PictureLink - Speed Dials and Shortcuts On Your Homescreen

By Adam Zeis on 15 Oct 2009 09:34 am EDT


If you're like me you make a ton of phone calls every day, and you may have trouble remembering speed dial numbers or get frustrated searching your contact list. PictureLink by Toysoft hopes to end the frustration by creating icon shortcuts for contacts right on your homescreen. You can assign any image you'd like to the contact, click the icon and it dials - thats it. All your important contacts can be seen quickly so you stay organized and don't have to search endlessly through your contact list. PictureLink also allows you to create web shortcuts in the same manner, giving you one click access to any website. The application is available in the CrackBerry App Store for $2.99.

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I tested this and it works really nice.


Is it under a different name?


it will be sometimes before RIM approve the app on appworld


app store not app world


Why pay $2.99 for a app to places spped dail icons on your screen (junking it up) when you can assign speed dials on your keypad by letters of the first name.


because some find it more convienent


maybe i'm wrong, but i don't believe there's anything like this for the iPhone.
although with 70,000 apps maybe there is...


not paying for it...I can assign speed dials on my keypad by letters


do I have to re-assign each and every photo manually?

This is why I don't buy aps like this. I hate spending my time assigning photos, data, or other info to some aps. Especially if I find myself removing the ap a few months later.


when you do a look up the app will get the contact picture if there is one.


I got it and im disapponted the pics I used for the faces were supposed to be funny but there all super little it looks nothing like the picture on the post


if you want larger icons try editing them on the desktop and then copy them to the sd card.


launchpad does the exact same thing. I've had launchpad for a while and it works great!


I downloaded the trial for my 8900 and it works great, though with keypad speed dial it seems limited in functionality. It definitely seems suited more for the storm or storm 2. I'll definitely be getting a copy of this.


I have an app called Picture Dial. This seems like a remake of it. Any thoughts?


I don't get how this isn't the exact same thing as launchpad but with less features...


Downloaded the trial because i cant stand wasting money. The trial lasted perhaps half an hour before i paid too little for this great app.

This app is fantastic and well worth every cent and more!!!