PictureDial Now Available for the BlackBerry Storm

By Kevin Michaluk on 27 Jan 2009 10:09 am EST


PictureDial made our Software Roundup back in early August and gained more than a few fans in the BlackBerry community. With so many BlackBerry Storm owners looking for apps optimized for their devices I figured it wouldn't hurt to blog up a dedicated post now that PictureDial is Storm ready (and PLEASE RIM... release the 4.7 Plazmic CDK so we can get themes!!!). Here's the word on PictureDial:

With PictureDial for the Storm, you can dial contacts, send SMS/PINs, email and browse websites using picture ids. No need to remember phone numbers again or what the person looks like. Just snap the picture with the camera application or use any GIF, PNG or JPG picture and use it in Picture Dial.

Not only can you dial contacts but you can also send SMS/PIN, Email and browse contact website.

Note: Assign PictureDial to the left or right side convenience button for quick access. Go to the Options application and select Screen/Keyboard to assign it.



  • Supports Storm 9500 and 9530
  • Supports PNG, GIF and JPG pictures
  • Supports Internal and SD card memory
  • Supports Contact lookup when creating new Picture Dials
  • Supports Landscape and Portrait modes
  • Send SMS/PIN and Email
  • Browse contact website
  • Rearrange PictureIDs
  • Swipe to see more picture IDs
  • Send quick SMS. No need to type
  • Edit and crop picture
  • Custom color for contact labelling
  • Run PictureDial in background for instant access to your Picture Dials
  • Very easy to use
PictureDial is available for $5.95 and a free trial is available. If you give it a go, be sure to drop your feedback in the comments!

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Reader comments

PictureDial Now Available for the BlackBerry Storm


I used this application during it's beta phase, and I was very impressed. It uses minimal memory when running in the background, and it is accessible from any of the convenience keys you like. Upon pressing said key, it loads up virtually instantly which I liked.

It had some bugs regarding reorienting the screen as it flipped from landscape to portrait and back again, but I assume these have been ironed out. Another issue I had was that when I installed a new OS version (.90) I had to set up all of the contacts again. That sucked and may have been resolved.

As much as I love this app I just can't justify $6 for it since I just bought QuickLaunch which allows me to speed dial people as well as bring up applications instantly. But...if you're looking strictly for face dialing I think you'll be pleased by this application.

Ok...I was thinking this was a joke, but no, it seems to hold true.

When you go into selecting a picture for the icon, you can only see file names. You can't see the actual pic.

Is this for real? I have no clue what the file name is for my pics. And going into the gallery, getting the file name, then coming back into the app to find it. Not well planned IMO.

Guess they're assuming you'll be using the most recently snapped photo, but still.

That needs to be addressed b4 I'd ever consider paying or using this app.

goto the Prefs in PictureDial and check the Show thumbnail checkbox. if you have many many pics then it will be slow in generating thumbnails. Once thumbnail are generated the next time you browse will be faster.

For me a definite must have I will be purchasing this.
I have quick launch but this can be a tool used to stream line quick launch possibly in this way.
If u can use quick launch to load 3rd party apps; which I read in a post where u can. Then u just load pic dialer into into quick launce an voila. I would much rather look for a pic than try to find a name. Also imho it is going to be less for u to scroll thru in QL. I see the two complimenting the other, and $6 aint bad.

I've had the application for a while and really like it. Very nice in most respects.

But there are two major drawbacks people should be aware of:

a) There is no upgrade of the data (per my experience, and as I understand from the authors' posts). Thus, everytime you upgrade the Storm to a newer OS, you need to go in to PictureDial and start all over again with creating your address list. Given the number of Storm (leaked) OS upgrades, this seems to be a major shortcoming.

b) When you set up your picture dial address list (by importing contacts from your contact list, for example), you are actually creating a second copy of that data. Thus, if you ever update that data in your contact list, it does NOT get updated in your PictureDial list unless you manually go in there and duplicate the update in there. Having two sets of data for each contact is annoying and error prone over time.

Despite these shortcomings, I still like it. But I'd really like both of them to be corrected in a future release.

Am I the only person who recognizes a pornstar and a playboy model in that guy's contact list? Lol. Pervy BB coders...

So far this app sux!! I couldnt even find it once i downloaded it. I had to re-download and i have been working on it for over 4 hours now. IMO this is a waste of time and interruption in my life.

is this a joke of some kind?! And my pictures wont even uplaod to add to pic id.

What is the deal?!!!

Normally the app is installed in the Downloads folder.

It is easy to add a pictureDial.

1 run it
2 select New Picture Dial from the menu
3 select Contact Lookup and search a contact to add
4 if no picture ID found then tap on the "Select Picture" button to browse the SD card or main memory
5 press the ESC key and save

once the picID is added tap on it and select the action to want to do.

I attempted to download the free trial version for the Storm today, using the link provided. I was immediately notified that "Free download/trial is not available for this product". I am using Firefox v3.0.5. Anyone else having problems downloading the free trial?

pictures show up some of the time and it wont dial! I have reset, turned off my phone, and reloaded this app.Still doesnt work.... What a waste!

that is funny. If you plug into USB then the sd card cant be accessed.

if you can dial then make sure the permissions are set correct. Just set to all ALLOW.

Great application! Especially for the select few I call and text alot.

For those of you worried about losing things while upgrading, if you explore the device you see text files. This has all the data in it, just put them back and you are good to go.

I love the import function as other apps made me re-enter the numbers. One thing I would like to see is the ability to also import the picture that I already have assigned to the contact. Other than that its great and I have not seen any memory leaks while leaving it running.

Also I am noticing that it does not work in landscape. I don't know how long the trial is but I would love to play around with it some more before I purchase it.

My wish list..
- Landscape mode
- Import of existing contact picture
- Ability to copy existing entry to avoid the same cropping of a picture.

This is a great application with huge potential. Thanks!