorted out in a timely manner.

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Plants vs Zombies for the BlackBerry PlayBook now $4.99 - Refunds coming for those who overpaid


Yeah I thought I was going to have to complain but really appreciate how quickly they addressed the issue

Well my extra buck went to cover a Gaypal tax that somehow was attached to this purchase. I don't recall ever getting taxed for an app download.

This, once again, show how unprofessional appworld team is. First, they mixed up between 4.99 and 6.99. Second, they can't deduct - 6.99 less 4.99 = 3.

This is not the first time. I was charged wrongly and in wrong currency several times. I am sad for RIM for having a very lousy appworld team.

if the price hasnt changed since you bought it and you didnt get an email about a mixup then i guess you were changed correctly.... so what happens is you enjoy the awesomeness that is Plants Vs Zombies :D makes sense right?