BlackBerry Newsstand being discontinued as of April 30th

By Bla1ze on 26 Mar 2014 05:33 pm EDT

Although I'm not entirely sure what level of usage BlackBerry Newsstand saw in its time, if you've used the services in the past you likely have now received an email letting you know that it will be discontinued as of April 30, 2014 and will no longer be available for download on the BlackBerry World storefront. If you've not received it, we have a copy below.

The BlackBerry Newsstand service will be discontinued as of April 30, 2014*, after which the application will no longer be available for download from the BlackBerry World storefront. 

If you have purchased content and have not downloaded it onto your device prior to the BlackBerry Newsstand end date, we recommend that you download all content to your device prior to the end date. This will ensure that you have access to your purchased content after the service has been discontinued. 

Customers with active Anytime subscriptions will be able to download Anytime content until the end of their current renewal period, after which the subscription will be cancelled and will not renew. 

In the CrackBerry Forums, there's been discussion about why the service is shutting down. Maybe it was never used? Maybe BlackBerry doesn't want to run it any more. It appears though that, like some other apps on the BlackBerry 10 platform, BlackBerry Newsstand was powered by another service called Pixelmags and they appear to be switching gears from their current offerings.


Greg Woitzik

No big loss

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Observation Junkie

Hey Bla1ze, I know it's off topic, but any chance you guys will raise BlackBerry World movies as a topic, example how many people download and watch, as well as any issues?


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They did run a poll on that some months ago.

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Observation Junkie

Thanks, must've missed it completely

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Me too.

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Unplugged rogers. Bb10 is my only source for tv and Movie rentals.
Doing my part for Bbry 1 penny at a time.

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Never used it. Not a big loss in my opinion.

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I didn't even know it was there. Now bbm music I do miss :(

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What's bbm music?

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Really? It was a very cool, but I'll fated music sharing service run through BBM. I think they need to bring it back in a revised form. Maybe if it allowed you to hit a song title from a BBM contact's update notification and allow you to stream that song 1 time (or multiple times from the BBM Store (soon to exist) and buy it from there if you decide you like it and want to add it to your collection. So the BBM update becomes a music sampling service backed up by a store where you can grab what music you like.

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That could work!

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When was this? I'm pretty into this stuff but I've never heard of it

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it was on BBOS7, it didn't last too long though.

You had 40 free songs then you had to pay for the rest except no one paid for any songs and i guess there was no point in carrying on with the project.


It was pretty cool. I used it but not for more than 40 songs.

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exactly my point, I got my 40 free songs then dumped it.


BBM Music was good, but was gone months into it. The 40 free songs was a nice start , dowloaded a dozen or so and realized no one seemed to be using it. Then after a month or so you were supposed to pay roughly $5 a month to continue your play list. I didn't bother like many and a couple months later it was done.

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Prem WatsApp

It wasn't there on my Q10 when I got the 10.2.0 update from Telstra, but it was seemingly replaced with Telstra's own news app.

I found Newsstand on my Z10 on Optus, but that's only my secondary / play phone. News you read in the morning, and that's definitely Q10 time, so I never really used it on the Z.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

RP Singh

I like your posts.

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Anthony Roberts5

Not surprised to be honest at all who uses it anyways...


First thing I deleted

I'm Zeeing a bright future for Blackberry


I tried to use it a couple of times. Reading a magazine complete with full pages of ads is not high on my list of enjoyable things.

Much easier to read for free on something like Flipboard or even using your browser.

The offerings of Newstand were not worth the cost.

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Another app I can no longer, no longer use.

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I see what you did there

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Tried to use it was just too slow for me.
Always wished it was an RSS new like the old one from my 9900. I used that a lot, never found a replacement


I seriously miss XPRSS from my Bold 9930b

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Yesssss.... The rss feed was good.

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Screw newsstand bring back BBM music.

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It was preloaded junk

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It was actually quite good. But no big loss

Rogers Deals and Discounts C0022C8F2


Would be useful on a tablet, but not a phone. I guess that means no playbook 2...

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Moi j'aimais bien, dommage !

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Moi aussi!

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Never used it, deleted...



Need Zinio ported over from Playbook!

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Zinio on Z10 would be awesome. One of my favorite apps on my PlayBook!!!!

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rasib BBRY

I liked the app, used very rarely though, however removing features like this which remain available on competing devices is not wise, they should keep the service open

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Good choice. Never liked it

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Magazines were overpriced, many could only be purchased issue to issue instead of subscription. I hope a native version of Zinio and come out. It is shame Zinio has a PlayBook app but no BB10 app. It is also a shame that Rogers, a Canadian company behind does not have a BB10 app! Anyone try the Android versions on BB10?

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If there's one thing I know it's that no one hates Canada and Canadian things like Canada and Canadian people. Makes no sense but don't hold your breath for any sort of patriotism from companies, especially one like Rogers

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Can you/is it reliable to buy issues or subscription through apks like zinio from bb10?

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Yeah... strange that the US tv networks all have BlackBerry 10 apps, but global, ctv and Cbc ignore it

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I use the cbc news app and radio app every day on my z10.

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I subscribed to anything through the app but I was able to download magazines. I had the android version of Zinio installed via Snap on my Z10.

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That should start with, I never subscribed....

My proofreading is not turned on today

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 We have apks cuz we need 'em not cuz we want 'em 


Never used. Only opened once.

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It was pretty interesting, although I never quite used it much and abandoned it after the trial period was over. Good idea to shed less used things and focus on priorities.
First time I used it, was actually when I loaded official 10.2.1 and saw it was installed on my device with the update

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Magazines on a phone was bound to fail (maybe less so on a larger format screen). Obviously not making them any money and likely costing them. And not the direction they're going in(consumer). Makes sense. Was a quality app but never used it.

