PicStory for BlackBerry 10 to open new creative options for photos

By Simon Sage on 4 Dec 2012 11:59 am EST

During the general session at BlackBerry Jam Asia, PicStory made an appearance with their BB10 app. We've seen them on current BlackBerry devices as a fine filter, background, and framing app for photos, and the BlackBerry 10 version is shaping up to be an excellent sequel. There are a bunch of frames ready to go, complete with panning and zooming when cropping. Filters are the usual fare, as are the sharing options, but the performance and snappiness of the app are really worth noting. 

Okay, so there's a lot that's Instagram-ish here, but that's hardly a bad thing. There's obviously a demand for creative photo tools, and if Instagram or other big names won't adress that need on BlackBerry 10, clearly PicStory will. 

PicStory will be free when it launches alongside BlackBerry 10 at the end of January, though the devs haven't decided if they'll implement in-app purchases for premium frames, or just lean on mobile advertising. 

Any takers? What's your favorite photo editing app on BlackBerry right now? 

Reader comments

PicStory for BlackBerry 10 to open new creative options for photos


The more apps we keep seeing the more excited I continue to get.. This one looks like it's going to be a keeper!

Yeah I couldn't help but notice the performance. And this is only the alpha B. I can only imagin that the production device has at least, if not more horsepower.

I know iphone users have an app like that. I wonder how this app performs in comparison to the iphone app. I'm talking about the speed of the way the phones handle their respective apps and not the apps themselves.

Simon, You keep alternating between referring to this app as "PicSay" and "PicStory." PicSay exists on Android as a popular picture app made by Shinycore. Is this the same developer who is making this BB10 app? Will it be called PicStory or PicSay? You have both contained in the article and the video. I am a bit confused. My apologies if I missed the explanation.

To be honest I've always been critical of BB. But I have to say I am very impressed with what I am seeing about BB10. Very snappy and beautiful looking. Just make the homescreen more attractive and BANG you are back in the game. I hope it will be as stable as my Playbook(which sadly is noew dead--stupid 0% battery problem )

And really nice app by the way !!

This one is amazing!! Will download first thing on BB10! I really hope all apps takes advantages of cascades like this one does, using the peek, the HD cover, share via BBM.

This platform is, seriously, starting to shape up, love the fact that it's different, just feels more fluid! Looking forward to the launch!!

I am so ready for the super phone... Yes... it is not a smart phone... I am going to call it Super Phone from now on...

I can't log-in to this app at all. I wish it had an online website. Don't know what to do. Can't save or upload pics anywhere.