PKZip and GZip Software Rumors Abound

By James Falconer on 6 Feb 2008 08:53 am EST

PKZip and GZip Software for BlackBerry Coming Soon?I read a rumor out there that a new software application is due to hit the market allowing BlackBerry users to PKZip or GZip files directly on their BlackBerry. I'm hoping the rumors are true.

The app will reportedly allow you to compress complete directory structures as well as de-compress incoming or pre-zipped files.

I'm also hoping the app lets you compress files in order to attach them in an email. This could really save folks some coin on data transfer depending on the type of plan they are on!

Will keep an eye on this one. If the rumors are true, look for the app in the store soon :-)

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PKZip and GZip Software Rumors Abound

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Cool. I think this is part of the next step in turning the BlackBerry into a FULL replacement for carrying a laptop around. I mean right now if you want to attach a file to an outgoing email, you're pulling from your Music/Pictures/Ringtones/Videos folders on your device or else your Media card. Having more of a file system on the Berry with the ability to Create New Folders, etc. would be big.

I guess right now this would be sweet with programs like WickSoft's Mobile Documents, where you can access all the files on your server - need to send multiple files you could just zip em up on your Berry and send in one attachment.

Glad to see lots of apps coming to the Berry!