Ping me baby - Now available on iTunes

By Bla1ze on 27 Oct 2010 04:04 pm EDT

Riz has taken his song, ping me baby to iTunes and is looking for the BlackBerry community to support his efforts in making the song dedicated to BlackBerry smartphones a top seller in iTunes. I'm sure you can see where this is going. What do you say CrackBerry nation, wanna help out and make a BlackBerry song a top seller in iTunes? Show the iPhone fanbois that the BlackBerry community is strong on their own turf? It would be rather hilarious to see happen, lets do it! Oh, be sure to share it on Ping as well. ;)

Reader comments

Ping me baby - Now available on iTunes


wow...that was so bad i actually watched 15 seconds of that only because i couldn't stop it from playing

Apparently you two have no sense in music. If anything you are the ones that are lame. If you dont like music then shut your mouth. Its that easy. Music is my Job. This is pretty damn good. End of story

If you don't like peoples opinions then shut your mouth. It's that easy.

Having said that, I haven't heard the song, I'd probably like it though.

Apparently you need a new job buddy...

If music is your job you should know this is absolute GARBAGE! its completely auto-tuned and the lyrics are lame. Not to mention the stolen beat.

Oh and you telling me to shut my mouth is the same thing as you having good taste in music.... NOT GONNA HAPPEN!

Why would we support Apple? I personally refuse to buy anything from Apple, including apps for my ipod touch (Cydia is where it's at).

I own about 7 apple products but stopped using them after I could not longer stomach God Jobs and the rest of the smugness at apple.

Not sure what BB you use but I find with my 9800 Slacker and/or thumbplay have allowe me to ditch my ipod touch with no difficulty at all. If you are a game player you may still want the touch, but put a little money aside for the playbook, soon all of us can be totally apple free!

Sure I have would love to show apple fanboys that the BB nation is strong but paying for a song on itunes and giving any extra money to apple to not an option.

I can see someone out there taking the idea of this & singing about Apple. Probably about the app store.. Was still a good song. Thumbs up :)

This song is terrible. I seriously thought this was a joke until I realized that it was actually being sold. I think it would suit the real BlackBerry enthusiasts well to abandon this garbage. BlackBerrys are innovative and stylish; this song certainly is not either one.

What are you thinking Bla1ze? What kind of message do you think the BlackBerry community will send to "iPhone fanbois" by dumping money into Apple?

Really a horrible song, but it's about BBM, so I'm assuming it wasn't taken serious. Just done to say they did it, perhaps. Either way, I watched it to see if I caught typo's and I did. lol dork wins

Sure its corny, but its about BBM. Why would anyone expect it to be good. Shoot I think its better than Maceo's Nextel Chirp song. LOL. How funny lighten up guys. And I Hate Itunes and Ipods and their idiotic syncing methods. So I refuse to buy. I probably listen one more time and then I'll be good...

You people should be ashamed of yourselves. I'm sure Riz made this song for the Blackberry Community. He didn't make this song to compete with your top 100 billboard artist. I think this song is awesome and i listen to hardcore rap. I have an open ear for music and for people views and opinions. People nowadays SUCK!!