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Fair analysis, still always disappointed when BlackBerry abandons a product...


It was crap, very difficult to use, letters to small, maybe a tablet could be the right device for it.

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Good, don't use it.
I would love to use Social Feeds on BB10. The hub is good, but a better RSS reader would go along way.


Never used it. Not a big deal on my end.



Never used it.. Just couldn't get myself to like reading mags on phone for time pass. Though I used to read on Zinio on my playbook.. may be they'll get their app on BB10..

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Used it once then deleted.

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Yeah I deleted right on the spot lol

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Gotta say I forgot it existed.


I knew you'd come through in a pinch, thanks for the write up Bla1ze ;)


Looks like it's no big loss

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I opened it (apparently for the first time, at least for 10.2.1 since it asked for permissions) when I got the email. Reading magazines on my Z10 never crossed my mind.

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Bring on BlackBerry News from the PlayBook.


Another 50mb free storage. :D

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Lee Clark

Never used. I deleted it when I received the notification.

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In retrospect, it was kind of a nicer than Flipboard though wasn't it? I'm using Al Jazeera and the browser mostly after having become rather annoyed at Flipboard, so even if I don't really have any understanding of the product, I kinda want it back, just tried downloading it... Nope / ugh I'm wishing they just improved services instead of bailing however I do understand if it was not really a priority...


Maybe they can build the podcast app instead!

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canadian nick

I would have liked it but there was not as much content and the competition.

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What's the competition?

Yes it's a BlackBerry. If you have something bad to say... speak to Easton!


Saw it tried it but never got into it after that.

No loss for me.

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Hey BlackBerry... no more services or products that are not sustainable in 15 months!!

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Oh well hopefully can delete and claim the space. I kept forgetting it was there anyway.

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dillon z30

Never used it. I would say thats why its going. Seems to be the major comment here.

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I think I already deleted it months ago

BB Proud


You can always get the alternative.


Tried it but trying to read mag on my Z10 bloody nightmare! Deleted it now use mail online free decent news app .

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I am not even sure what that is.

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Open source it on github!

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I have never made use of that service. I'm not sure how this figures in the grand scheme for BlackBerry and the situation it has with its apps...

I wish they'd concentrate on trying to acquire HBO content for BBWorld. Now there would be a winner. I'm tired that only ITunes is the only digital service to have gotten the HBO products licence!

They could also expand the Showtime and Starz content available!

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I never knew it was there!!! Where have I been???

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Never used Newsstand. Delete.


Ya. Never use the service. No biggie for it.

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crackbrry fan

Noooo, this is where I get my magazines from! I guess sales haven't been that great. I think that they needed to advertise this more than they did.

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Used it a couple of times. It could have been better, but it's sad to see it go. :(

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until now i dont know what newsstand's purpose :D


I have used free Anytime, 20 min each month, a few times. The user experience is pretty good except it would be much better to read magazines on a tablet.

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I like apps like "BlackBerry Newstand", although I never heard of it! It was probably not supported for a Q10 like so many cool apps that tell me: "this app is not available for your device".... oh well... I guess i'll keep my money a little longer and go get some free android apps for my Galaxy Tab.....

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Never even heard of it till now. Was it ever available in the US? I can't even find it in App World.

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Bacon Munchers

Good. Liked it until it cut me off after 20 minutes. Save BlackBerry taxpayer (investor) dollars for something useful.


Forgot Newstand was even there. Too busy reading CB

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I bought magazines from the app, however they didn't download to my phone. In fact I'm not even sure how to search for these purchases. I wonder if it had to do with the different OS leaks was trying out. Does anyone know how to find your previous purchases?

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Not missed.

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I completely forgot about News Stand until I received the email. Not a big deal...

From the mind of a mAnIaC


What? BlackBerry has newstand?

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It's kind of a neat concept but the magazines average 100MB Per issue. That is not so cool.

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The files are large and not free. We have better apps. This app makes no sense to me.

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The only publications that I want to read regularly all have separate apps anyway.

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omega supreme

I forgot i had it until i got the email, took it for a spin and found most of the free magazines are very outdated...downloaded one for a test drive and it looked pretty good, you can pinch to zoom the next if you need to but like real newsstands today, what is the point when you can find current news on the internet.

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The only magazines I would remotely be interested in is popular mechanics and Dune buggies and hot vws.

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I deleted mine shortly after unpacking my phone

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never used it.

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It's amazing to me that when people don't use a particular app, then it is "good" and "no big loss" that the app is no longer going to be supported. What's ironic, if not hypocritical, is that some of the people who are now praising this decision were the sames ones singing hallelujah at the top of their lungs when it was originally announced that PixelMags was bringing a real magazine storefront to BB10. "BB10, if it was going to succeed, needed these types of apps", then supporters said. "This is a step in leveling the playing field between Blackberry, Apple, and Android", others had said. How times have changed.

In any event, I never did use this app; I use Zinio on my Ipad for magazines - nevertheless, I appreciated the fact that if I was in a pinch and needed to read something, I could easily access this material on my Z10. Now this is just another thing that my Z10 can't do whereas my Iphone/Ipad can.

Black Ice

I just wish they would make up their freaky minds... :)

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Black Ice

Hay! Who took a dump in that guys oatmeal? He's gonna have a heart attack if keeps cussing like that and he's talking about having sex with who??? :)

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Ich habe es kaum benutzt..

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Newsstand should have been spared the axe, I really hope Blackberry reconsiders. This is by far the best app out there for people who love to read. Gives Blackberry the platform legitimacy and part of the strength to carry on, particularly if it wants to win back the consumer market it lost.