Pick Your Shoes and Reebok team up to create BlackBerry inspired Reebok Pumps!

Reebok BBerry
By Bla1ze on 7 Feb 2012 03:04 am EST

If you're a sneakerhead who also happens to be a BlackBerry fan then you're sure to dig this piece of info. The folks from Pick Your Shoes have teamed up with Reebok to create three sets of smartphone inspired shoes. The first set made available was the BlackBerry inspired version made from the Reebok Twilight Pumps. The BBerry Reebok Twilight Pumps are now available from Pick Your Shoes for about $140, they went on sale January 25th. You can jump on past the break for another shot of the shoes. Time to alert Kevin, he needs some new workout shoes. Thanks, @sml20exel!

Check out the BBerry Reebok Pumps

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Pick Your Shoes and Reebok team up to create BlackBerry inspired Reebok Pumps!


Yaaaaaay I made a post happen! I wish they were just a little more berry detailed. still pretty awesome though.

I guess at 32 I'm WAY out of the loop because I just don't get it at all. I remember the Jordans & having them in HS for our basketball team & being able to pick them out of a crowd when anyone was wearing them. If I saw these on someone's feet (1st I'd even have to notice them) I'd never even give a thought that they were Blackberry inspired. The answer/decline thing on the back? Really? Like that is a signature Blackberry thing or something, that's more of a "cell phone" thing. If there was more Blackberry specific detailing I think it would have been better but that's just my opinion.

Well the main thing that I saw that was BB related was their logo for ventilation. Which I thought was pretty neat.

But these kicks are dope. I'd cop em.

And your first point, that's cause there are way too many rare kicks out now. They got the PlayStation Air Forces. The Levi Dunks. etc etc. Especially for Forces. Way too many. Gotta be a true sneaker head to know most of em.

Wow, I love shoes and these things are fugly.... Blackberry Inspired??? You can barely tell. Man if they are going to call it the BBerr shoe than they should have super blinged it out as a Blackberry... Have like a keyboard disign or at least a big BB somewhere on it...

I havent worn hi-top shoes in decades but I dont find these any more hideous than most of the other shoes made by Nike or Reebok.

Sigh more pixie dust - red tshirts and now shoes. How about some real news, apps, OS updates, new hardware release dates and better marketing. Show people actually doing useful stuff on their bb instead of glowing bike commercials.

As I read it BB had nothing to do with this. It was Reebok and PYS teaming up for a BB inspired shoe. Maybe you should check out some video feeds from Devcon Europe including the UI changes from the TAT.

More of a Reebok shoe that maybe has some BB features. I remember paying 225.00 for a pair of pumps back in HS. Not gonna drop 140 on these. They look like crap.