Pinball Deluxe HD comes to BlackBerry 10

Pinball Deluxe HD
By Adam Zeis on 17 Mar 2013 03:02 pm EDT

One of my favorite BlackBerry games for as long as I can remember has been Pinball Deluxe. I remember when we first saw it in action and I was totally blwon away. I had it on my Torch 9800, then my PlayBook and now it has a happy home on my BlackBerry Z10 as well. If you're at all a pinball fan then you'll want to scrounge up $2.99 and but this one for sure. Pinball Deluxe HD features five tables each with their own unique style. All the real-world pinballness is there as well - tilt, nudge, ball capture and multi-ball - you can't go wrong. Pinball Deluxe HD plays great on the Z10 and is certain to help kill some time when you are on the train or chilling in a waiting room. Hit up the link below for more.

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Pinball Deluxe HD comes to BlackBerry 10


PlayBook version is free. This costs 3$.

I have this app on my PlayBook; BlackBerry world shows it as "Download" on my Z10, not as "Purchase". Trying to download shows a network error.

I like this game and wouldn't mind paying for it; I just don't have an option to.

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Yeah, I was going to ask about this. So, you're saying that if I bought it on the PB, I don't really need to buy it again on the Z10. Good news (provided we can download it).

I'm getting the same error. I purchased on the playbook and so am showing "Download" instead of "Purchase" but then get a network error also when trying to download.

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One of my favorites as well. Will download as soon as my Z10 hits the mailbox. Hopefully, the rumors will be true and Verizon will ship a week earlier.

This was the first game I bought for my PLAYBOOK and it was 4.99 and well worth it. The game. Is a ton of fun.

Same network error here. I get the error for a couple other apps that I purchased for my PlayBook and am now trying to download onto Z10... PewPew 2 is one of the other games i get an error for.

There is something wrong with how certain apps that you buy on the play book and can be downloaded to the z10. This game and some other apps give me an error message as others have reported already. Other apps that I paid for on the play book downloaded fine.

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Same problem. Can't download the app. Like somebody else,this was the first app I bought for my playbook but now can't get it on my phone.

I saw that the developer for this game posting on the BlackBerry Support forum about this issue.

Hope it gets fixed soon. This is a very good app.

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Utterly disappointing - BB10 version nowhere near as good as other versions, should be better?!

Don't bother if you have to pay for it.

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Really hoping for some better pinball. The new Star Wars table on my N7 is really good. In the mean time it would be nice if I could get this loaded though!

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We contacted BlackBerry about the download problem for customers who already had the PlayBook version. There is currently an annoying bug on AppWorld for some apps: if you already purchased the PlayBook version, only a download button appears for the BB10 version and a "Network Error" problem will follow. Hopefully, they will get this fixed soon...

Sylvain from Mobigloo

I purchased and downloaded it first on my Z10. Afterwards on my playbook, it said I had already purchased it and allowed me to download it free.

This game like Chimpact seems to be a growing trend of games that if you have it on one platform, it faults out on attempting to download on the other. I love BlackBerry, but, the fault seems to be theirs. Fix this in the next BlackBerry World update.

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