Free physics style gaming with Piggy Biggy for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 18 Dec 2013 08:22 am

If you like fun, challenging, puzzle style games such as Cut the Rope or World of Goo I suspect that Piggy Biggy will be right up your street. This one is another physics based BlackBerry 10 game where you need to feed Piggy the coins - easier said than done. 

As you'll see from the video many of the levels adopt a different style. With some you will need to swipe through blocks to destroy them - freeing up the coins path. On others you'll have another character to help you and there are even tilt control levels which add some nice spice to the game. 

Graphics wise Piggy Biggy is bright, crisp and full of goodness. He makes some funny noises too when he collects a coin - no big deal, but the noise amuses me. 

If you're up for a challenge and like some variation in your games, Piggy Biggy gets the thumbs up from me and the best news is that it's free. Unfortunately it is only all touch BlackBerry 10 handsets that are supported so you hardware keyboard lovers are going to have to give this one a miss. 

Features include:

  • Funny and adorable piggy character
  • Physics-based game
  • Gradually more and more logically challenging
  • Facebook friend challenges
  • Variety of user actions: destroy blocks, spit explosive seeds, steer a little car, explode magnetic bombs and several more

More information/Download Piggy Biggy for BlackBerry 10



I'll check it out, but i think my fiancee will like this


Supposedly it's released by Marmalade, but is actually made by ZeptoLab, the makers of the hit Cut The Rope series.

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Not sure where you're getting this info. I can't find anything that suggests Zeptolab has anything to do with this game.

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Should be noted that it's also for the PlayBook, on which I think it runs better, less lag...

Bard's Brew: [URL="bbmc:C00347F03"]C00347F03[/URL] Role-play resource channel


When you gettin married Quick? Let me be your DJ you first poster, you!

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These are the types of games I like. The kind that make you think.

I'm not really into the FPS's so I'll give this a shot when I get home.


Tried it. As others have said, great deal of lag. I found the game unresponsive. Having to rapid touch the bombs to have them go off.

Didn't enjoy it so it has been deleted.

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Question: every time I click the download link at the bottom of the blog in CB10 it opens BlackBerry World in the browser whereas it used to open the BlackBerry World app. Any idea why this is?

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Same here bit it opens a blank browser page and then BlackBerry world and leaves blank browser page up. Just started doing that last week. Strange.

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Check your CB settings where it says open links in. Since the update it reset those settings to open links in CB app where I used to have BlackBerry browser.

Made the switch and everything is fine now.

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Thanks. Problem fixed! But for me was opposite. I switched it to open in browser and that's when it started. Just switched it back to open in app and is fine now!

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Nice game but it's a bit slow sometimes. Cpu heavy?

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I read Crackberry from France, and I really like the work you're doing ! But it's a bit frustrating to see that many of the apps you propose are available only on Z10 and Z30 devices...

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Very few developers are working on legacy device apps. As for the Q series, the screen estate simply doesn't lend itself to gaming nearly as well as the all touch phones. Therefore devs skip making the games for them.

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Adam Monsour

Fun game, slow sometimes. Good game overall.

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It's only on z10, z30

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I downloaded the game and tried a few levels. The frame rates aren't exactly Z10 friendly.

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