PingMe for BlackBerry updated to v1.6.12 - improved battery life and more!

By Kerri Neill on 24 Mar 2012 02:33 pm EDT

Back in November of last year, we ran a post on a cross-platform messaging application called PingMe. The app received mixed emotions mostly due to major battery drain and spinning clocks.

Now RadiumOne Labs, the developer of PingMe, has released a major update with some fixes to a few issues our readers complained about. The main draw for this app was the similarity to BBM’s real time message receipts with family and friends across different platforms as well as a pretty slick UI.

The application also offers the following:

  • Group Chat
  • Easy registration with no username or password. Just use your phone number
  • Free for life
  • News Feed
  • Geo-Location
  • Push Noifications
  • Simplified Friend Finder

Major BlackBerry updates include:

  • BBM integration
  • Improved battery life
  • Inserts Google images into conversations
  • Faster pinging by leaving the keyboard always on
  • Notifications when friends join PingMe
  • Personalize your thumbnail image in group messages
  • New selection of chat bubbles and wallpapers
  • The ability to share pictures, voice notes, videos and even text messages

I installed PingMe this morning and after a couple of battery pulls (double icons showed running in the background, spinning clock, etc) the app seems to have settled down and works great. My battery drain is usually pretty severe anyway when I’m in my office thanks to WiFi, emails, texts and such so I really can’t comment on if it’s improved or not. I’d love to hear from our readers what they think or have noticed with the new update. Drop a comment below to let fellow readers know what you love, hate or if you have any comments for the developer.

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Reader comments

PingMe for BlackBerry updated to v1.6.12 - improved battery life and more!


This would be amazing if it gets some more people using it. I know of nobody that uses Pingme.
Pingme isn't well know, they should advertise more.

That thing always posses me off. When you switch to it, the damn thing locks up and is unresponsive. Either a battery pull or soft reset will allow you to use your BlackBerry again, or if your lucky, switch out of that to the homescreen IF if doesn't freeze up. When will that one component, which isn't needed at all, be completely removed? I'm not just speaking for myself, but for everybody else who uses PingMe.