Pinguin v3 brings new design, backup options and more!

Pinguin v3.0 brings new design, backup options and more!
By DJ Reyes on 2 Sep 2014 07:06 am EDT

Pinguin is a location based app. It lets you save your favorite locations also allowing you to add a picture to the location too. We first looked at the app back in January 2014. The developer had attended one of the Jam Camp events for students held by BlackBerry last summer, 2013. It has become a very popular app. Pinguin has just been updated to v3.0. It's a big update that brings a new design, enhanced location tagging, backup options and lots more.

I've used Pinguin on occasion but I have been going to lots of different places lately and I think I may start using it again. It's great for saving your favorite spot, or when you find a great new location. You can even share the location with others. I also like the fact that you can add a photo to your saved location too. Neat touch.

What's new in Pinguin v3?

  • Added support for OS 10.3
  • Added the ability to Backup and restore locations
  • Ability to search locations by Title or Description
  • Enhanced location tagging with custom tags
  • New Location Map to view all saved locations and their pictures on one consolidated map.
  • Database bug fixes
  • New design
  • Improved picture feedback while adding a location
  • Improved keyboard focus for when selecting search or saving a location
  • Enhanced Active Frame showing recently saved location and photo (if applicable)
  • Improved Talk2Watch integration for Pebble smartwatch
  • Improved language translations or various languages.

Pinguin is free to download. This gives you basic functionality such as being able to save and share locations but if you want all the features, like the ability to add photos to locations, have Pebble integration or backup and restore, you'll need to upgrade to the full version. This will cost you $1.99. If you've previously upgraded to the full version, you won't need to purchase it again.

Curious on how Pebble integration works? Check out the video below.

Learn more / Download Pinguin from BlackBerry World

Reader comments

Pinguin v3 brings new design, backup options and more!


Thanks DJ, you always make great reviews of great applications. I'm giving it a try.

Posted via world class Q10 !!

Great app. Been using it for a while and have been very impressed with it. Thanks for the updates.

I have to admit that I prefer the original icon though. Very cute!

Posted via CB10

It was heartbreaking to change it, but I thought having a more professional logo might shine a different light on the app as an actual tool as opposed to a gimmick. I'm glad you liked the previous logo though and I'm glad you enjoy using the app :)

You can swipe down from the top of the screen to open up the app menu that will show you the purchase icon. If you've purchased in the past you don't need to purchase again.

Sweet app, Brandon! VERY useful.

One great potential use: I've worked as a tax preparer and I've told my clients that documenting travel is CRUCIAL. This app can make that extremely easy.