Pipeline: A stylish news reader for the BlackBerry PlayBook

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By Joseph Holder on 16 May 2011 05:17 pm EDT

Pipeline is the BlackBerry PlayBook RSS news reader I've been looking for... almost. One of my favorite and most-used apps on my BlackBerry Torch is BlackBerry News Feeds. I enjoy the internet-at-a-glance that RSS feeds provide, with quick links to further reading on the web. With the latest improvements to that app, it has become my go-to source for quick reading about the world around me. Until recently, I sorely missed that feature on the BlackBerry PlayBook. Until recently.

Pipeline and its paid counterpart Pipeline Pro is, of course, an RSS news reader for the PlayBook. And it gives weather information. Oh, and you can follow twitter feeds with it, too. The paid version -Pipeline Pro - features offline reading (when not connected to the internet) and Google Reader integration. With its grey, black, and white color scheme, Pipeline brings the news in a simple, elegant way.

Pipeline Adding a feed 

Adding a feed is so simple, it's brilliant. All you'll need is the website address (like www.crackberry.com) and Pipeline will extract the feed for you. No copy and paste or remembering where the question mark goes. After you've added your feed, you'll find the 20 most recent headlines on the right, with a preview image and text. Touching the headline opens the article "teaser" (with pictures but without videos). From there, you can open the full article in the PlayBook's browser.

Pipeline for BlackBerry PlayBook

Aaaaaannnnddd this is where Pipeline seems frayed around the edges, at least in this reviewer's opinion. The vast majority of sites don't publish an entire article via RSS, so you'll need to read it in the web browser. When I try this, something somewhere breaks, and the browser crashes. I'm not sure whom to fault and it happens infrequently, but it certainly detracts from the experience. Slightly less annoying is the inability to follow links in the article. Pipeline underlines the text, indicating a hypertext link; but no amount of touching will allow me to follow it.

For the moment, I can put up with these slight idiosyncrasies; they are noticable, but small. If Mangoware would find someone to fix the browser crash; make those links clickable; and give me YouTube, etc. videos in-app, they might just have a winner on their hands. Pipeline is beautifully styled with a well-designed user interface, well on the road to being the best RSS reader for the BlackBerry PlayBook. 

More information / download Pipeline at BlackBerry App World 
More information / download Pipeline Pro at BlackBerry App World 

Reader comments

Pipeline: A stylish news reader for the BlackBerry PlayBook


Still waiting for a good app to take advantage of Google Reader. Haven't seen it yet.

Tried Pipeline, but it wouldn't pull in my Google Reader feed. :(

When I first tried Gee Reader, I had the same problem: it would churn and churn, but never pull in my Google Reader feed. Then, with the recent update, it started to work! (But, alas, it still has a bug that causes it to stop working after I've scrolled through about 100 items.)

Still waiting...

Hmm...it brought in my Google feeds no problem. And when I've clicked to view the rest of the article in the browser, I've gone out with the browser, no crashing.

Scrolling your news channels is also choppy and usually results in inadvertantly opening a feed. The UI is nicely done though. Gee Reader is rock solid for me after the update...seamless with Google Reader and decent/clean enough UI...could be a little more refined, but not bad.

When I save for offline reading, it seems I still only really have a snippit. Also, i can't copy a url and paste it in the add bar. I have to actually know the url by heart. I like how FeedWheel lets me copy and paste a link to add.

I like the interface of Pipeline though, it's a really good looking app.

Feed Wheel is much better than this app, I'm really surprised they would review something this half-baked. Come on Crackberry, please review the good apps. There must be some inside system where certain apps get reviewed based on who you know, etc. Cuz this app was not only slow and clunky in its scrolling, but half the time when I lift my finger after scrolling the page jumps and the other half it selects a link when I don't mean to. It's pretty but that's about it. Feed Wheel and Gee Reader's functionality far surpasses this.

Nice App but it´s too slow when you link your google account. When will there be a great Rss Reader for Playbook? Forwarding and shortening (Twitter) incl.?

I'd be a lot more impressed if it hadn't reported "can't find that feed" for the first two ministry websites I entered.
Back to the uninstalled list for now at least.

I've tried feed wheel and gee reader... now pipeline. Still waiting for a decent reader app for my PB! Feed Wheel is leading for me, but needs offline caching.

As per above, I was not at all impressed with pipeline: slow interface, kept opening feeds when I was trying to scroll through feeds, and trying to read a feed in the browser would often result in browser crash. I agree with others, the positive spin from CB isn't terribly impressive... I'd rather wait for you guys to take the time to review some really good apps that churning out these quick reviews.

Hello All! *Developer Here*

I'm one of the developers of Pipeline. Thanks to CrackBerry for featuring Pipeline :) We very much appreciate it! And thank you for the great feedback!

To answer some of your questions....

1. We are working on an update to performance.
2. Videos and the article preview fixes are on the way with the ability to click links in preview :)
3. ***Direct twitter integration from within app -- timeline, @mentions, posting tweets, all from inside the app. It'll be a native twitter client.
4. Fixes to offline support.

For any other feedback or questions, please feel free to submit via the About section in Pipeline or contact (at) magnoware.com

Thanks again!

***Coming in an update after this next one :)

Thanks for the info. Native Twitter client would be awesome.

Will definitely try again after the update.