Quick Tip: Pinch-to-zoom your BlackBerry 10 calendar for easy viewing

By Adam Zeis on 11 Nov 2013 02:47 pm EST

One tip that I use almost daily for my calendar seems to go unnoticed by many BlackBerry 10 users. While we have a great list of tips for using the calendar on BlackBerry 10, one more that we can add to the list is using pinch-to-zoom to get a better view of your daily appointments. 

Some days my calendar is packed with all kinds of appointments, so to help break things down I find it awesome that you can pinch-to-zoom to get a better view of your day.

If you want a full 24-hour view you can pinch two fingers to zoom out and see all of your items, however you may notice that some have no text, only the calendar color. This is most common with 30-minute appointments.

To get a better look, simply use two fingers and pull away to zoom out, instantly giving you a closer look at your appointment in more detail.

It's not the most fun-filled feature there is but it's certainly one I find myself using all the time. Give it a try for yourself and let us know what you think!


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Quick Tip: Pinch-to-zoom your BlackBerry 10 calendar for easy viewing


Another quick tip:
Drag the page down in Month view to see 6-month view.

This is how you CB10, son!

And then swipe right to go to the previous six months, and left to the next six months. You can continue this action on and on.

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But seriously, thanks for the tip! Pretty cool.

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I think you have to have your Calendar set to Agenda view. Maybe someone can confirm. I'm too lazy to switch my settings right now!

This is how you CB10, son!

Go to the top where the date is and "arrow down" to "Schedule" leaving "Agenda"... elite is correct about that and that he is "lazy"... Lazy but correct...not bad...

worked on Z10

and for me, it ONLY works in schedule view, not in agenda... but that makes sense imo...

Thanks Adam. Posts like this are one of the many reasons I have been visiting this site for years.

You have to be in Day or Week view. It doesn't work for Month view. At any rate, it's not very nice looking. As you're zooming, it looks anamorphic.

You're right it dogs work with 10.1 Tmobile; however, while in Week or Month view you can do the following:
. tap on an empty time slot once will highlight it as new event then tap again will bring you to new appointment with that time slot preset.
. Now, tap twice on an existing appointment, will bring you to the Day view of that appointment.

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I've notice that a while ago, and also find that this feature was always forgot in calendar reviews.
So I was wondering if most users where aware of.
...clearly not all so far.

Good that you point that out.

Note: this is working in week and day view, not on month view.

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Cool, never thought about zooming on the calendar. Will definitely be using that tip....another reason to have CB on every BlackBerry, good advice and keeps you up to date!

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Unless I'm missing something, on my Z10 it only works in SCHEDULE view on a single day. It doesn't work in AGENDA view (my preference) and does not zoom in from MONTH view to WEEK or DAY view... In other words, for me, meh...

Cool feature, but I'm more impressed with the dark theme of the calendar! Didn't know we could do that....changed mine & it looks awesome.

Is this a 10.2 feature? Most of the articles out lately are and I haven't been able to figure it out using Q10SQN100-2/

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Tried to use it but it didn't work on my z10 running 10.2

I tried different techniques with no luck. Oh well.

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I love the agenda view as well. In the Calendar app, swipe down from top, Settings, General. You will see "Default Calendar View" and the option for agenda. Have fun!

Exactly! People need to search around the options to find lots of hidden features, including some legacy features you might have thought they ditched.

This is how you CB10, son!

Only works on the day and week views. Bad part is that there doesn't seen to be any way to reset to some default setting...

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Awesome feature glad Crackberry is doing the job of BlackBerry marketing department. Wouldn't it be awesome if blackberry actually explained all the time saving features instead of users have to discover that it's there.

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Ohhh never knew this...BlackBerry should put this on utube through some finny people to make attracrion or at leaat controversy title but then it's a tip inside..

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Thank you for the BB10 Calendar Tip, I was very frustrated by this calendar and will tell others about this Zoom in and out feature! :)

Did not know this thanks. Hope they do semantic zoom (I think that's what it's called) in other apps

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I didn’t know that either - thanks! Now, if only BlackBerry copied the WebOS 'unused time' accordion too.....

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Under Q10, from the month view, pulling the screen down will yield quarterly calender. Definitely because of the screen size.

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great for when you put down an event/meeting, and have alot of details to put in there...which is something that I do ALL the time......... great UI improvements... BB10 is really paying attention to the details, it's like they are ACTUALLY trying to regain the top spots here in America