Pick up your BlackBerry Q10 from T-Mobile USA today

By James Richardson on 5 Jun 2013 08:20 am EDT

We posted recently that June 5th was the day that T-Mobile would have the BlackBerry Q10 available both online and in-store and they were true to their word. If you have been holding out for the Q10 you can pop along to your local T-Mobile store and grab one today or alternatively they are offering free overnight shipping if that makes life easier for you.

The BlackBerry Q10 will set you back $99 up-front at $20/month for 24 months on the new Simple Choice plan (which seems a reasonable price to me). In addition you can pay for the phone outright which will set you back $579.99. 

Picking up a Q10 at T-Mo today? Leave a comment and let us know!

You can order your T-Mobile BlackBerry Q10 online here.

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Pick up your BlackBerry Q10 from T-Mobile USA today


BlackBerry chose to work with carriers and make 10.1 happen for multiple markets except their biggest one. It makes perfect business sense.

I will picking one up for sure. Guess I will use it as my daily driver for work. My Z10 will become my weekend phone or my fiance will use it.

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As of yesterday.... None of my local Tmobile stores had it =( l'll be trying again today, b4 I have to go into work. The suspense is killing me!

Actually they don't. Not at least what a friend of mine was telling me who works for T-Mobile who got his shipment this morning a few hours before opening.

Perfect! Now maybe we can stop reading about everyone bitching on how the US market is last to get both the z10 and q10!

Never mind, already say a complaint about not having 10.1!

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Great job T Mobile, release the Q10 with the latest 10.1 OS and we z10 owners sit here and wait for our update?????

Great z10 product support, great job.

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You do realize that the Z10 & Q10 use completely different builds of 10.1... It does have to clear testing separately. Install a leak and keep it moving...

I use a Mac and can't install leaks and I should not have to. They owe us this update so he we sit and wait so I can't "Keep it Moving".

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Entitled much?? They "owe" you? Haha. As for using a Mac and not installing a leak, that's a personal choice. As someone that has worked as a device tester for one of the national 4, I can tell you it's not just cut and drive to release software when you go through the carriers. I for one, wish BlackBerry would push their own OS updates like Nexus and crApple. Carriers muck things up too much. Way too much red tape.

Lol...bigbmc26, I like the first five words of your post. It is something I have wanted to ask 99.9% of the posters on here daily. Good to see someone has a sense of reality. :-)

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Haha I'm planning to do the same! Only at my local Costco, hopefully they have it. It's a much more relaxed environment in there, and the last time I went, the Z10 was in a pretty prominent display.

I did and (1) no q10s on display (2) saleslady: "is that the new Blackberry?" (3) no display models available today "because it was just released today" and "the guy who sets up the display phones isn't here today."

I was lucky enough to grab one yesterday from my local TMO store and it's a great phone!

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Yes, but it's missing some of the accessories that are bundled up North, and you can't unlock the phone without carrier permission.

What accessories? I only got the charger and a USB cable when I bought one here in Canada.

On a side note, it's funny how it's way cheaper in USA and UK than Canada. We have to get a 50$ contract for 3 years and on top of that pay 199$ to get a Q10. And carriers are still whining that they will raise the price because of the removal of 3 years contracts by CRTC in December. Just WOW!

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Well, at least those premium headphones, and an OEM case/holster? And IIRC, Rogers bundled white accessories with the white Z10, whereas Verizon didn't...not that color would impact price necessarily, but just goes to show how carriers do things differently sometimes.

Ok for the headphones, I got them as well, but no holster with Koodo/Telus. But as you said, each carrier has his own package I suppose.

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Which in T-Mobile's case is 40 days later. One thing the CRTC in Canada finally did is coming Dec. 2 all carriers must unlock phones they sell without any waiting period. Wish the FCC did the same thing here.

That's only if bought outright, otherwise it's 90 days. None of these changes will affect current subscribers, only new contracts after 2 December.

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I'll be picking one up today. Sprint dropped the ball with its "late summer" release date, so I'm done with them.

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I might have to head over to a T-Mobile store to play with one today. Interested in the Q10.

In NYC today - going to pick one up this afternoon from the T-Mo store at 34th and 6th.

Maybe will buy two and we'll give one away here??!!

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Why not do it one better! If you purchase second one, give it away in the store right there! Give it to someone who goes in looking for another device and recruit new blood to the BB army!

You guys keep saying "People need to try it!"

Here's a chance! Go for it and I bring a camera person to record it! Or maybe stream live to YouTube.

It would be a waste to give it to someone here...

So, its been three hours since your post Kevin.....where is the contest to give away the Q? We are all waiting

Awesome, already have mine, but glad its finally out. I heard from Tmobile engineers that 10.1 for the Z10 was supposed to be out June 3rd but may be delayed a few days. I think its really close, especially with At&t starting to roll it out.

From talking to the rep this morning, looks like 10.0 is the OS that will be on the device. I got so fed up waiting for 10.1 to be released so I had a friend of mine up in Canada send me his microSim so I can go ahead and get it before T-Mobile's official release with all their bloatware.

