BlackBerry Curve 8330 Pics For All CDMA Carriers

BlackBerry Curve 8330 for CDMA Carriers
By James Falconer on 31 Mar 2008 04:01 pm EDT

Our friend Jibi over at BGR has just posted some great pics of the BlackBerry 8330 for ALL of your favorite CDMA Carriers. Pictured are 8330's from Verizon, Sprint, Alltel, Telus, Bell Mobility, and US Cellular.

It's time to share more 8330 love. All pictures are posted after the jump.

BlackBerry 8330 from Sprint
BlackBerry 8330 from Verizon
BlackBerry 8330 from Alltel
BlackBerry 8330 from Bell
BlackBerry 8330 from US Cellular
BlackBerry 8330 from Telus

  [ via BGR ]

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BlackBerry Curve 8330 Pics For All CDMA Carriers


so what is it the sprint phone silver or black or both? The real picks its silver and now we see black. hmmmm... I want the black one. Is the date the same week of April 20th?

I see, once again, Verizon has decided to do whatever it takes to make theirs the ugliest one on the market.

Looks good, I don't really like the color of the verizon version though. I would love if they came out with a red one like the GSM curve for att. I really like the color of that one.

Agreed - I really want a red one. I hate that silver color. As long as they don't try to push it in pink. Ugh.

Man - the Sprint one does look nice all stealth like. The only problem is that mine would have 0-1 bars showing, not 5 like the pic here. Hence I'll be moving to a Curve on ANY other carrier in 8 months or so. I enjoy my Pearl and get a good deal on the data side of things but have NO signal in my home....

OMG, why does cdma get the best colors. the black one looks SICKKKK. gsm needs to get these colors. the 8320 has crap colors... that plain grey and messed up gold. i dont even think i can swap the housings either, these ones look different. the status light seems to be part of the screen rather than the body.

Any news as to when the actual release date of the 8330 will be for TELUS? I keep hearing April 16th to 20th but there still isn’t a listing on their web site. There was the "real" photoshop one that was spotted a few weeks ago but I call Bullsh*t on that one. Thanks for any insight.

I'm so glad the US Cellular phone is the dark gray/black! Wow. The rep at the US Cellular store told me it is due the end of May! I can hardly wait!

This is the only CDMA BlackBerry I want.

Telus has a data device credit for me. This better apply to the Curve

Couldn't you have picked up the black one, here's to hoping it will come despite what the pics show lol .

whens this suppose to be coming out for alltel i currently have the pearl but want to get one that has a full keyboard.

Ahhh sweeet. Its all I have been thinking of. Hmmmmmm when the release happens I wonder if Telus will offer some sort of unlimited data service.

And yes.....I do like the color.

doesn't even know yet. They are the worst with product releases. The stores, even the Mega Verizon Center in my area "doesn't even know it's coming for sure". How can the stores not know about it until it shows up?

Just a friendly FYI, I work for another of the major wirless carriers, and this rep. was telling you the truth. Within the industry the sales department is usually the last to know of new products or services for they are on the front line talking with customers day in and out. From a marketing standpoint if they want to keep a release date under raps they will wait till the last moment to tell a sales rep.

The release will be in mid May as Sprint is in mid April. For more info go to the Verizon site and search 8330.

I talked with a Telus front line rep today who was nice enough to tell me that the official release date for the 8330 curve on the Telus network is April 7/08. She said that she was informed of this from Telus head office this morning.

Both in getting the "latest device" a year after initial intro on other carriers, as well as having an ugly standard color. I guess in six months Verizon will discount the crap out of the standard silver, and charge a premium for new "cool" (acceptable) colors they may release. If they didn't have the best service in my home area, I would drop them like a bad transmission.