Pick Your Ride With Speed - A New Premium Theme From JC Designs

By Bla1ze on 18 Dec 2009 03:38 pm EST

Car fanatic? You're gonna love the new theme, Speed from JC Designs. Speed was designed for the car enthusiasts out there specifically. High resolution graphics, custom designed icons and gauges and most importantly, a wallpaper friendly theme to show off your ride or one of the 5 rides available to choose from.

Speed has a ton of built in hidden screens including a today preview option, a hidden dock with 12 icons and even a pop out steering wheel that houses 6 icons it's self. You can choose from Ferrari, Porsche, BMW, Lamborghini or Audi or make your own just by adding your wallpaper. More options are on the way as well. Supported devices for Speed are Storm 1&2, Bold 9000 and 9700, BlackBerry Curve 8900 and finally, BlackBerry Tour.

Right now and through December 26th, you can pick Speed up for only $4.45 each. As well, JC Designs has other themes discounted during this time that you can take advantage of. Also, we have 100 copies of Speed to give away for you all.

[ Leave your comments here for a chance to win. Duplicate entries will be excluded Good luck folks and thanks to JC Designs for the free copies. ]

Reader comments

Pick Your Ride With Speed - A New Premium Theme From JC Designs


EDIT: I see the fine print now!!! MARK ME DOWN FOR A SHOT AT A COPY OF THIS ONE!!

Sweet themes, PLEASE do a MOMO wheel and a say the Porsche/Audio style gauge.

That should cover a lot of people that want something basic and not make specific.

Either way AWESOME!!!

Hook me up please!!!! It can be my Xmas present from Crackberry....Happy Holidays (I'd say Merry Christmas but don't want to offend anyone)...Cheers!!!

i had a lame car theme once that was similar to this theme

but this theme is a million times better, the steering wheel and all that is just amazing, you dont even need to leave the home page to use most of the common apps you have.

wonderful design, i sure hope i end up with one of these after the contest:)

Wow!! Amazing theme and even more amazing performance of the theme on an actual device as shown in his videos unlike some that uses a simulator. I like how JC is really upfront about his themes and I always loved his designs, being a car lover myself, this one just blows my mind with the bells and whistles and creativity only an enthusiast can come up with. I can see he really love his cars and it shows on the amount of details to this theme, the functionality is awesome like most of his work, you dont really need the appscreen if you know how to set up things correctly with his stuff. Again bravo.. I guess now you need to make a Corvette version like I have badgered you with over the years since my 8310 John.. Hint Hint.. but would love to win this one as well! Great Job!

Thanks for the kind replies everyone. I have gotten alot of requests for different makes since I came out with this theme. I just want everyone to know that I will be coming out with other brands and also a generic one so everyone gets to play! I do have the Mercedes and Lexus version almost complete.. I just couldnt make it for the Crackberry Giveaway deadline!!

Good luck to everyone that is entering the contest and Happy Holidays to all from JC Designs - Gadgetbean !


JC Designs - Gadgetbean

amazing looking theme. love to have the ferrari version any plans for other car manufactures?

Thank you and Yes I will be coming out with a Mercedes and Lexus version shortly.. also a generic version maybe with a Momo Steering wheel so all can play!


JC Designs - Gadgetbean.com

I have been wanting an awesome car theme since I first got my Storm!!!! Love the attention to detail! COUNT ME IN TO WIN!

This is the coolest car based theme out there. I've been waiting for some kind of car theme. Its about time compared to all these other themes.

Real nice theme. The ability to do more customizing with additional wallpapers makes this an any car lovers theme. Cool.

This theme got to be the best I seen so far and I would rock this theme until my contract is up in 2 years plus more

Edit: I forgot my favorite color is Red!!

Looks very cool... consider this my entry!

UPDATE: Just watched the video... this is what theme's should be like... puts others to shame... too cool JC!

love to get one for my tour. especially since i'm probably upgrading to 5.0 soon and i'd love a theme made especially for 5.0, and i love cars.

That is some very fine detailed work. You should be very proud of your accomplishments!

I'd like to raise my hand to be entered in the contest, please.

Merry Christmas to all!

this looks amazing ... i am such a car freak and this looks like a perfect theme for my brand new 9700 ... i cant wait to get my hands on it!!!

I downloaded all of them they are great. The only problem I have its that when I am using WIFI the connection dial disappears.

WOW!!! Thats a pretty nice theme!!! Hope to win.
Thanks for the opportunity to win JC Designs & Crackberry.

Be carefull and drive safe during the holidays.

This is a sweet looking theme! Very well designed with lots of hidden areas which I think is sweet. i've always wanted the battery and signal represented by gauges, so that's even more awesome!

Wow - what a great looking theme. I'm a dedicated exotic car nut - get up at 5am to watch F1 races, read every issue of Road and Track and Car and Driver. I would love to have this theme - and make a bunch of buddies jealous!

This theme is extremely amazing, and I like the BMW style to match mine.

Hope I'm lucky enough to get a free copy. ;-)

I would love this theme. I love cars always have, since I used to race my car back in the day. This would be awsome... Maybe they can make a car theme on the old Camaros from 1988(IROC-Z)

This is just downright awesome!!! Huge respects to you man, I like what you've done because so few people choose to get real creative with themes. People who know me, know that I'm just crazy about the Ferrari F430 (although it looks like a 360 Modena Spider in the background image) and this theme would fit me perfectly!! All the best to JC Designs in the future, definitely needs some more recognition.

Please put me in the drawing... I'm interested in the BMW theme and would write a thorough review about it. :)

Its about time. I am a car fanatic mainly mustangs, but I love the way this app looks. There has not been any decent app for car lovers. Thanks

Looks like a great theme. I have been looking for a theme for awhile for my Storm2 and I am pretty sure this is the one for me!!!

JC, I could not wait and bought the ferrari theme for my 9700. It is the best I have ever seen. Thanks for the effort and all at a very fair price. I hope you release a Corvette version as well as the Momo version. Thanks, James

WOW! is all I can say about this theme. I have an '87 Porsche turbo cabriolet and a new Bold 9700. This would be great to have on my new phone. Hopefully I can win a free copy, but if not, I know where to come back to get it.

Downloaded the theme, and I must say I love it ... did a reset took out the battery for 45 seconds and then put it back in and vroooooom off my berry goes.. I really wanted the Porsche theme, but it didn't give me the option to choose and got the Ferrari theme which is still cool..

I just love how the Ferrari theme looks with my Bold. Superb graphic design. Would also like to thank John C of JC Designs for helping me smooth out some initial difficulties I had in activating the theme. Now it's working perfectly well! Thanks JC for being a tremendous help.

To dream about my dream car and have it just out of my reach : ) Ohh my beautiful Lamborghini I will see you soon.