Create stories out of your images with PicStory for BlackBerry

By Bla1ze on 20 Jul 2012 02:12 pm EDT

These days, looking through BlackBerry App World you will find all sorts of photo manipulation apps available for download. Some are great and some not so much. One that has been around for a while now and has improved quite a bit over time is PicStory. It allows you to take a bunch of different images and create a collage out of them to essentially tell a story using those images.

Recently, RIM caught up with the developer who also happened to win the BlackBerry Hackaton challenge in Jakarta along with some folks who use the app to find why it was created and how they use the app daily.  Check out the video above and if you're looking to give the app a go, you'll find the download link below.

Download PicStory from BlackBerry App World

Reader comments

Create stories out of your images with PicStory for BlackBerry


looks like fun. am gonna check it out. thanx. ps, how do u get rid of the logo at the bottom? it's bothering me.

wow. never seen this type of app before, especially on android or ios, and especially 3 years ago. wow.

I liked the app. But there are too many things wrong with it for me to keep. First, it never got my location right. Second, I could never add friends from my contact list, even though I was the one who got them to download the app.

Support was weak. Of all the inquiries I made, the most I got from support was, "what device are you using?"

You didn't tell them what device you had, you didn't tell them the OS version, how else are they going to help you then? That would be the first two questions I would ask before doing anything.

My mistake. What I meant was, after I replied to their question of my device and OS, I received no further support. My issues were not addressed. I had this app since February, I believe.

of course. it's a cruel joke. why isnt it working? they want you to answer your own question: "what device are you using?". I AM USING A BLACKBERRY. problem solved and you have your answer on why things dont work.

I'll humour you with a response: get a life.

I'm sincerely glad you are happy with the device you've now chosen, leave these blogs/forums so something constructive can be done.