PINK BlackBerry 8330 Curve Now Available from Verizon

By Kevin Michaluk on 8 Aug 2008 01:42 pm EDT

Pink Verizon Curve 8330

In case you haven't heard the news yet, you can now pick up your very own BlackBerry 8330 Curve in PINK from Verizon. Head to for more details >>

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Oh how I wish that Sprint had this! It matches my vaio laptop perfectly! How cute would that be? Pink laptop, pink blackberry.


I am so getting this cutie!! Kevin always said how much he loved his Curve on the podcast. So I think I'll get this PINK one.


Telus has had this for a little less than a month. Surprisingly, I find it really nice. The pink Pearl is completely ugly, but this I like. I wouldn't carry it around though.


I thought my BBC was cute, but this just takes the cake!


this is just another reason for you to over pay at verizon. verizon has to use cute colors so that you don't pay any attention to their service plan costs.


I've had my blackberry for a week and looked enviously at the new pink one from Verizon, my carrier. I'm happy though with the cranberry shell I put on it which protects it somewhat and would cover the cool pink color.
I've done Palm for over 10 years, so still learning the crack language.


I love this pink Curve! It seems to be a "hybrid" so to speak of the 8330 and the earlier 83xx models. It's got the keys of the 8300/8310/8320 but with the LED style of the 8330. Needless to say, if I wasn't over my 30 days I'd be trading my silver Curve in for this one!


I just got mine today. Upgraded from the Silver one. Yep I love phones and Blackberry's are the bomb. Verizon confirmed that the Thunder should be out in the 4th Quarter... I'll wait for the bugs and then poof, I'll own it too.


I'm gettin mine in the mail in 3 days! I had 2 upgrade frm the pearl I had 2 replace it 3x in a week! I can't wait 4 my curve


I'm gettin mine in the mail in 3 days! I had 2 upgrade frm the pearl I had 2 replace it 3x in a week! I can't wait 4 my curve


Just got my pink one today - it's so pretty!


Does anyone know if there is a way to buy the pink casing? I just got a silver curve a few months ago and i want it to be piiiink lol

any help would be greatly appreciated


yes they have the pink casing on VW site actually under accessories ( did I spell that right?)


I just ordered my PINK BB this a.m, overnight delivery, hope to get it tomorrow... its my 1st BB ever I'm exited!!!!! PS thought I was obsessed with phones, guess not! So glad to know :)


any idea how long the pink curve is in "contract" with verizon?