Pick up a prepaid BlackBerry Z10 from Telus for just $199.99

By James Richardson on 4 Apr 2014 06:17 pm EDT

If you're in Canada and are in the market for a fantastic new BlackBerry, but you don't want to spend a fortune it looks like Telus have some super deals going on with the Z10 at the moment.

Although the BlackBerry Z10 is not at this super low price on the Telus website you can grab it from Future Shop or BestBuy for the bargain price of $199.99. It may not be quite as glamorous as the likes of the Z30 but for a BlackBerry that fits perfectly in the hand, runs OS 10.2.1 and gives BlackBerry users everything they could want from a smartphone I'm pretty sure many folk will be tempted.

If you're considering the switch to BlackBerry you can catch up with our extensive Z10 review here. It should be noted though, that online appears to be sold out so you'll be at the mercy of available stock in your local area.

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Pick up a prepaid BlackBerry Z10 from Telus for just $199.99


You definitely match your user name. You must be so proud that you are the second post. Now go stand in the corner.

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What would he do in the corner? Does he face in or face out? Standing or sitting? Can he take his phone with him?

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He'll stand in the corner facing the wall in the basement just like in "The Blair Witch Project." You know how that turns out.

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He maybe standing on the outside...but he's sitting on the inside...

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Wow its sold out already both websites!!!!! Damn as I said before price determines everything and watch bb10 base will keep on climbing and climbing. Honestly the z10 for 199 it's a damn steal at that price...everyday in Canada I see more and more people with BlackBerry 10

Same is true for UK, last year I came across very few people with BlackBerry 10 phones, fast forward a year later, I see BlackBerry 10 phones quite commonly out and about, definitely desirable phones and gaining traction

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There are however a lit of haters and fanboys which spread bullshit around saying BlackBerry is shit.

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Speaking of that: I was at a seminar yesterday and at the vendor Technology Fair Samsung was trying to sell us resellers on Samsung. I had my BlackBerry in hand as I walked up and the guy was like "oh I see you've come to the right place, and I see you got a BlackBerry, that's strike one!". I was about to walk away but I just smiled and listened to him telling me that "Samsung 12" with its quad core CPU can run 4 apps at the same time, and the smaller tabs can run 2 apps at the same time".

Then I told him "well strike 3 Samsung guy; my 4" BlackBerry Z10 can run 8 apps at the same time! Securely, and I can replace my battery when it's dead". Then I walked away. I heard say "but you can't see all those apps at the same time" to which I replied cause a humankind has 8 hands, 8 eyes and 4 brains to utilize all that at the same time?"

So when people talk bs about BlackBerry be ready to dismiss their "gimmicks and eye candy that is not even any good for what they designed it for.

For example if I can open 2 excel sheet to compare the two, sure that would be useful, but if an app is running, could it be ran again as I understood: Nope. So what would be usefulness of 4 apps on the screen at the same time?

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It's sad, but if I give my time to see what you are offering don't waste it. The other Samsung rep was helpful and I even signed up to be a reseller of their Professional line of products.

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Keep on dreaming...lol of that was to happen it would be pandemonium.....if blackberry can make the z10 with Foxconn and sell it for under $300 bucks with updates specs a bit it would sell like crazy.

The Z10 currently costs less than $300 on ebay and Amazon, and it is not sold at all.

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BestBuy and FutureShop are probably clearing inventory rather than a sign of their support of BlackBerry. For CAD199.99 the BlackBerry Z10 is almost free compared to its launch price off-contract.

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I'll bite. I have a playbook. The rate of software updates on the Z10 are much higher. Also the features within those updates are substantial. $200 for a Z10 is a smokin' deal. Because of the microSD slot, hdmi out, and removable battery, it beats the moto G on hardware alone.

I have both!

Just the Moto's dual SIM is a striking feature when used with a cheap extra SIM for international calls like Lebara or Lycamobile. Call the world for next to nothing, and still enjoy the goodness of your regular plan....

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

I paid $309 AUD last year for my Z10 ( some time before Christmas), and now $272 AUD end of February for the 16GB Moto G (online prices, shipped from Hongkong like so much other stuff we buy here).

The regular version sells for $250 here, and the 16GB for like $300 in the shops, if it's available at all (most shops didn't bother even ordering one in). What I'm saying is, it's not that cheap over here....

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Unlike the PlayBook, the Z10 Can run Android apps due to the 4.2 runtime. It's arguably more useful.

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@ Anthony, they could sell z30 for 200 in the states, you can't tell me they don't have a crap load of them sitting around. After all they were only offered by Verizon. Better to sell them than just sitting around.

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If they sold it for 200 only how would they make a profit?!?!! That phone just came out in October of last year not even 6 months yet.....let's be realistic....

But didn't they write down these Z10s? Then that would mean pure profit going forward wouldn't it?

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You are misinformed, the Z30 was not produced in large quantities this is why BlackBerry has not been pushing it. They mass produced the Z10. The Z10 and Z30 are worth every penny.

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BlackBerry has problems with their distribution. They have a good employee purchase deal on now and you cannot get them either as they are ot of stock.....my friend in accounting goes nuts when I tell him this as he knows how many they actually have!

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It's not quite sold out. I got 2 Z10s and 4 PlayBooks just very recently. Z30 is available cheap too, and I'm really tempted. Whole family is outfitted in BlackBerry now.

