PillPad gains Built for BlackBerry status, updated to v2.0.1.14 with several improvements

By Bla1ze on 14 Jul 2014 02:34 pm EDT

If you've been making use of CF PillPad HD to keep track of your medicine, you'll want to be sure to grab the latest update available in BlackBerry World. This time around the app has been updated to v2.0.1.14 and has several different changes within. To start, it's now Built for BlackBerry ensuring it will run beautifully across all BlackBerry 10 device but aside from that there's also additional benefits added.

  • There's a new refined help screen that better demonstrates how to use the app.
  • Backup locations can now be used defined through the settings options.
  • Better support for the BlackBerry Q Series including updates to the calculator.
  • Changed branding from CF PillPad HD to just PillPad.

PillPad has proven to be a helpful app for those who need it most and on top of the updates today, there's also new pricing for the app. You can no grab PillPad for only $1.99 through BlackBerry World. If you're looking to learn more about PillPad, be sure to check out our previous post otherwise, the app is available right now for new purchases and updates if you already own it.

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Reader comments

PillPad gains Built for BlackBerry status, updated to v2.0.1.14 with several improvements


I always try :) nevertheless thanks for the post. Might have to purchase this...didn't even know apps like this existed.

Posted via CB10

Just recommended this to someone by sharing on BBM. Quite handy, that feature!

From my Neutrino Powered Z10

I held out after the last CB review. But I like to support devs who make the "Built for BlackBerry" effort and this looks really useful. So I am getting it.

Posted via CB from "Z" best

To an extent. This is a very simplistic comment to a complex topic. Unfortunately my organ transplant was all genetics. Not a lack of fitness or due to a poor diet. This app can save lives for those juggling multiple doses of meds per day. Be it their fault or not...a useful app. kudos to the dev.

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This app seems a good idea, but from the brief description and not to helpful screen grabs I'm not sure how it really helps me? I have to take multiple meds and I already have all doctor names in my contacts. I do like the idea of adding refill reminders, but does app have reminders for taking meds? Easily adding a new med, and schedule for the 4 dally times it needs to be taken for example? Is there a med limit (I currently have a dozen or more).

App is a great concept. It really needs more structure capability though. For example, when place a doc on a specific med, need to keep that doc on that med, not carry it through to the next entry.
It would be great to have room in drug name field to identify both brand name and generic name for those patients that travel to different countries.
User needs to have more capability to employ frequencies like every 3 hours while awake. Also need to have room to identify indication. It is mandatory in all MD orders and vital for physician new to the patient seen on referral.

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