I will hold out until I either know if or when 10.1 will be released on the Q before I pull the trigger as my Z is now more than adequate, just something about typing on a full QWERTY though that does it for me...

I think your wrong with 10.0 on the Q10. I don't think their even is a 10.0 release for the Q. I could be wrong though

I played with one yesterday. Going to get one today. It's the balls.

Sent from my Z10...which I hate...waiting for the Q10...

Waiting for Wi-Fi calling; must have for travel, reception, etc.; keeping my 9900 till then

Sprint you should be ashamed!!! NO Z10 and you are not FIRST to deliver the Q10. Why am I still with them...

Left Sprint for Verizon for the Z10 almost like majority of people on CrackBerry. Haven't looked back (even with the reboot issue). Just drop them and go somewhere else. Everyone else is faster and at least has the phone you want.

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Dropped sprint also and got z10 with tmobile, service is way better and tmobile has 4g in the metro detroit area unlike sprint

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In what regard? I've priced TMo here in NYC and they're not cheaper than the current everything plan I have. I pay $179.99 per month for 3 lines with Unlimited everything. My bill hasn't changed by 0.5 cents in either direction in over 3 years. I don't even look at the bill when it comes anymore.

Ahhhh! Typing is good for my big fat thumbs. Loved my Z10 but I'm an old-schooler who likes his phone for easy and fast communication mainly. Picked mine up in Hoboken right as they opened. Doing the Link data transfer right now.

579 US dollars is darn chep, I paid the same amount for mine but in UK pounds. Crazy difference of prices between the US and Europe

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Von, you're right to a point but you can't just do a straight up currency conversion; just like you can't just buy a phone in the U.S and expect it to work with the same efficiencies as one purchased in the UK/Europe! Networks are not standard.
I feel your pain, I use to think that way too.

How is it they can sell q10 for 99.99 while all other carriers are selling it at 199.99?

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For the sake of math simplicity let's make those numbers $580 and $100.

T-Mo phone costs $580. Minus $100=$480. Paying $20/month X 24 months=$480.

Verizon. $599/$199 or $600/$200.

$600 minus $200 = $400. $400 divided by 24 months= roughly $17/month.

So you're initially laying out more but paying less each month is my guess. Any errors in math can be attributed to no caffeine yet.

T-Mobile has to be cheaper as its network isn't considered as good as Verizon or AT&T. And it gets a lot cheaper if you hold your phone past the 24 month period once you have paid it off. On Verizon and AT&T you will be eligible to upgrade at that point, but you might not do so right away because the next phone you want might not be out yet. So you will keep paying the substantially higher monthly service charges on Verizon or AT&T.

I will be going to a Tmobile store asap to check out the Q10 but I doubt that i'll be switching from my Z10. I'm so in love

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I'm currently waiting in front of a T-Mobile store in downtown San Francisco. But to my surprise there is no queue at all! Was a bit disappointed to find myself the only one waiting at the store door!

Posted via Z10 from T-Mobile

Was at my local TMO store first thing this morning. Picked up the Q10. Although I've loved using my Z10 for the last two months, it's good to be back home. LOVE this form factor.

I'm with everyone else I love my Z10 and have quietly been waiting for this 10.1 update I don't understand why it should take so long smh

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In reference to pricing. In the US, TMO at $99 up front and $20 a month hardware charge, will save you money as compared to Verizon and AT&T. How? TMO drops the $20 off your bill once the hardware is paid for. Verizon and AT&T keeps charging you the same monthly fees. Got tired of getting screwed by V and A. Went to TMO and not looking back.

Loving my Z10. Not going back to a qwerty device, but have family who will be switching from iDroids to the Q10 today.

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Blackberry must have shipped to T-Mobile distribution centre before end of 1st quarter. Will these phones be counted in first quarter sales?

I'm picking mine up from Collegeville, PA right now. I called up to make sure they had some in stock. The guy on the phone said they have them in stock, they just don't have them out for display yet. Great! I'm sure this will be just like the Z10... no signs in the store for BlackBerry's latest phone, and none on display. The only people that know the phone is even out are hard core blackberry users. I will let you know how it goes when I get into the store

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I got the Q10. Loving it so far! It is weird getting used to the physical keys again. Anyway, they had no signs up, just as I suspected. They also put the display model up while I was there (probably only because I called up to purchase one and ask if they had any in stock). They put it in the back left corner of the store, with no signs advertising the device. They need to step up their BlackBerry advertising at the stores!

Things i notice about the Q10 so far: there is a problem with selecting multiple messages within the Hub. When i go to the individual accounts, it works fine, but in the Hub viewing all messages, it isn't working for me.

Also, I noticed that when transferring everything over from my Z10 with BlackBerry Link, it transferred everything perfectly, including the apps... but when I went into my transferred Crackberry app, it was the Z10 version of the app, so it didn't work properly, and wasn't formatted for the different size screen, so I deleted it and re-downloaded it. Just a heads up for anyone that is going from Z10 to Q10. I'm assuming I will have to do the same with other apps too

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And now the selecting multiple messages is working fine in the Hub. Maybe the Hub wasn't fully loaded yet

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Can anyone tell me how to post a picture in a thread?! I need to display my Q10 experience this morning at T-Mobile :)

I think only the CB article writers and editors have this ability for article comments, probably to prevent abuse with spam. As far as I know we can only do this in forum threads.

