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PictureTimeStamp - Easily add text and logos to pictures on your BlackBerry!

By Michelle Haag on 24 Sep 2010 01:00 pm EDT

PictureTimeStamp by Toysoft Development Inc is a really handy new app just released in the CrackBerry store. If you've ever had the need to watermark a picture on the go, or add time/date stamp to a picture, this application is perfect for you. Easy to set up, you'll be snapping pictures and adding text or logos to them in no time! Even pictures you have already taken can have the text or logo added to them.


  • Automatically print the text and logo on the picture taken with the Camera app
  • Automatically rotates the picture if taken in different orientation
  • Automatically resize the picture if it is too big
  • Save all pictures to a different folder
  • Control the text font, color, size and position
  • Logo printed can be any size and format can be jpg, png and bmp
  • Optionally delete or keep the original picture
  • Integrates with the System Camera, Media and Files applications
  • You can time and logo stamp and picture using the Media or Files applications
  • On the fly custom text. You can enter a different custom text whenever you take a new picture
  • Optionally prompt you to stamp the picture

Personally, my first thought when I saw this app was "Cool! Now I can add sappy notes on all those pictures of the kids I send to Bla1ze!" PictureTimeStamp is a valuable tool, and whatever your needs are, I think you'll find an option that will suite you. The full version is only $2.99, and with a free trial available, you really can't go wrong. Download it today, and let us know in the comments what creative ways you find to use PictureTimeStamp!

Michelle Haag Michelle Haag "@_Miche11e_ and C0001B3B5" 1191 (articles) 1683 (forum posts)


looks handy for sure, even for wallpapers that you want to protect on the go for event or holiday ecards now you can make your own on the bb. great application. :D


but I just logged in to see if there was a way to put a time stamp on photos....might prove interesting indeed.


I've tried the Free trial version. After i set up everything it did not print a single letter on my pic what i just took w/my camera app. Tried it 3 times. App #failed

Michelle Haag

The app won't work unless you reboot your device after install. It's one of those that it's not just recommended, it's required. If that doesn't solve your problem, I suggest contacting the developer either through their website or through the technical support link on the product page in Mobihand.
Good luck, I hope you get it working! :)


Before you select OK to installed it tells you that you need to do a battery to reset your device.

after installed run the app and check the Print Text and/or Print Logo checkboxes. One must be checked otherwise the pic is not saved.

read the help in the app menu.