Picture Magic for BlackBerry Updated - 100 Free Copies Up for Grabs

By Adam Zeis on 21 May 2010 11:09 am EDT

Picture Magic

Want to play around with pictures on your device and add fun images and text? Well with Picture Magic you can do just that. This cool app from Magilab gives you a load of options to tweak your images and share them with family and friends. Add balloons, hair, masks, text bubbles and more with just a few easy steps. Endless possibilities make Picture Magic a great app that will give you endless entertainment. Picture Magic sells for $4.99, but the folks at Magilab have given us 100 free copies  to give away. Just leave a single comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PDT.

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Reader comments

Picture Magic for BlackBerry Updated - 100 Free Copies Up for Grabs



Sorry for butting in with a substantive comment, but does this app perform such basic image editing tasks as brightness, contrast, and RGB? No?

Have fun with your silly little bubbles and text. This is a trash app.

Good job. Tell me, have you made an app for pictures that can do all you said? Didn't think so. Someone worked hard on that and deserves a little more appreciation. Till you make one stfu and don't call someone elses app trash. As far as I'm concerned your attitude is trash.

If I could create such an app, I wouldn't be complaining about someone "working hard" to create such a frivolous and useless little widget for BB pics now, would I, chief? Thanks for the stfu btw and right back at ya.

I've been using Mini Paint beta. This looks a little more robust. An app like this is a prerequisite this day and age for all smart phones. Well overdue. I want it!

I've been looking for an app that does this sort of thing. Nothing too crazy or fancy, but it looks like it would be fun. I'd love to try it!

I think I'm 1st I hope this posts b4 someone else, I would love this

*correction: I was off by a few seconds :-/

I have been looking for an app for photos on my blackberry for some time, this seems like a cool app to play with.

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to be able to have this app. I would probably pay for it anyway, but the chance to have it for free would be super awesome : D

I'm already an idiot and with this app I can now make myself look like one too!! Would love a copy, thanks!

Looks like a fun application, hope I can get one of this free copy. I would also love if this app can do picture cropping too...

Looking forward for fun experience with this app...

Loved to see this app on my onyx, it would be fun to tweak our pictures. I wonder if this app can do cropping too?

Looking forward to use this app in a near future... :)

This looks cute. It's be nice to add this to my phone to give my daughter something to do. She's tired of Brickbreaker.

Picture Magic is a really cool app. A friend of mine has it and I really like it. Hope I get lucky enough to win a copy. Thanks CB.

this is one app that i really wanted. hope my luck is a little better this time. thanks for running contest again.

Sweet looking app, could be fun to edit a few photos on your phone. I can see some big mustaches on people right after I take a picture. . . maybe some bunny ears.

Always wanted to get an app for this. The one and only thing I miss from a dumb phone is that many of them have image tweaking built in. Would love to have that back.


I would love to have a copy of this to try on my Blackberry. I love my SmartPhone and I love photography so this would be an AWESOME app for me to play around with.

Thanks for the opportunity.

Being an avid PSP user/lover, I've been searching for something similar for my BB as I seem to use it MUCH more than my pc now that I've joined the BB phenomenon!!!!! Thank you SO much, CRACKBERRY, for not only offering us BB users a chance to win free apps, but also for introducing us to those who are a cut above the rest!!! You guys are awesome!!

Ok, so if I get another copy... I will share it with all of my co-workers for envy of me having a blackberry. They will think that I am a God, but they won't know that Crackberry is my master!

I am hoping this app also does useful stuff like crop, rotate, and adjust contrast. That is one feature I wish was built in, basic photo editing.

for meeee!! i would love to have copy from this!! too bad my name starts with the last letter Z lol! gluck all :)

Great app. Would love this for my phone. The ability to addtext boxes sometimes make the picture more memorable. And to have to mobile would be great.

This looks like a complete waste of time. Then again so does Mafia Wars and I spend hours on that. Sign me up for a free copy.

This would be a PERFECT program since I own a Dell Wasabi portable printer. Just think, I could edit and make the pictures I print just that much more personable!!!


My little girl loves the 'Make A Mess' app. This would also be a great app for her to have fun with. Please?