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I went by the closet tmobile store to my house.
I walked in someone was checking it out. I start to play with the Q10. All I can say the KEYBOARD IS AMAZING!! unfortunately the phone was not fully operational and the clerks were utterly useless. "we just got it and its not set up." I'm like uh why dont you put a differnet sim card - one that wont say its on the wrong plan. Then he wouldnt take it out of demo mode asks the other guy the password "we dont know"
I'm like dont you think you should charge it?

then another person came in to play with it to. I started playing with the Z10 as well and i think the touch screen is super. I may have to just get both

but wow the keyboard blows my 9780 away its what I've always wanted in a phone keyboard nice easy to press buttons!! I'm going to go to the other store nearby and pick one up.

Just picked up the Q10 for my boss at the Times Square store on 48th and 7th. They only had three left! It's AMAZING. Fast and sleek. Synced up with Exchange server quickly.

Just picked mine up at the Hyattsville, MD location (switched from HTC One S)! Now, can I get a link for some starter tips?

Where the Hell is Sprint! Well Guys i have sprint and i have been waiting long before the Z10 was launched ,that came and went now Q10 is making the news and I am without a BB10 phone wtf! Oh maybe its The A10 for me ! anyhow my patience is growing thin

I finally played around with this bad boy today at a nearby T-Mobile store. Initial observations:

1. The Z10 screen is noticeably more clear. Not too surprising since the Z10 has a higher PPI value.
2. After using a Z10 for a month or so, the gestures over the physical keyboard feel awkward, kind of like reaching over the keyboard on a touchscreen laptop. I'm sure this just takes getting used to.
3. The keyboard is fantastic, though I didn't get an accurate feel because of the huge security device tied to the phone.

Based on the few minutes I spent with it, I am leaning toward keeping the Z10.

Bought the Z10 a few weeks ago. Great phone; much better than I thought it'd be. Just had to get the Q10 today. Love the keyboard. This is the phone the 9900 was supposed to be. Now I'm finding it hard to decide which one I want to use more!!

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Hi, If I purchase this handset Outright from Tmobile, will it have carrier branding on the body of the phone and/or carrier screen when you switch on the device ?

Frustrated!! I had fully planned on picking up my Q10 today on my lunch break, called the 2 closest stores by my work (City of Decatur GA) one said they arent selling it and the other said they dont have it yet.....really???? * Can yall see me pouting and stomping my foot, I want my phone!* LOL

Just picked mine up in Downtown Miami, FL. Can't wait to set it up tonight! Sales guy asked "do you want me to set it up?" I said "I actually would rather you don't even open the box - I will handle everything." He laughed and handed it over.

I was the 1st at my local tmo store also, and the reps were just as clueless about bb10 and the q10 specifically as you guys above mentioned (with similar lack of signs). And similarly, the display model was cluelessly assembled and wasnt even operational (no simcard/plug).

However, I didnt need any info bc of this site haha. And Im loving the q10. Came from a 9930, and Im surprised to see its about the same size (cant really tell difference in the hand/pocket), but it looks much more modern and sleek. Specifically, the carbon fiber on the back that weve all heard about is awesome, but what I didnt expect at all is that the sides of the phone are a very sleek and modern looking matte black that really gives the phone a stealth look. Very impressed by the aesthetics. It also seems very snappy, and Im loving the visual voicemail that comes standard and some of the apps: paper camera, walkntext, whip. great stuff. ITs going to take a bit to get used to no hard buttons to answer the phone, go back, access menu, but im sure the respective swipes will come naturally in time. Lastly, the one thing I HATE is NO more blackberry traffic app. This has ruined my commute. I relied on that heavily daily. Blackberry: get of your arse and re-up it for BB10!!

Well I went and saw the Q10. Had it in my hand and was about to pull the trigger and then I remembered another question I wanted to ask. "How does your insurance work?" It was all down hill after that. I can't justify paying the monthly fee to them, to only have to pay a $150.00 deductible for repairs. I know that's the case with the other carriers also. But I will get my new phone from Best Buy where there is no deductible.

And I was so excited for a moment, then I was sad again. Oh well! What's another week till Verizon gets it.

I FINALLY got it, and am free from the loaned from a friend, LG Mytouch cracked screen, no power button workin, battery drainin, dont let it shut off, or will have to recover software just to get it to turn back on, another story for another day, hell I was in.

At the store:
The one on display was not working, ("we just put it out today") the rep couldnt answer basic questions but proceeded to "set it up" Noooooooooooooooo (almost slapped her hand away) DO NOT TOUCH, I will do it myself LOL

Havent had a chance to really get in there and explore, but so far I am LOVING it!!! I fell right back in line with the keyboard like I never left...one hand texting without looking lol.

I actually was able to pick mine up at the store on Tuesday June 4th. The manager there had the devices already and let me get one since I was already there. So far I love this device! Best Blackberry yet...