I like BB10...and that's all that matters to me.

Yeah your right Anthony, better let them sit in boxes. Maybe they can use them for parts.

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Best deal.
Happy watching out of stock......
Personally I prefer Z10 than Z30....

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New activation only and can't buy without activating...... but sold out.... if there ever was any stock....

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I am not sure if this had already been stated, but if you go to shop Blackberry in US and us code BLACKBERRY1 you get a $100 discount.

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no Canadian networks are mostly LTE / "GSM". the one carrier that is still CDMA has been acquired by Telus and is mothballing their CDMA equipment.

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this is why phone subsidies that value the Z10 at $649 are obsolete... the Z30 is in my opinion a better device by about $150, but it "retails"for $400 more. That needs fixing.

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The Z30 is worth every penny, actually tried buying a few for friends in Venezuela last night they were sold out at Shop BlackBerry :+(

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You guys just missed it. Ebay had an awesome deal. Brand new factory unlocked z10 black or white for
$199. I purchased mine and am loving it. I upgraded from the 9900. Ebay is the place to be at people!!!!

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+1 That's how I got mine! My Verizon contract was up so I was looking at the phones they had on special and out of all of the reviews I read the Z10 had the best reviews.

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I just stopped in at BestBuy apparently none of the stores have ever had any stock of the prepaid Z10's but they are all scheduled to receive them sometime shortly.

That's what they tell me at least.

Pretty good deal at $200. If I was in the market for a new phone, I'd definitely pick this up and promptly unlock it!

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Can this be done? Or do you have to get like a starter pack wich which it would be cheaper to order unlocked from BlackBerry Canada?

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Man I hope bell offers this at the same price too! My wife's with bell so unless it's unlocked then it needs to be on bell.

Bell, hope you're listening!

Posted using the best phone ever, the Z30!

"It looks like Telus have".....

Why do I always catch so many mistakes in the word flow of every article...it seems to contradict the professional sense Blackberry tries so hard to convey. Shame.

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Wow that's nice. They should have one high end phone for around 400-500$. Then something like then Z10 at this pricing. And something sub 200$.

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Think we need to get this 10.3 and Google play on board close this app gap and market this shit like never before if we want to recover and I say we because most of us here have faith in BlackBerry and Cheng and want to see this awesome product take lead!

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I got another from BlackBerry, it shipped the next morning. Faster than the other time I bought one at this price, took nearly a week ship.

It's going to be interesting to hear how many BB10 units are sold in the first quarter of 2014. Not only has the price come down, but BlackBerry has a few months of fairly positive news behind it. I always felt the announcement of selling the company was a death sentence for sales while in transition.
Strange though, every time you hear of these sales, they are sold out in a few days? Especially in India. I always imagined some warehouse somewhere with a billion dollars worth of Z10's lying around.

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Like if I found a store that has 'em, could I use on Rogers? Love my Q10, but it'd be cool to be able to switch back & forth.

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It's a prepaid phone, so there is a chance that more will come. The Z10 is over a year old now, so likely it is being migrated over to prepay the way some of the Lumia's, etc have.

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This sort of sucks, cause when I bought my z10 I paid R8000 (Rands) now in South Africa its only R3000....!

Thatkidsimy's Z10 :)

This is fate of us early adopters. But you could use Z10 for one year longer :-)

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I have had my Z10 since last October and i would recommend that anyone thinking of getting one you can't help but Love the Z10, the negatives to this handset are are so small and are heavily outweighed by all the great positives. BlackBerry have done an amazing job on the BlackBerry 10 handsets and they are not getting the attention they deserve because of the negative attitudes by the press and some phone shop staff. MY advice to anyone looking for a new phone Don't listen to any bullshit seek BlackBerry out and see for yourself. You will be told by shop staff BlackBerry has gone their phones no good etc and will let you try any phone BUT not BlackBerry. If they had one in the shop for people to try it would be embarrassing for them trying to explain away just how good they are and it would harm their sales of iPhones which most suppliers are locked into ludicrous contracts with apple that makes them obliged to buy ridiculous amounts of phones even if they can't sell them.
Anyhow apples time at the top is reaching its end, who will be the next my bet is on an Asian firm

Tapping and flicking on my Zed 10

Phone is available to Telus prepaid customers only. Phone cannot be sold unless activated first in the store.

BlackBerry, get rid of the ridiculous stipulations with these devices and make them available to everyone with no strings attached for God's sake.

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That would be me and my 9790 :( but my contract is up soon and I'm thinking Z30 :)

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Tried going to the stores instead of online. Both sets of employees said they have discontinued the z10 in stores, and don't plan on carrying them anymore. This was BOTH at the future shop downtown toronto and best buy. Don't know if they know something or are mistaken.

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Both bestbuy and future shop sites are OOS, but as of today you can reserve for in store pickup - guess stores have stock now.

Ordered Fri and in mailbox today. NO Activation required. Put in my Telus Sim and good to go.

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Just bought one. The secret is to check back with best buy 3-4 times during the day. I checked and always sold out. Till my 4th time, bingo. Reserved it and picked up. Must be a Telus customer. Great deal. $199.

Don McAskin

I grabbed one, no questions whether i was a telus customer or not, 199 is better then the 450 off contract Telus wants. no changes to my current plan either.