PitchRocket helps you make quick, good-looking presentations on the fly

By Simon Sage on 28 Feb 2012 11:42 am EST

The second concept demo from RIM's Sweden branch at Mobile World Congress 2012 is PitchRocket. This is both a PlayBook and smartphone app that help you quickly create visually-impressive presentations. Through the phone, you can create slide text and insert images, while the slide itself is dynamically created on the PlayBook based on whichever preset style you've selected. There would also be the possibility of user-created, and maybe even sellable presets to expand the core imagery. 

While PitchRocket is certainly closer to the realm of reality than Confetti, it's easy to see these features folded into the BlackBerry Presenter and Slideshow to Go. The graphics are very snazzy, but I have a feeling that unless these are exportable into the PPT format, you might have some issues down the line if you need to share materials with anyone. As the name implies, I could see something like this getting a lot of use from hurried salespeople who get thrust into meetings at the last second.

PitchRocket is a neat concept, and not entirely in the realm of fanciful tech demos that never become a reality. Anyone interested?  

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PitchRocket helps you make quick, good-looking presentations on the fly


I've been playing with the remote control on the 9900 a bit, to be able to present off the playbook via micro HDMI. I've done a couple presentation from the device itself and it gets a pretty good wow factor, but the limitation is that you have to stay close to the playbook to move slides, etc. Using the 9900 as mouse will allow mobility in front of the audience. if this can be expanded upon I'd like that.

Do you get full functionality when doing a slideshow? I find it lacks luster when you can't doe the graphics and wonder if its possible to get full functionality for a powerpoint on docs to go. If not I'd be happy to get pitch pocket. I need something to wow people more than just sliding a picture at a time.

Simon, consider this a comment asking for this thing to be on my Playbook! [2]

Wouldn't be great if we achieve at least 1000 comments?

Hey Simon - did you get a close look at the dock that that PlayBook is in? Does it look like a new dock with more ports for HDMI/USB/etc that might get released at some point?

True, laying you PB down doesn't look sexy, nor does it look professional. This should have been released on day one as well as an accessory. I really do hope they release an update adding DLNA and USB hosting here soon.

I wouldn't use it but why the hell wouldn't they release this to App world? These demos are very impressive.

You know what would make this a good lucrative buy? Give the app for free with a couple samples then sell other slides sepaprately. Think about it, selling a slide for $.99 would be awesome!

Add me to the comment count. Its time we get to brag about the acquisition of TAT by having their apps in our hands.

Definitely like the theme of combining a handset and playbook to get a full multimedia experience on a larger screen for presentation type of materials.

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Sorry for caps, since CAPS usually means yelling, means I really want it =)

Videos like this are amazing and frustrating at the same time. They show us what could be but never actually come to life (aside from scrapbook). RIM needs to really let TAT handle most, if not all of their UI's. I could see RIM being back on top if the stuff TAT shows off actually wound up on the playbook.

I would pay upwards of $10 for this app, $20 for confetti, and pretty much whatever dollar figure they attached to any app developed by TAT

I would love this app. Remote Control needs something really productive and "WOW" like this to compliment it. Its potential is being wasted atm. Even if you just included those themes in Docs to Go, that would be super awesome. Those transitions make most Power Point presentations look dull.

Developers won't be fully inspired until an app like this actually gets fully released.

I love TAT and their simple approach to fantastic "inspirational demo apps" i just wish one of the inspirations turned into an actual product! I'm beginning to think TAT was purchased to innovate rather than create. Their simple concepts are amazing tho...

I don't understand why they would create something and show you how wonderful it is and not even share it with the consumers.. makes no sense..

That's what people are looking for! The best smartphones and tablets all have the best features.. STOP holding back Blackberry...

I Agree 100%

I've seen a lot of TAT demos and very few actual TAT apps on my PlayBook!!! LETS GO!!! TAT can take the PB to a new level if they would start releasing more of these apps!

Yet another TAT demo, any chance on this becoming a reality? Having a simple, neat way of doing a slide show would be useful.

I know double posting is frowned upon here but maybe this time we should alll do it :D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WANT NOW. I can see so many situations that this 'on the fly' slide adding feature could be super useful.

And it's such eyecandy!

WANT NOW. I can see so many situations that this 'on the fly' slide adding feature could be super useful.

And it's such eyecandy!

Guys seriously youtube TAT playbook apps.... why are rim not launching these? this is an outrage :/!!!! seriously TAT has SO MANY GOOD APPS

Simon Sage said it perfectly at the end, why aren't we seeing this stuff in app world or part of an OS upgrade.

They show great stuff at developer conferences and all we can do is watch and wade through many lame apps in App World (there are great apps but it's not consistently good).

Yes absolutely, very much needed. Native PlayBook Gallery leaves alot to be desired, does not do justice to PlayBook capabilities to display and present images. Finally a real tool and not a clumsy work-around with a bad UI. Would really love to see this!

So why exactly isn't this being incorporated into docs to go and BlackBerry remote? Seriously RIM if you want to leapfrog the competition and prove that you're about more then just innovation without any actual shipping product or software to show potential customers that this is a platform that is worth buying into then just then just keep on doing this. Just keep on doing demo after demo showing us that no matter what you show off nothing tangible for consumers will ever materialize.

So this is a "conceptual demo" according the the TAT guy to show developers what the platform can do?!?! WTF RIM?!?! Why not do conceptual demos for your shows, but release the app after the show for real use. RIM you need all the great apps in App World you can get and you have the best app creators in the world just doing conceptual demos that will never see the light of day on a production Playbook and working on the framework of BB10. This is just like the Fantasy Football app previewed before the Playbook's release that RIM payed the developer as a proof of concept but not to finish the app. RIM wake up! Nobody cares what the platform could do, they care about what it does. You should have learned that lesson with the Playbook 1.0 launch.

if you want REAL inspiration bring this to appworld let the developers know the capacity of the playbook. TAT please make us happy and proud bb user. @ RIM give TAT more money to develop astonishing app for us users :)

I agree with much of the sentiment here. Teased and teased and teased and teased and teased and teased and teased and .....with concept after concept until the point of being turned off by it all.

Just watched the video. I don't know what RIM is thinking. This is the kind of app that RIM is known for and it's only a concept? I can't even be angry. I'm just baffled. Even android phones are coming out with some innovative stuff but nothing close to this. What is going on? What will it take? It's stuff like this that's kept me with rim yet now we are only seeing concepts instead of reality. I really don't get it.

Maybe the DataViz/RIM folks can be inspired by this and bring us a better Slides to go! I do use Slides to go (or whatever it's called in OS 2.0) frequently, but I have to lose all my animations/transitions. TAT please convince the boss that this needs to be on the PlayBook. This, and the other awesome "inspirational" apps that you have created.

Let's Rock and Roll this!

I want a dock with full size SD card support, like 3 full sized USB ports and HDMI out! Laying the tablet down to give a presentation looks so unprofessional!!!

Bring it on. Can't wait for it to release.


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As mentioned above... I would love to have this app... AND a dock with USB, Power, and HDMI. I have the quickcharge dock and I feel like i wasted money on it because i rarely use it. Most of the time I have my PB laying down with power and hdmi connected when I am in my office.

I would love to see it. Let's get some actual production going here. A good idea without great execution is worth nothing

I use presentations professionally and I REALLY want this app!!!Awesome. These kinds of apps will make me get a BB phone too.