Pink Panther and Duck Dynasty stickers arrive in the BBM Shop

By Bla1ze on 24 Jul 2014 03:38 pm EDT

It was about time for another round of stickers to arrive and if you're a fan of old school Pink Panther or Duck Dynasty, prepare to say goodbye to a $1.99. Yup, the Pink Panther and the Robertson family have arrived in the BBM shop. Joining the Pink Panther in his number of different images, you'll also find Inspector Clouseau. As for the Duck Dynasty crew, Willie, Uncle Si, Jase and even Miss Kay are all available. The packs do seem regional but you all know how to work around that by now.

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Pink Panther and Duck Dynasty stickers arrive in the BBM Shop


Looking good! Should appeal to an older crowd this time. Wish the pricing was a buck instead though. Makes it an easy purchase that way.

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I think the world prices stuff like this cause it seems a lot cheaper to people but it isn't really? Like 99c is in the cents range and a dollar is well a dollar.

Just my 2 cents :D

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How about a free pack every now and then

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There have been but they're regional so you just have to ask someone to send you one so you can download the pack. I have five free packs installed.

I don't think I'll be purchasing any more packs (I've purchased most so far) because BBM keeps showing 2 pack haven't been purchased even though I have.

I also am loosing some faith in BlackBerry due to BlackBerry World not supporting music and videos.

I strongly support BlackBerry going back to its roots but John Chen should keep going forward not backwards.

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That music / video thing is hurting a bit. That integration in BBW app store was great, just like on other OSes.

Let's see what the Amazon deal brings...

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

I don't understand what's so hard about the music/video thing. Install the 7 Digital app will get you the exact same thing will it not? Am I missing something?

Yes, you were able to bill to your carrier. Now. I have to set up an account and enter credit card information. No thanks.

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I also have 2 packs purchased that shows like not purchased, is there a fix for that? Where to put the claim?

I have the same issue with the Toy Story pack but when I click Restore, it automatically gets installed again. So even though it doesn't show it as purchased, the servers still recognize your purchase and will restore it.

I still think stickers are dumb. BUT I'm glad that they've kept releasing them and are not letting them die.

I think the BBM team is doing a good job.

It's a Gundam!

Neh!! So not like all this stickers crap. Default emojis are good enough in bbm app. Who has time to do all this. Some times I miss OS 7. Classic simple n flawless. Sigh!!

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Well, considering that you won't be using them, then it won't take you any longer to use BBM anyway.

I'm going to have to buy them as well...they're good.

Might use them as much as my South Park stickers, yeah I just might...Happy-Happy-Happy.

Murray Squire Marr

I am pretty picky as to what stickers I buy. There are some funny ways to get my point across to friends. I do like big names being involved but they will not get my money until the stickers hit a chord with me. Pink looks cool.

Posted via CB10 we are getting somewhere with the stickers. Only is we can get BBM to become the must-have app for cross platform messaging.

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now we need an update that let's you organise your stickers. I want a "favourite " panel of stickers that I regularly use, and the ability to hide stickers that I feel are just taking up space.

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The duck dynasty is the best sticker pack yet! The stickers actually show emotions and things I would actually send to people. #bought*

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I think I'll pass on the Duck Dynasty pack.Some of us don't like to reward bad behavior with money.

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Not sure how people can buy Duck Dynasty stickers, after all of those racist and homophobic remarks made by Phil Robertson. I'm surprised BlackBerry allowed them.

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I love sending stickers to my family. My 2.5 year old granddaughter loves them on her parents phone. She has learned to send them back to me. A BlackBerry fan forever!

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The best yet!

This 47 year old Texas cowboy/country boy, Harley Ridin', gun totin', 10 year US Marine Corps stone cold Warrior just bought both!

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I would get both but until they allow me to delete some stickers I no longer want I will not buy them.

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Give me the Breaking Bad sticker pack! The most engaging show I've ever watched & gone too soon. Long live Heisenberg!

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I rarely use stickers other than a couple of BBM first batch of freebies. Then you had to go and get Pink Panther. Now I have them too. I'm not complaining, just excited to have them. Thanks to BlackBerry and MGM. :D

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With all the Seinfeld emoji news floating around, I would love to see a Seinfeld sticker pack on BBM. "These pretzels are making me thirsty!"

LOL @ Dyck Dynasty fans... Duck Dynasty are multi-millionaires who are just pretending to be hillbillies. They actually could be living like kings if they chose to...that show is 100% fake.

Multi millionaires that got started by Phil who worked his tail off and they grew up poor. They are just hillbillies with money now. Hillbillies who are humble and true to their faith. Not fake. I grew up much the same way. Working hard and poor. Can't see my tastes changing if I had millions. I'm happy now. I'd just have more, expensive hillbilly toys. Truck would be new, house would be new. Guns would be more numerous and expensive, new traveling / hunting experiences would be taken part in. More people around me that needed help would get help. Is it hard for you to believe that money doesn't have to change who you are?

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Is there much crossover with BlackBerry fans and Duck Dynasty Fans? They strike me as the people that would get the free phone on a three year contract. :p

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We only have a package of visible free stickers in BBM shop. It is disappointing :'(

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Finally some good ones, all I need now is NHL stickers, also get categories, example fifa, Disney, BBM, ones nobody cares about


I don't understand BBM sticker strategy. Why most of latest stickers are for children? They are not fun, they don't fit into conversation. Who folks in BBM are targeting? I don't think that a lot users of BBM are kids under 12 :/

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Great to see the pink panther!

Patiently waiting for Spongebob :)

C001C21C1 Thoughts on the fly

How weird, all world cup stickers were removed recently but I just checked BBM shop and there's one world cup pack showing again. How does that work, not even the country I live in, however I've been using its language on my BB. Looks like there's more targeting than just regional on BlackBerry. Which I guess can be OK, just wondering what is the point of BlackBerry vs Google, then.

Lol I'm still not buying sticker packs.. well if they release a kiss sticker pack then yeah.. but otherwise rock on

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I've said it before: the pricing of stickers is outlandish. 20 stickers for $2 is hard to justify, and the exorbitant pricing simply reduces usage which isn't good for anyone. Many 3rd party sticker packs provide hundreds of stickers for $1 or $2..»»

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