Pimp Your BlackBerry With a Custom Paint Job!

By James Falconer on 22 Jan 2008 04:25 pm EST

Custom CrackBerry Paint Job for the BlackBerry CurveColorWare has setup their website to accept custom BlackBerry paint jobs! You can either send in your BlackBerry, or order a new BlackBerry (for $50-$100 over retail) sent to you direct with a fancy new paint job. Not bad!

ColorWare is even offering a standard 1 year warranty with the unlocked phones they sell, and an option to upgrade to a 2 year warranty for another $149. 

The ColorWare designer allows you to create custom colors for the Pearl, Curve, and 8800 Series. Click here to try out their designer. It's very cool, fun...and seems like a great way to customize your Berry.

For customizations, the base price is $99 for one color throughout the device. You can also choose colors for the sides, back and bottom for $15 each. The color palette to choose from includes 15 solid colors and 20 metallic colors. Pretty cool! 

I'm very tempted to send in my 8800 for a custom 'CrackBerry' theme, however I don't want to give up the Berry for any extended period of time. I'm not sure I could survive without having my Berry for three to four weeks. Maybe the better option in that case would be to go with a custom skin from MyTego.com

At any rate, check it out. ColorWare looks like an amazing one-of-a-kind way to customize your Berry! 

Visit the ColorWare site >

Special thanks to our friend Ronen over at BerryReview for this one!

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Pimp Your BlackBerry With a Custom Paint Job!


Man...Canada...gets screwed again..look at the set up (USA Only)...that red is amazing..hopefully they will change it so Canadians can send stuff in as well.

I already sent my curve in to get painted! Have a couple more weeks before I get it back though.... I can't wait!

All these colors look great!! But who in the heck can send in their phone and be without it for 2,3,4 weeks??? I would love to have it done, but I have to have my phone on me for work. Bummer!!

SOOOOOOOOOOOOO Excited. I was just contemplating buying a Blackberry or not because you can only get a pink one from Verizon! Then I cam across this site and now my friend and I are BOTH getting the Pearl and sending them in together. If you can't NOT have a phone for a couple weeks though, my thought would be to just tough out 4 weeks with a crappy prepaid phone from your same service provider so you can move your SIM, or just use an old phone or a friends old one if they have the same provider! Just a thought, because i'm buying a Blackberry brand new and am just going to use my shitty phone til I get my custom one back!


I have just had my curve done by a new UK based company
They have not fully set up yet but it is a friend of a friends company so he done a preview piece for me.

Mutantcolour.com they said they will be accepting send ins from anywhere as ling as sender covers the postage cost

They did a first class job on my curve which they said was one of their first I am getting them to do my PS3 slim when it arrives

my 9800 have 2 small nicks in the top left corner where the holster gives no protection from bumpin it. Does anyone know if they can touch up on the phone so it looks brand new again! =)