Place your bets with Roulette King for BlackBerry 10

By Adam Zeis on 22 Jul 2013 03:25 pm EDT

One of my favorite games on BlackBerry 10 is Texas Hold'em King, and being the big virtual gambler that I am, I was excited to see the latest release from Magmic - Roulette King. 

Just as the name would lead you to believe, Roulette King is a virtual roulette game for BlackBerry 10 (currently Z10 only) that lets you place your bets and take your chances with the wheel. 

There really isn't too much to learn. If you've ever played roulette (or even if you haven't) you'll be blowing through your chips in no time at all. Simply place your bets and spin the wheel.

Features include:

  • Amazing graphics and touch screen gestures for betting and spinning the wheel make this the most realistic roulette experience on BlackBerry.
  • Get FREE chips every day to keep the fun rolling!
  • 18 different types of bets to suite any players style.
  • The dealer's voice will guide you through placing bets and announce winning numbers just like at the real casino!
  • Keeps track of the past winning numbers.
  • Easily play the same bet over and over again with the Last Bet Button. 

There are more features on the way as well and Roulette King is free, so if you're a Z10 user and want to try your luck, grab it from the link below.

More information/Download Roulette King

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Reader comments

Place your bets with Roulette King for BlackBerry 10


Unavailable for my z10 and no results found when searched... they made it unavailable in Qatar / dubai? brilliant.

Posted via CB10

Great game! Good sound. I'm addicted already. Just need to add track betting and it would be nice to record amount won.

Posted via CB10

I'm not gambler ;-) but anyway .....
Il hésitait un peu avant de jouer le coup suivant.

the future is easy because it doesn't exist

Once again just for the Z10. So many apps (especially games) don't work on the Q10, such a shame..