Picture Elements - A beautiful 500px client for BlackBerry 10

By Bla1ze on 24 Jun 2013 05:39 pm EDT

Over the past little while I've been keeping my eye on an app called Picture Elements. It's a 500px client that taps into the photo sharing service and offers a wide array of functions for the site including viewing, sharing, and searching for photos. The app started off as a simple viewer but has since grown into a full blown Built for BlackBerry app that supports logging into your 500px account, adding favorites, comments and most recently, photo uploads direct from your BlackBerry 10 smartphone. 

With no sign of an official 500px, I'm not sure one is really needed as long as Picture Elements exists. The developer behind Picture Elements, Forty-Two Apps, has always been open to feedback and feature additions where it's possible to improve the app. If you're a 500px user and looking to access the site on the go, then Picture Elements is certainly worth a look. You can grab Picture Elements from BlackBerry World right now for $.99 and it's available on the BlackBerry Z10, BlackBerry Q10 and finally, the BlackBerry Q5.

I should note though for those looking to download the app that you cannot download images using Picture Elements. 500px is a site that allows photographers to sell their photos and all the content belongs to those photographers. While the official app does allow for downloading of images after purchasing, Picture Elements has no intent on adding that function due to the need of implementing transaction functions. In short, don't leave a bad review saying you can't download images to use as wallpapers - that's not why Picture Elements was created.

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Picture Elements - A beautiful 500px client for BlackBerry 10


I'll buy it because it's native and I'll support the developer. I'll get a 500px account tomorrow :-)

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That's exactly my position. I will support any developer spends effort to create a great native BB10 app. Downloading app now, I will figure out the rest later. Haha

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Be aware that by signing up to a 500px account I think that when you upload an image you are basically given them all rights to do whatever they want with it. It is no longer your own which potentially is an issue in ur trying to make a living out of photography. I think that's right!

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Dev here.

If you take a look at their terms of use, it states that you retain all ownership of any images you upload. From what I can tell, you only grant 500px the right to use your photos for promotional purposes and such, as long as your photo remains on their site.

But of course, if you're concerned, check their site, or ask them directly instead of taking the word of a dev ;)

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This is 500px we're talking about... not facebook/instagram or yahoo/flickr. They'll actually pay you if someone buys your photos.

This has just become my favorite app... Being a native developer myself, this app runs very smooth and is very well integrated with their services.

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I too bought to support a native app. So I have spent the last hour poking around and looking at some some amazing photos too. I wish you could zoom in on images, this would definitely be an recorded improvement.

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Sounds like something to check out since my channel is about photos. Thanks Blaze!

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Very nice app. I hadn't even heard of 500px before today, but after checking out the site and the amazing photos there, I picked up this app.

One question--how do I favorite or like a photo from within the app? I can't seem to figure it out, and I'd like a way to flag pictures for later viewing on the computer or purchase. I also saw someone requested a zoom feature--that would be very nice to have on a small screen.

BTW, I appreciate that you can't download the pictures from within the app. I see other 500px apps do allow that, but it appears to violate the photographers' license

If you register for 500px.com, and then log in to your account through the app, whenever you view a full screen version of an image, the favourite and vote options are in the context menu, which you can bring up by press and holding on the image.

Once you favourite an image, it will appear under your favourites section under the 'You' tab, as well as on 500px.com.

A couple of other pointers:

You can also bring up the photographers other photos from the context menu as well if you want to see more from them.

From the 'Share' option, you can copy to your clipboard, email, tweet, etc the url to the photo in question if you want to have it for later use if you're interested in purchasing the photo, or sharing it with others. You can also open the link in your browser from the share menu, and purchase the photo straight from your browser, though unfortunately the 500px website isn't mobile optimized.