Pigs in Trees comes to BlackBerry 10 and its action packed with fun

By James Richardson on 9 May 2013 05:52 am EDT

This one's a right beauty. Priced at only £0.75/$0.99 Pigs in Trees is a fantastic game for your BlackBerry 10 smartphone. You're are a flying pig and your job is to protect your home in the center of the screen from the invading birds. The controls are real simple - it's just a case of drawing a line on the screen of where you want your pig to fly.

To assist him in his quest to protect his home he is also equipped with guns to shoot down the evil birds. And there are whole variety of birds too - some small, which are easy to kill - some larger ones which you must attack from the rear or side or they will shoot you down - and also some massive ones which take a bit more fire power.

Along your quest there are a selection of bonus items you can pick up. These include an extra firepower one - which trebles your guns, a repair one - in case you get shot, plus fireworks and mines to help destroy plenty of those pesky birds in one swift explosion.

Features of the game include:

  • Intense gameplay!
  • 4 campaigns and 75 levels.
  • Scoreloop achievements and leaderboards.
  • Lots of fun and crazy power ups to collect.
  • Perform combos and get big scores.
  • High resolution graphics!

Pigs in Trees is well worthy of its price tag. Trust me - it's a right bobby dazzler!

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Pigs in Trees comes to BlackBerry 10 and its action packed with fun


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Yah you always make great contributions to articles, after making 10 complaints about first comments and cluttering everything up... I'm tired of reading it man

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Lol, I agree with quick silver as many don't. Really? Just wasting your own time, trying to beat everyone to a 'first' sheesh, read the post for once.

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Really made me laugh when I saw this post.. pigs in trees comes to blackberry 10 lol.. they are coming to take over!

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an achievement of what? an internet ego? An e-pen is?.... There is no achievement at all in saying first or murst.... only if you have no life and think its cool to say first on an article and NOT even make a comment on the article at hand.... It's pathetic if you think getting to say first as the first comment on an article is an achievement....

"This looks interesting, I'll have to check it out" is a great contribution to the article at hand.

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Yes it is because I'm going to download this evening and try it out. Which is a far better comment than murst

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Had to laugh at the person who called it "An achievement " though.
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already downloaded it, and it gives me hope one day pigs may actually fly ...lol ... jk, but seriously a fun game!

Installed it on my Z10. This is a well crafted game. I like the power ups and the in game tutorials.

Only problem so far is a glitch in session Fall, level 4. Whatever it is, it causes the game to exit. This is unfortunate. The developers appear to have put a lot of time into the game, but failed an in depth QA on the Z10 platform.

Is it an Android port? It doesn't play like one. The loading and in play reaction time makes it seen like a native build. So not sure the issue has to due with the BB10 Android engine.

I can only give the game a 3 of 5 rating. You can only get about 20% of the game played then hit the Fall4 bug and crash out. I would have given a 4, but the developers have not responded to emails nor any post related to the Fall4 bug on the Z10 or BB10 in general.

So, if you are thinking of buying the game, think again. You may wish to spend your money else where until the bug is fixed.

Posting etiquette, my two cents: CB puts time into posting these FREE articles so people can get info on what is happening in the BlackBerry world. Posting "Junk" that has nothing to do with the article just waste everyone's time; and is disrespectful to the author. If a junk comment is posted ignore it. Replying to it only encourages the 'bottom of the barrel' ego of the poster.

I am all for having a comment moderator who would delete junk comments and ban users who post them.

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